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FactoHR is an acclaimed one-stop automate payroll software solution to address basic to advanced HR needs. Attendance Management, Salary Management, Expense & Reimbursement Management, Human Resource Management, Performance Appraisal, Retirement Benefits, ESS, and all types of Statutory Compliance are worth to mention.

What you get from factoHR Out-of-Box ?

FactoHR is a cloud (SaaS) based solution with flexibility in pricing and optimization of features to meet your bespoke needs. Integration of the latest software development technologies and automation capability has made it a prime choice of from startups to reputable enterprises for all HR related requirements.

Let’s see some key services you can opt from FactoHR while customizing for your bespoke payroll software needs.

Why FactoHR’s Payroll Software Only?

FactoHR is a recognized payroll software solution by HR departments of several leading brands in India & across the globe. Installing FactoHR in your organization means inviting tons of benefits, such as

Improving Productivity with Measurable ROI

Automation of payroll processes reduces the burden of HR staff, and let them focus on new recruitment and training like productive activities. Consequently, FactoHR cuts the numbers in HR team with a measurable ROI.

Ease Communication & Decision Making

FactoHR by entering employee ID provides quick access to all info regarding HR functions within a single window. Thus, it enables employees, HR staff, and top management to take better decisions in favor of the business.

Enhanced Security & Efficiency

Paper files storage poses physical security threats. Being digitalized payroll, FactoHR eliminates everything with proper software security technology integration and measures. Digitalized payroll also make employee’s payroll data tracking easy.

Payroll Processing

FactoHR Makes It Smooth

One Click Payroll Processing

FactoHR enables HRM to access processed payroll data fast & from anywhere, and saves employees from waiting & anxiety.

Automated Loans and Advance Calculation

It automatically deducts principal & interest amount with each salary cycle as per requests, pay grade, & level.

Accurate Salary Processing

After required inputs, FactoHR processes salary rapidly & accurately by considering configured earning, statutory deduction, and reimbursement.

Configure Your Salary Components

Knowing & configuring various salary components viz. fixed & variable salary, reimbursements, &contributions on recruitment bring transparency.

15+ Formats and Multi-Lingual Pay Slip

It allows pay slip generation from ESS portal by selecting multiple pay slip formats, & configure language choice.

Manage Attendance with Ease

Access Elaborated Attendance Management

Integration with Any Attendance Device

You can integrate any biometric attendance device/hardware with FactoHR and fetch data automatically for smooth salary processes.

Configure Your Attendance Policy

FactoHR permits end-user to define multiple attendance policies as per needs & assigned to different employees with WEF date.

Geo-Tracking and Geo-Fencing

It empowered with location-based technologies to implement geo-tracking and geo-fencing features for automated attendance.

Generate Reports

It generates attendance reports automatically with appropriate formats of presentation & send for approvals to reporting manager.

Manage Employee Shifts

FactoHR allows configuration of multiple shifts with required specifications for shifts & shifts-roster easily using various parameters.

Monitor Leave of Employees

Implement Flexible Leave Management

Define Your Leave Workflow

FactoHR enables HRM to define leave workflow for multiple stages leaves approval process like Apply > Suggest > Approve.

Fully Customizable Leave Policy

By providing options to configure highly intricate leave policies, & maintain company-wide different policies for individuals or groups.

Manage Holiday List

FactoHR allows manual entry of holiday list in payroll. You can use master list and modify it as per needs.

Leave Encashment

It empowers HRM to manage employees’ leave balance year-on-year & automatically calculates leave encashment as per encashment policies.

Leave Calendar

It permits to setup leave calendar for individual members for holidays & individual leave schedule. So, members can track leaves.

Generate Different Leave Reports

It generates comprehensive leave reports with visuals including leaves per user/month/types, planned/unplanned leaves, group leaves, paid, & LWP leaves.

Employee Travel Expense Tracker

Manage Employee Travel Expenses Easily

Capture Data through OCR

With FactoHR Payroll Software, you can upload images of your bills & OCR will extract all relevant info. It saves time.

