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HR function in NGO

The NGOs constitute the backbone of the country, and they too face the difficulties of HR management. As they grow, the complications in managing the information, payroll, attendance, leaves, performance, etc., of the scattered workforce becomes even challenging. Read this case study to know how common challenges faced by NGOs can be overcome through factoHR.

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Problems Experienced

While solving the problems of common people, non-government organizations also face the consequences of manual HR functions. Here are the common problems experienced by the NGOs that factoHR can eliminate swiftly to help uplift the community.

Information Management

In many NGOs, collection and management of employee information were at a single location. It was bottle-neck for operation teams, so role rights management to control and distribute access to information was required.

Document Sharing

Employees often referred to the old version of policy or training documents. Their reporting managers generally communicate updates via different communication channels. A single and efficient way to share documents with employees was required to improve engagement and communication.

Leave Management

Computation was maintained in spreadsheets, and leave approval was either through email or through physical forms. So modern and automated leave management was the need of the hour.

HR Queries

Employees would reach out to ask their HR manager for all kinds of details. This led the HR manager to spend considerable time replying to those queries, and employees had to wait for the answer. So self-service portal on a mobile device was required.

Manage Attendance

In this new volatile covid situation, a biometric machine can be risky as it can contaminate and spread the virus. So an alternative to a biometric device was needed.

Solutions Offered by factoHR

factoHR’s comprehensive cloud solution streamlines the everyday operations relating to workforce management. Here’s how factoHR resolves the daily challenges and encourages NGOs to work for the betterment of society.

Robust roles and rights management

factoHR comes with powerful yet flexible role rights management where the right to change employee information can be given at the organization’s leaf level. With the help of this feature, NGO has decentralized its data collection and alteration by nominating HR people at every site.

Document sharing made easy

With Plug Me! feature of factoHR, all the training and policy-related documents can be shared with the remote employees directly through the mobile app or via the ESS portal.

Automated leave and approval management

With factoHR, the leave management of NGOs is now paperless and automated. Leave balance and computation are completely automated, and the employees can apply for leaves directly through their ESS portal or via the mobile app. With a hierarchical approval workflow, the manager can review their subordinates’ leave applications and approve the same from their mobile devices.

We’ve got the tools you need

factoHR offers all the generic tools required for workforce management and encouragement supporting your HR just as you support the community.

Reduce HR queries with ESS portal & Mobile App

factoHR’s self-service portal & mobile app empowers the employees to access all information by themself and reduces the burden on the HR manager.

Touchless attendance

The use of the mobile application has also become the need of the hour for the NGO. With factoHR’s inbuilt attendance punch and geo-marking/tagging facility, employees can easily mark their punch in and out without approaching biometric machines.

Automate your business operations with factoHR today

With all its integrated modules, factoHR curtails the random HR tasks to uplift HR, employees, and the organization’s productivity and profitability.

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