Pension Management Solution

factoHR’s pension management solution guarantees clear and secure investment management for employee pension funds that help them after their retirement.
pension management software

Multiple Pension Scheme

factoHR’s pension management allows employers to handle multiple pension schemes for all their employee members and complete all the transactions instantly at a single location.

multiple pension management scheme
pension calculation for employee

Pension Calculation

Ensure complete pension calculation of all your employee members using accurate formulas, control the disbursement amount, and generate final calculation statements within the software in an understandable format, which can be stored directly onto the system.

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Annuity Type

factoHR enables you to process the pension settlement transactions with different types of annuity as opted by the users that include ⅓, ⅔ commutation, full pension, and full refund options.

Claim Settlement

The system will store the index number given by the insurance company in case of medi-claim and capture all the applications member-wise. On receiving the amount, the bank receipt entry is passed and can be tracked against the application.

On the other side, in the case of a death claim, the user can create an application and track receipts from third-party agencies like LIC and the payment received by nominees.

Easy Accounting

Transform your accounting process from complex to simple and finish all the audit processes swiftly by generating all the needed reports at your hands.

  • Bank Receipt/Payment

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Contra

  • Journal

  • Reports

  • Revenue Account

  • Balance Sheet

Investment Management

Manage your employees’ investment details for various schemes with factoHR’s pension management.

  • Investment Evaluation

  • Mutual Fund/Equity Purchase

  • Interest Accrued

  • Investment Yield

  • Interest Summary

  • Mark To Market Facility

factoHR’s Pension Management Solution For Employees’ Benefits Administration

Process members’ pension funds with the cloud-based centralized platform and help them secure their future with the time and cost-saving pension management solution by factoHR.

Increased Transparency

The process of pension management in the software is transparent, which means members can view their details anytime they want, increasing their satisfaction.


The organized environment of factoHR’s pension management allows employers and members to save enough time to focus on productive tasks.

Reduced Infrastructural Investment

Due to the complete online process, while managing the details and investments, factoHR helps you reduce extra infrastructural costs.

An Exquisite Pension Management Solution That Streamlines Employee Funds

As a prominent leader of retirement benefit solutions, factoHR strives to help businesses manage their employee’s funds in various trusts. It offers an Employee Self Service portal and Mobile Application to simplify different schemes such as Superannuation Fund Management, GPF Management Solution, and many more.

Streamline your Pension Management with factoHR today

factoHR’s simplified and interactive pension management solution allows organizations to handle all the members’ investments online.
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