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What is Onboarding Software?

An Employee Onboarding Software is a pristine platform that supports the businesses in delivering a participative experience for the recruits to encourage them to connect with the new colleagues and company as soon as they join the organization; these solutions are capable of automating and streamlining numerous time-consuming administrative tasks that come with new joinees. Moreover, the digital transformation has encouraged more and more employers to transition from the traditional methods of onboarding to automated processes like such.

Services you will get in our SaaS Onboarding Software

Efficiently increase your retention rate by onboarding your newly joined employees through FactoHR’s Onboarding Software along with increasing their performance and productivity.

E-verify Integration

Verification of details submitted by your newly joined workforce can be approved by your manager or HR person. This verification is done by comparing the details submitted by the employee with their digitally stored documents and certificates in the software.

Paperless Task Management

HR can manage all the digitally stored documents of employees in the software and can also provide accessibility option for security purposes. Managing digital documents is easy as compared to physical documents.

Increasing HR Productivity

This software saves HR’s time by automating most of the on-boarding task which can be utilized in doing more productive tasks.

The reason why FactoHr’s Onboarding software is best in it’s class.

Our solution is suitable for all type of organization due to its customizable processing functionalities which helps a company in implementing their own workflow hierarchy and policies.






Letter / Form / Memo

Letter / Form / Memo


Document Management

Document Management

Asset Management

Asset Management



Minimal Data Input

Your HR can initialize the onboarding process of new joiners by just providing some information like employee id and credential to self onboarding . This will make HR concentrate on a more important task.

Optional Fields

Companies can configure the entire onboarding application form with mandatory and optional fields for getting all the important data from new employees.

Approval Work-flow

Create your own multi-level approval workflow with our smart onboarding automation tool to configure your hierarchy for verification for onboarding applications.


The software will notify your approving authorities through mail for all the pending onboarding application.


expiry document

Document Expiry

Get a detailed insight on all the documents expiry dates for planning & managing the renewal process efficiently.

document details

Document Details

Our software will report you for all the employees whose details are pending to be submitted in the HCM.


Asset Stock Report

With our real-time asset stock report, you can determine the current allocated and unallocated assets along with their expiry date. This report also helps you to meet the shortage of your assets.

multiple format

Multiple Format

Get all reports in your customized manageable format for viewing and sharing reports conveniently across your organization.

Letter / Form / Memo

Multiple Letter Generation as per Client’s Format, Bulk Letter/Memo Generation

Increase your HR’s operational efficiencies through pre-defining all types of letters for automated mailing through our onboarding software.

Employee Wise Memo Generation

Automate memo generation and mailing through our software to your employees as per your defined policy.

Direct Email to Employee Option with Digital Signature

Ease your HR by implementing direct emailing functionality for sending authenticate documents and letters signed with a digital signature.

Dynamic Fields Changing Option

You are allowed to dynamically change the input fields for getting information from the various category of your employees.

custom letter

Create Custom Letter

Save pre-drafted customized letters for emailing your employees regarding joining, appraisal, warning etc..

Document Management

Save Documents with Expiry Date

Easily manage your redundant processing for corporate and personal documents through our document management which also notifies you before the expiry of any documents or certificates.

Multiple Documents Storage Facility

Conveniently upload, manage and share documents in any format and also define accessibility level for the security of confidential files.


Document Expiry Reminder

Set expiry dates with certificates or documents to get notified by the software for pro-actively carrying out the renewal process.

Share Document with Employee

With FactoHR your employees can upload files to a centralized database which can securely be shared with only concerned persons by defining accessibility levels.

Asset Management

Asset Creation

Enter details of all your assets in the software to easily assign to your employees and manage them centrally through our asset management.

employee wise asset

Employee Wise Asset Allocation

Make asset allocation policy to specify criteria for allocating of a certain type of assets to your company’s employees according to your predefined policy.

Asset’s Lost / Returned Entry Facility

Smart notification for tracking and recollecting assigned assets to your workforce also get a detailed statement for assets lost.

Allocate Employee Wise Asset, Record of Existing Assets,Basic Stock

FactoHR provides you with an assets inventory  to monitor the number of your allocated and unallocated assets.

Report with Valuation

Easily determine the real value of your assets by configuring and automating the depreciation calculation for all your assets.

FactoHR’s Remarkable Features

A Unique Offering to Make Your Organization Perform Better

AI Powered Chatbot

An intelligent chatbot which is capable of handling your employee’s queries and issues faced while dealing with payslips, leaves, attendance or any other HR task.

Attendance with Geo-Fence

Restrict your employees to punch their attendance from your office location through our geo-fencing feature for their Android and iOS devices. This feature can be used for all your office locations.

Geo Tracking

Track live locations of your workforce with their geo-tracking enabled mobile devices. With this feature, you can provide instructions to all your employees to optimize their fieldwork.

FAQs About Onboarding

What is employee onboarding software?

Onboarding software is a technology that assists employers to facilitate a flawless transition for new hires. This system often features a digital dashboard that permits talent acquisition teams to communicate with one another easily and track the progress of individual hires as they pass through the initial stage of employment.

This solution acts as a connection between the organization’s applicant tracking system and performance management system to provide a coherent transition in the new hire’s employment history.

What can you do with this software?

With factoHR’s solution, you can enable self-onboarding, manage documents and assets, generate reports, and customize the letters and memos.

Apart from these, you can verify the employee documents online. You can go paperless with this solution as it manages your tasks online. This system helps you increase your HR’s productivity by saving their time and efforts through self-onboarding and minimal data input.

Ideally, how long should the process to onboard an employee take?

Depending on the company, this process may take anywhere between a few days to a few months.

However, with this software, the process may take not more than a few minutes to upload the employee data and a maximum of a week to get the employee to know the organization.

Who should participate in the program to get the employee onboard?

The different parties who should participate in the program are:

  • HR people
    they oversee the entire program and schedule them.
  • Immediate Manager
    they have the most influence on the recruits.
  • Organizational Leaders
    it may not be feasible for them to be involved at every step in the process. However, they can contribute by sharing their narratives of the organization.
  • Coworkers
    they answer the questions of the recruits informally during the lunch break and informal meets.
  • Recruits
    the whole process is designed for them to get familiar with and have a flawless transition into the organization.

Does your onboarding solution work only for large companies?

factoHR’s solution is all-inclusive and is compatible with any organization – small, medium, or large.

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