Attendance Management System to Put Employee Attendance on Auto Pilot

factoHR attendance management system keeps track of employee time and helps you unleash workforce productivity by optimally using it.


Online Attendance Management System for Hybrid and Remote Workforce

Auto Sync Attendance Data

factoHR attendance management system will auto sync your attendance data from different sources without any human intervention.

Touchless Attendance

Using punch with selfie, geo-tagging, geo-fencing and A.I. powered face verification features you can collect attendance data in the most hygienic and touchless way.

Adaptable, Scalable

Extensive configuration options gives you autonomy to implement your existing attendance policies and prepare you for any future changes.

Tightly Integrated

Allow the seamless attendance data flow between the internal modules like payroll and leave management to streamline and simplify end to end processing.


With easy to use mobile app and self service portal gives more accessibility of information to the employees and enables them to complete task quickly on the go.

Mobile First

Our next gen mobile app gives next gen experience to your employees. So everyone feels empowered and you can build workforce that works like a unified one.


Mark Attendance with Mobile App

factoHR comes with a powerful mobile app that will empower employees to mark attendance, request change shifts, regularize missed punches, approvals, and many more things at the touch of a finger.

Touchless Attendance

Ditch your Biometric Devices

A.I. is Necessity, Not a Luxury


Employee Friendly Attendance Management System

Whether your employees are working in the office, working from home or on the field, capture their attendance accurately through various sources and give them a great user experience.


Facial Recognition

Selfie Punch


Admin App to Punch

To empower admins, factoHR offers a separate app that gives the freedom and accessibility to managers or supervisors to mark punches on behalf of the employees.

Punch on Employees’ Behalf

Kiosk Mode


Flexibility with Minute Control

Powered by a flexible rule engine and advanced policy configuration you can set up attendance policy like break hours, holidays, and leaves for your employees and track working hours accurately. You can also setup policy for:

Work Hour

Overtime and Comp-off

Break Types

Late Coming & Early Going


Untangle Shift Scheduling

Whether you have a single shift or three shifts in a day, factoHR’s robust ESS and roster planning can tackle all your complex shift and roster scenarios head-on.

Create and Manage Shifts

Assign Shifts

Define & Manage Roster Pattern

Shift Change Request

factoHR is a very user-friendly attendance management system in india. It has completely digitized our end-to-end HR processes. Their mobile app is excellent. It has empowered our employees and made self-service model possible for us.

Mr. Siddharth Baldha | Alcop Industries


Flawless Integration

Our plug-n-play integration framework supports 200+ biometric devices and other well-known ERPs for automatic attendance data sync.

Painless Payroll

Freedom to choose

Hardware Integration

Capture Attendance Through Portal


Borderless Time Tracking

Whether you are a startup or multinational company, leverage factoHR’s multiple time zone capability and keep track of employee’s time and attendance across the globe.


Attendance Correction Workflow

Decentralized lower-level decision-making with proper checks with multi-level workflows for every type of transaction, whether it is punch, attendance correction, or leave.

Attendance Punch Approval

Overtime and Comp off Approvals

Late Coming and Early Going Approvals


Empower your Employees

factoHR’s HR management software ensures your employees have great experiences at the workplace by allowing them to access their HR data and perform HR tasks through a self-service portal and mobile application to add to their convenience.

Online Attendance

Attendance Regularization

Swap Shifts

View Reports


Regularize Attendance

factoHR saves you from reconciliation nightmares by empowering employees to correct their attendance through a self-service portal and mobile apps with proper checks and approvals.

Attendance Regularization with Application


Accurate Attendance Reporting

Our intelligent solution gives you attendance dashboards, detail reports on every aspect of employee’s attendance, and birds-eye view summaries to find trends and insights to take data-driven decisions

Daily Reports

Summary Reports

Statutory Reports

Monitoring Reporting

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