Leave Management System

factoHR’s comprehensive leave management system automates the task of leave application and approval, which, when done manually, was challenging.
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Comp Off Leave

factoHR lets employers allow their staff to apply for comp off leave against their extra working hours previously.
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Leave Calendar

factoHR lets employers create their own leave calendar wherein employees can quickly check their leave history, week-offs, and holidays.

Manage workforce leaves easily with factoHR

Pending Approval Alerts

Get timely alerts for the pending applications submitted by the workforce to complete the approval process helping managers to stay regular.
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Comprehensive Policy Configuration

Design a flexible policy for your leave management by setting up all the necessary criteria required, such as leave types, application frequency, and encashments.

Workflow-based Multi-level Approval

factoHR lets you organize the approval workflow of leave applications submitted by the staff with a multi-level approach by appointing more than one manager.
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Leave Encashment

Offer your employees the benefit against their pending leaves by encashing them at the year-end with factoHR.

What Is A Leave Management And Tracking System?

Leave management is the process of managing an employee’s time-off taken from work and assessing the same based on the righteousness of the reason. factoHR’s Leave management system automates the leave processing task, including policy configuration, application, approval, and leave balance. It empowers employees by allowing them to manage the leaves from the self-service portal.

Leave Types

Define multiple leave types like paid leaves, emergency, maternity, bereavement, & various others according to your organizational leave policy.

Option For Proof Attachment

Create provisions to make attachment compulsory for employees applying for leave for more than the particular count of days.

Leave Balance

Employees can check their current leave balance for all the leaves credited through their Employee Self Service portal and Mobile App.

Online Employee Leave Management System Made Highly Configurable

With factoHR’s intuitive cloud and mobile-driven online leave management system and tracking platform, configure your leave policy with diverse rules that also helps you in being statutory compliant.

Extensive Configuration

factoHR’s leave management software offers great configuration & flexibility to meet your company requirements of defining leave policy and specified approval workflows.

Transparent Approval

Offer employees a transparent approval system for tracking the status of their leave applications submitted previously.

Mobile Support

With factoHR, employees can quickly apply for leave through their mobile devices using automated leave management system, even from a remote location.

Eliminate Your Employee Time-off Queries With Leave Management System

It is challenging to track employee leave without any proper approach that aligns with organizational growth. factoHR offers an easy and streamlined HR management solution seamlessly integrated with leave and attendance management, along with payroll management and various other modules. The Employer and managers can track the leaves taken by the employees with hierarchical workflows and ensure no processes are interrupted.

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