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Importance of HR functions in the Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is an important sector from the point of view of employment and economic development, and there exists more than one factory unit. As the units increase, the number of workers also increases, and it becomes essential to manage their daily queries, attendance, leaves, and salary. factoHR understands the challenge and has developed an automated solution to foster all the needs of the industry.

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Difficulties Experienced

It is essential for any manufacturing factory to run the daily operations without any delay. But with more than one location and repetitive HR functions, these industries face a lot of obstacles. Here’s a list of difficulties experienced by many manufacturing companies.

Different Solutions At Different Locations

Manufacturing industries mostly run from more than one location and uses separate solutions at each place, so the configuration of HR policy or new statutory rule in each system is cumbersome and time-consuming. Each system has different reporting formats, so reconciliation is laborious and nonproductive.

Disconnected Attendance System

Traveling employees submit attendance through mail to their respective HR at month-end. HR has to upload attendance manually in the system, which is error-prone, inefficient, and becomes a bottleneck for the entire salary process.

Manual Application Approval

Off-site or traveling employee submit their expense claim and proofs through mail or courier to HR for verification. Then proofs are given to the accounting department for the payment. It was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

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Solutions presented by factoHR

factoHR strives to resolve the queries emerging daily in the HR functions in manufacturing factories. Here are the solutions given by factoHR for the difficulties mentioned above.

Unified Single Platform for All HR Needs

With factoHR’s cloud-based integrated solution, manufacturing industries can improve work efficiency in multi-folds and reduce payroll processing time from weeks to hours.

Online Attendance and Leaves Using ESS

Now an employee can mark their attendance or request leave from any location using factoHR’s ESS portal. Attendance and leaves captured and stored in the system will be automatically considered for payroll processing.

Multilevel Workflow Based Approvals

factoHR’s cloud-based travel and expense module allow an employee to file an expense claim with proof directly through the ESS portal. HR or manager can review and approves claims online. It simplifies expense management for employees and gives more control and visibility over employee expenses.

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factoHR provides you with all the necessary tools required to automate your HR operations and enhance workforce productivity.
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