Attendance Management System

factoHR Attendance Management System is a full-featured solution that allows you to create & manage multiple shifts, define various attendance policy, review & control employees in/out activity, over time activity and much more

attendance management system

Attendance Policy

To regulate the attendance process and to ensure that production and other operational activities are running smoothly, companies set up attendance policy. It increases productive hours with least friction. With factoHR attendance management system, you can customize attendance policies as per your organizational needs. 

You can make individual configurations for each attendance shift including shift timing, a week off, full day/half day of the employee, over time rules etc. With our time tracking and attendance monitoring system, you can set the limit for attendance application and can also assign the role for attendance application approval.

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Configure shift, Week-off & Holiday policies

Employee’s category wise multiple shifts can be easily configured through factoHR attendance management system.You can create a multiple number of shifts and easily manage shifts for employees across teams according to the requirement of the organization. The system allows user to assign separate shifts for different types of employees based on departments, employee types and multiple office locations. 

You can easily configure different holiday and week-off policies (5 days or 6 day week, or configure Wednesday or Saturday as a week of days).In factoHR attendance management system , you can set various shift rotation schemes for employees who work in constant shift rotation.

No proxy attendance

No Proxy Attendance

factoHR attendance management system can integrate with any biometric device. Your employee’s swipe/punch details are automatically transferred from the biometric device to the attendance management system. This reduces errors by removing manual interventions and enhances overall accuracy with regards to biometric data. 

It outputs the attendance data according to the relevant company policies and shifts assigned to the respective employee. Integrating with biometric, attendance management system enables you to eliminate employee’s proxy attendance(or buddy punching). Thus, factoHR attendance management system easily prepares the accurate employee’s attendance data for Payroll processing.

Advantages of factoHR Attendance Management System


Through factoHR attendance management system, you can manage the workflow of attendance application such as notifies about the application, defines approver hierarchy, which attendance will be auto-approved etc.


To analyze employee activity, you can generate many types of reports through factoHR. Below are the few types of report generated by factoHR attendance management system: Employee swipe/punch report, Late In/Early Out report, Overtime report.


Employees can easily manage/check their attendance , submit attendance application and make online attendance punch through factoHR mobile app.


Attendance and leave management are connected to payroll, which is very important. Through factoHR, you can connect a biometric attendance system to your payroll calculation which enables your team to reduce or even eliminate errors related to payroll processing.


Using factoHR Attendance Management system, employee can make online punch through factoHR time tracking system so the user can get the exact location of their employee and then the system automatically makes their attendance according to it.


Attendance recorded using biometric devices in attendance management system allow no employees to manipulate their data for overtime to earn extra money, lunchtime/breaks, holidays and leaves. With the help of biometric attendance system, one can easily keep a tab on employee’s activities.

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