100% Configurable Expense Policy

Configurable expense policy set up enable you to customize & implement expense policies hence, gain control over employee travel expenses.

Quick Multi-hierarchy Approval

You can set up approval workflow according to the hierarchical structure and manage multi-level approval process efficiently.

Manage Multi-currency Claim

Our Payroll Software allows employees traveling abroad to set claims for expenditures in any currency, but will find reimbursement in base currency.

Bulk Payment

FactoHR helps to pay claimed expenditures in bulk and generates bank files to transfer of approved amount.

Performance Management System

Can Process Any Combination of Performance Management KPIs

Create Goals for Employees

FactoHR lets you set up KPI-based goals for teams and individuals based on set formula by management.

Evaluate Performance

It permits you to evaluate performance at 4 different levels, self-employed, tier 1 & 2 managers, & HR for accuracy.

Performance Review Report

It is easy to configure for content, distribution, and interpretation of data to generate comprehensive & on-time reports.

Manage Appraisals

FactoHR allows initiation of company-wise or group of employee-wise appraisal process & manage it automatically for fast & smooth process.

Make Result Drive Organization

Our payroll software solution lets you set the upcoming goals, targets, and achievements to make organization result-driven.

Total Statutory Compliance

It Safeguards Your Business from the Legal Hassles

Manage Minimum Wage

Configure minimum wage in CTC of an employee linked with payroll & saved business from penalties.

Income Tax Deduction

Auto deduction of TDS amount taking place during payroll process when salary of an employee goes above tax exemption limit.

PF Calculation

FactoHR automatically calculates & deduct PF (Provident Fund) amount from the salary based on previous salary data.

ESI Computations

Our Payroll software automatically generates ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation) Challans & annual reports of a set cycle.

Manage PT Slabs Easily

FactoHR maintains PT (Professional Tax) slabs at the time of payroll automatically for every state based on laws of land.

Employee Self Service

To Save Labor & Encourage Active Participation of Employee

Employee Dashboard

It provides a visual presentation of employee data viz. monthly data, performance, planned leaves, holidays, on employee dashboard.

Employee Payroll Information

Our Payroll software offers employee payroll info such as payment details, IT submission, attendance, leaves, leave encashment, PF/PT/ESI, in a single window.

Fast Response

Auto respondents provide a fast response of any query and process thanks to advanced technology integrations in FactoHR.

Cost Saving

FactoHR saves allocation of additional HR staff for various payroll related processes like cut phone calls, paperwork, & resources consumptions.

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

ESS at FactoHR allows employees &HR managers to access UI on any device from anywhere & at any time.

Mobile App

Experience Advanced Technologies While On the Go

Mobile App Dashboard

FactoHR mobile apps loaded with rich dashboard features such as analytics, employee data, reports, charts, and calendar.

Plug Me

It allows HR to share any document with an employee on the fly to help in payroll process.


Chatbot integration to ease life of attendants and attendees with quick, reliable responses, and enhances communication experiences.

Manage Attendance, Leave, and Travel Expenses on the Go

It allows auto attendance using GPS data and check leave status & reimburse travel expenses even while on the go.

Employee Calendar

Check employee calendar for general & personal leaves with leave data including leave balance & status of previous leave applications.

Advance Features

Awesome features to make your organization more efficient

Address HR queries through the AI. Employees can get answer of their quires in easy intuitive way. Factobot will serve your payslip, attendance or leave balance request in no time.


Easily manage attendance by virtually fencing your desired locations and allowing punching only with in perimeter of marked area from mobile devices.

Geo Tracking

Increase your organization’s productivity through real-time tracking of your employees and managing the same to get the most out of your time, effort and cost.

AI powered Smart Receipt

Digitally store and manage your expense bills through our Smart Receipts. Just capture image of expense receipt our AI enabled OCR engine will extract all relevant information for you. Punching and keeping hard copy of receipts are now days of the past.

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