Employee Onboarding Software For Automated Orientation

Create a synergistic working environment with factoHR’s employee onboarding software and promote a striking onboarding experience

FactoHR's employee onboarding software

Customized Offer Letters Through Templates

Enhance the operational efficiency of your HR managers by pre-defining the classifications of the letters that are to be automatically mailed through this software.

customized offer letter in onboarding system
pre onboarding in employee onboarding software

Pre-onboarding Invitation Email Link To Candidates

factoHR’s employee management system sends an invitation link to the new recruits to allow them to self-upload their documents and certificates in the system.

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Allow New Hire To Input Details

Allow the recruits to input their own details online to reduce the burden on the HR managers.

new hire feature in factohr's onboarding system
post onboarding feature

Post-onboarding Activities

Manage the extensive process of documenting the corporate and personal records of the employees and get notified before any document or certificates expire.

Create Employee From Candidate

Import the candidate data to the employee master easily with minimum intervention to save the manager’s and the employees’ valuable time and energy, enabling a smooth onboarding process.

employee from candidate feature in onboarding software
candidate on important in onboarding system

Alerts To Candidate On Important Events

Send alerts to the candidates about important business events and entitle them to be aware of the happenings in the organization.

Benefits Of Using factoHR’s Onboarding Software

Increase your employee retention rate by onboarding your recruits through factoHR’s paperless onboarding software besides increasing their engagement.

Easy Configuration

Depending on the requirements of the organization, the managers can mandate the fields of information that are of utmost importance and keep the rest optional.

Time Saving

Managers can save both – time and money with the help of this software by focusing on the issues of greater importance while the program takes care of the employees’ onboarding for you.


Make your employees feel empowered by allowing them to upload all the necessary information on their own without having to depend on their superiors.

How factoHR’s Automated Onboarding Software Offers An Unforgettable Impression?

Employee onboarding is the process of uniting newly hired employees with the company information and its culture to ensure a memorable first-day experience throughout their employment. Suitable for all types of organizations, factoHR’s payroll software solution offers customizable functionalities which help a company implement a workflow hierarchy that suits its policies the best. Such software helps employees focus on their job roles right from the beginning of their employment. factoHR’s onboarding solution offers:

Letter Creation

Create customized letters to assign to your workforce, including joining letter, confirmation letter, appraisal, resignation, etc.

Asset Assignment

You can create asset entries, assign various assets to your new recruit, and generate reports including employee-wise assets and existing assets records.

Ready-to-download Reports

Download reports for the information of document expiry, asset stock report, and document details from the system.

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