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Bid farewell to your recruitment challenges and say hello to a streamlined, efficient, and effective recruitment process to attract & hire the best talent for your company.

factoHR Advantage

One-Stop Recruitment Software for Your Hiring Needs

Recruit Smarter with AI

factoHR provides AI-powered tools to parse resumes, source promising talent, generate job descriptions, and recommend tailored interview questions, ensuring efficient hiring decisions.

Built-In Integration

Built-In Integration with onboarding, payroll, and other software to remove the repetitive task of maintaining new employees’ data.

Superior Candidate Experience

With features like digital offer acceptance and self-onboarding, provide the candidates with an out-of-the-box experience.

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Manpower Requisition

Replace Your Physical Forms

factoHR’s online requisition system allows managers to raise requisitions, get approvals, and post job openings in just a few clicks without leaving the platform to save time and effort.

Raise Requisitions

Managers from different departments can raise requisitions for the new role or existing required positions in their department from the software itself.

Approve and Manage Requisitions

In factoHR, you can set up an approval workflow where the requisitions raised by the managers are further sent for approval to the HR or other concerned authority assigned in the software.

Create Job Openings

Upon the approval of requisition, job openings can be directly created from requisition requests by auto-filling data to reduce human intervention and chances of error.

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Application Tracking System

Enhance Your Hiring Process

factoHR’s intuitive application tracking system provides recruiters with all the details of candidates’ different recruitment stages. From arranging interviews to offering feedback, it’s all integrated into the software.

A Complete View of Your Hiring Process

factoHR’s application tracking feature provides real-time status of each recruitment stage. So that you can get a clear picture of every job opening and track the progress throughout the hiring pipeline.

Quick Interview Scheduling

With factoHR, you can effortlessly schedule interviews, send invitations to candidates and access a comprehensive list of upcoming interviews, complete with relevant details, allowing you to plan your day seamlessly.

Post Interview Feedback

With the software, interviewers have the capability to provide feedback and rate candidates on various parameters that can be customized according to the job opening.

Offer Management

Convert Candidate Into Your Employee

factoHR recruitment software automates your offer management process by allowing you to create and send offers to candidates directly from the platform. It also allows the candidates to accept the offer right from their inbox and self onboard themself.

Offer Generation

factoHR lets you craft and send offers directly to candidates via email with the convenience of configuring a candidate’s CTC and other terms & conditions.

Digital Acceptance of Offer

Candidates receive an offer through the software with the option to accept or reject it. After they make their choice, the status will be instantly updated in the system.


After the acceptance of the offer, a self-onboarding link can be sent to the candidate to fill out their basic details, go over various policies, and upload their documents or certificates before being formally inducted in the organization.

Transform Into a Paperless Organization With factoHR

Hierarchical workflow based approval

Resume Management

Upload Resumes in a Single Click

factoHR expedites your hiring process by allowing you to upload resumes in bulk. Powerful features like resume parsing, advanced search, and duplicate detection help you find the perfect candidate efficiently.

Bulk Resume Upload

The software lets you upload multiple resumes simultaneously, streamlining the process and minimizing errors. This saves time while ensuring efficiency and accuracy in managing candidate profiles.

Resume Parsing Facility

With factoHR’s resume parsing, you can seamlessly extract and index candidate details from Word or PDF files, eliminating the process of manually key in data into the system.

Search Resume Using Keywords

With factoHR, you can find the perfect candidate for the job vacancy by conducting thorough searches based on criteria, like age, experience, skills, education, etc., within the resume content.

Intelligent Duplicate Detection

factoHR provides an advanced duplicate detection tool that enables you to swiftly identify similar resumes based on criteria like, name, email address, phone number, and more.

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Candidate Sourcing

Let the Talent Find You

With our recruitment software, kick-start your sourcing process by sharing your job openings on multiple channels like social media, internal and external portals to attract top candidates and build a rich candidate pipeline.

Leverage AI-Powered Sourcing

factoHR maximizes your hiring potential by harnessing AI technology to create captivating job descriptions. Tailored to your needs, these descriptions help attract top talent, ensuring the perfect fit for your open positions.

Publish Requirements on Social Media

factoHR allows you to share your job requirements on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, from the job description page itself.

Internal Job Board

By Using internal job boards, Recruiters can publish job openings where existing employees can apply for inter-departmental transfers or refer their contacts for suitable job roles. With that, you can turn your existing employees’ network into an exclusive talent pool.

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