Business Process Automation That Simplifies Your HR Workflows

Streamline the recurring HR operation with factoHR’s business process automation and handle all the attendance, leave, and travel approvals successfully

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Business Process Automation For Effortless HR Operations

Ensure business process automation with factoHR that allows managers and HR to perform approvals of all the employee requests selectively without any hurdles.

Time And Cost-saving

factoHR’s mobile-driven, automated HR system lets you process all the attendance, leave, and travel-related requests submitted by employees, reducing the use of papers for the same.

Expertise Decision Making

Expertise your decision-making process by configuring your approval workflows so that they follow the proper path, speeding up the process, and increasing transparency.

Improve TAT

With regular reminders and auto-approval options, you can improve your turnaround time to complete the approval process as compared to the traditional method.

Multi-level Workflows

Customize and enhance your workflow approvals by creating multiple levels of approval stages for some of the essential employee requests. With every approval/rejection action, the application will move through different levels as per their rankings.

Bulk Approvals

For numerous application approvals at a time, factoHR’s business process automation lets you process all the pending requests. You can approve or reject all the pending applications in bulk without giving much time to the whole process.

Customizable Workflows As Per Your Need

With factoHR’s business process automation in your hands, customize your workflows with different levels of stages, appoint separate approving managers for the stages, and speed up your workflow approvals task.

Optimize your workflow approvals with factoHR today

Auto Approval/Reject Setup On Certain Condition

factoHR allows you to set up an auto-approval and auto-rejection process for certain conditions in your attendance and leave application workflow. This allows you to continue the tasks without having a pause due to prevailing conditions.

Workflow Approval Reminders

The business process automation delivered by factoHR generates regular reminders for pending application approvals according to the configuration, even if you fail to notice it in the system.

Approval/Rejection Via Email

Transform your workflow with factoHR, wherein you can control your approval and rejection process from outside the software without logging into it. Use your connected email to approve or reject the application.

Approvals Audit Log

Businesses know how important audit logs are to maintain, and so does factoHR, and so the cloud-based solution stores all the data processed during the workflows. Admins can easily access the data at the time of audit trails.

Transform your business workflow’s with factoHR today

Manual approval workflows can be tedious but not with factoHR anymore. Leverage the HR automation that regularizes your workflows without any hassles.

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