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HR Activities in IT & ITES Industry

With emerging technologies, IT (Information Technology) and ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) Industries have marked and achieved greater targets over the years. But with this growth, the industry faced challenges in monotonous management operations such as shift planning, workforce engagement, time tracking, etc. These repetitive tasks take a considerable amount of time and pert the workforces’ focus from the primary business tasks. Read along to find out the major challenges and how factoHR solves them.

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Significant Challenges Faced by the Industry

While upgrading and customizing their products for the common people, IT industries were also facing the challenges of time-consuming and tiresome HR activities. Here are the prominent challenges that the IT industry experiences in its daily routine.

Managing Flexible Working Hours

In any IT industry, the developers, designers, and other employees have flexible working hours based on their tasks. This led to a considerable amount of time for managers and HR to gather attendance punch and reconcile the data for the salary processing.

Tracking Employees’ Time and Tasks

Any IT industry has many ongoing projects according to client requirements to accomplish. It was manually challenging and cumbersome for every individual team/manager to maintain the record of ongoing and completed tasks and time taken for the same.

Managing Information of New Recruits

During the manual onboarding process, HR has to spend a significant amount of time collecting employee information and documents. Also, they used to store all such information in either pile of papers or excel sheets, which was less secure and tiresome to maintain.

Measuring Employees’ Performance

It is essential for the industry to measure every employees’ performance on a regular basis. Managers used to manually create objectives and targets for their team and measure them regularly. Also, it was tiresome for them to store and update performance data in papers or excel sheets.

Lack of Engagement in Workforce

In the era of COVID, isolation of employees and distribution of workplaces was increasing at a greater speed, which led to a reduction in genuine interaction between the workforce. It was also difficult for managers to share any updates while working remotely.

Managing Attendance Manually

During the COVID pandemic, it was essential for the industry to implement an attendance solution to eliminate the risk of contamination for employees. Also, they needed a simpler and faster method to collect the attendance of traveling employees without any manual efforts.

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Uniquely Crafted Solutions by factoHR

factoHR’s extensive features reduce the significant hurdles of the IT industries and help them to enhance their business productivity. Read here to understand how the major challenges of the industry are resolved.

Flexible Shift Configuration

factoHR’s dynamic shift planning allows you to reduce your complexity while creating, to assign and manage a flexible working time for each employee. With Flexi shift, employees are allowed to complete the total working hours without the need of following fixed schedules.

Monitor Employees’ Tasks with Timesheet

factoHR’s timesheet platform allows managers to list all the tasks of employees for a particular day. Timesheets help them in reviewing the total amount of time taken in completing the tasks, thus analyzing the productivity of the employees and maintaining the record of tasks for any client project.

Online Employee Onboarding

With factoHR, HR can give employees the authority to add, remove, or update their information and documents directly on the centralized platform established with complete security. This eliminates the need for HR to collect documents every time and spending time storing the same.

Intuitive Performance Measurement

Create, and assign custom OKRs (Objective and Key Results) with different rating techniques for your team and review them regularly using factoHR’s performance measurement. Managers can also download review reports to analyze the targets achieved and areas of improvement.

Robust Workforce Engagement

factoHR’s ESS portal and mobile application establish required engagement between the workforce. CEO and HR can share all updates from the platform with all the employees at a time. It also comes with a mood survey to identify and enhance your employees’ current mood even while working remotely.

Mobile-driven Attendance

factoHR provides the IT industry with Geofencing feature to enable employees to mark their attendance without using biometric machines. The feature also helps in collecting the attendance data of off-site traveling workers and storing it centrally for payroll requirements.

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factoHR’s unique features allow you to empower your workforce and simplify all the management operations to focus on the essential business tasks.
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