Create order from chaos with a single point of truth.


Core HR

Core HR is a central part of factoHR’s solution framework. It enables HR to stores all information starting from employee joining until he left the organization at a single place.

Core HR also keeps a trail of any changes made in the employee’s data. By tracking the changes at the root level, you will get to know who has made the changes and when.


Employee Master

At present, companies are overwhelmed with data. Managing employee data is a big challenge for any organization. To address it successfully, and optimize the productivity of your workforce, you need a comprehensive, accurate, and global view of employee data, which is readily available when needed.

factoHR allows you to store and access all employee data at a single place, so there is only a single point of truth of employee data. You can also limit which set of data can be accessed by whom it allows you to balance security and accessibility at the same time. Being able to access data everywhere helps managers to make better decisions.

Salary / CTC Master

Organizations may have multiple CTC structures based on location, grade, or designation. Managing CTC in Excel is challenging.

With factoHR, you can create different CTC structures and assign them to an employee based on various attributes. You can also keep and view the history of CTC to understand employee compensation growth in the organization.

Employee Self Service Portal

With FactoHR’s employee self-service (ESS) portal, you can allow employees to view and update their personal information with necessary approvals.

Employee can also upload their supporting document proofs. It reduces HR’s burden to keeps the employee information updated.

Organization chart

Organizational structure is crucial for any organization to become successful. The organizational structure should change along with organization vision and strategy.

An organization chart is a visual representation of your organization structure. It helps an employee to understand the organization’s hierarchy and way of working in an organization. It gudies an employee to communicate via the right person or channel.

E – Resignation

factoHR’s e-resignation is one of its kind features that make the resignation process efficient and frictionless by atomizing all methods from applying resignation to get clearance from all stakeholders to FnF settlement.

With e-resignation, employees can always see and track the progress of their application and act protectively to complete pending handover.

Send Birthday & Anniversary Reminder Mails

Employee engagement is crucial to retain and motivate employees at the workplace. The easiest way to do is to wish them on their special days. But doing this in excel is challenging and forgetful.

With factoHR, you can set a reminder or schedule wishes to be sent. So you will never miss any special day of the employee.

Bulk Email for Any Event/ Circular etc.

The most crucial part of the HR function is timely and effective communication with their employees.

factoHR can help HR to communicate with employees effectively by allowing them to send an email, mobile notifications, or reminder regarding the announcement, policy changes, circulars, etc. to particular or group of employees.

Family and Nomination detail

Family and nomination details are mandatory for various statutory requirements like medical claim, PF, gratuity, ESIC, pension, etc.

In factoHR, all family and nomination details are store along with their change history. So every time you get correct and accurate information from the system. factoHR ESS also allows an employee to update detail by themselves through proper approval.

Past Employment Details

An organization needs to maintain employee’s past data like the name of the organization, previous positions, salary structure, tax deduction related information, etc. for career history and taxation purposes.

With factoHR, you can maintain all this and many other employee information at a single place. factoHR’s ESS allows an employee to provide their past employment or tax deduction details by themselves. Once data are received, it will be checked, verified, and approved by a designated person before using or persistenting it in the database.

Letter and Document Management

The sharing of correct information is a critical part of organizational communication. The most convenient way to share a large amount of data is through the PDF.

factoHR provides facilities to store and share documents like various policies, circulars, appointment letter, appraisal letter etc. with employees. Similarly, an employee can share their document proofs with HR. It reduces file exchanges through the mail and makes information sharing easy and centralized

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