Superannuation Fund Trust

Comprehensive superannuation fund solution for fast and efficient administration of superannuation funds. Following are the detailed functionalities of our solution.
Superannuation fund trust

factoHR superannuation fund trust

factoHR offers you a superannuation fund solution that simplifies the management of superannuation funds for your business along with investment and member management modules.

Simplified Integration

Integrate factoHR’s superannuation fund solution with various modules, viz., the accounting solution or the retirement benefits solutions.

Automatic Task Management

Access easy and paperless management of your tasks to minimize wastage of paper, thereby encouraging going green.

Enhanced Productivity

As factoHR’s superannuation funds solution takes over the fund management, the HR managers can focus on more critical problems with newfound efficiency.


Make complex accounting easy with the help of our superannuation trust software and complete audit in a hassel free manner by getting all accounting reports in a single click.

  • Bank receipt / payment
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Contra
  • Journal
  • Reports
  • Balance sheet
Superannuation fund accounting management

Investment Management

factoHR’s superannuation fund application helps you maintain various investments properly and improve the investment fund yield if it is managed in-house.

  • Investment evaluation
  • Mutual fund / equity purchase
  • Interest accrued
  • Investment yield
  • Investment summary
  • Mark to market facility

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LIC Fund Management

If funds are managed by LIC, Get rid from time consuming LIC fund management activities as system will help you to manage your LIC fund in effective manner.

  • LIC annuity tracking
  • LIC interest upload facility
  • Annuity purchase report
  • Multiple LIC scheme
  • Scheme wise contribution uploading

Membership Management

Managing members become simple with our membership management tool.

  • Monthly contribution
  • Settlement application / payment / covering letter
  • 1/3, 2/3 commutation
  • Member interest calculation
  • Transfer in out application / covering letter
  • Member's SA statement

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees with direct access to their superannuation fund information with the help of the ESS portal.

  • SA balance
  • SA statement
  • Application for Settlement
  • Manage Nominee Details

Mobile Application

Offers information access flexibility from anywhere, any time through a single touch.

  • Superannuation balance
  • SA statement
  • Nominee details

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Simplify your superannuation funds management with factoHR

Streamline your employees’ investment management and other activities with factoHR’s superannuation fund software.
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