Client Testimonials


It’s difficult to imagine our lives without factoHR now. It provides a lot of features like surveys & acknowledgement we’ve never thought of and helped us address employee grievances early on & improve the employee experience.

Aaditri Housing

factoHR is a user-friendly solution that helps us automate HR, attendance, leave, and payroll. We were extremely happy with the support staff's service.

ABS Marine Services

With factoHR, we are able to store and manage all HR data and reduce data inconsistency and duplication. With factoHR mobile app, we are able to eliminate manual attendance processing.

Akshay Credit Co-operative Society

factoHR is very economical and efficient. We are able to process Payroll in 3-4 hours with end-to-end compliance on a single platform with less time and effort.

Alcop Industries

factoHR is a very user-friendly solution. It has transformed our HR processes to completely digital. Their mobile app is excellent. It has empowered our employees and made self-service model possible for us.


factoHR is a scalable solution that helps us process payroll on time, manage multiple shifts, attendance, and leave on a single platform.


factoHR has transformed and simplified our tedious HR processes to digital ones. The employee mood survey feature has improved employee engagement and trust.

Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd.

Our search for a comprehensive HR platform ended with factoHR. Their mobile app with geo-fence enabled us to track the attendance of remote employees in a secure way. We recommend factoHR to anyone looking for an HR platform.

Balaji Rail Roads System Pvt Ltd

We use factoHR for easy management of HR, payroll, attendance, and income tax. The IT declaration module streamlines proof collection, TDS calculation, saving ~60% of time from repetitive tasks.

BBL Daido

factoHR is a robust HR solution. Whether it is a mobile app or workflows, we are able to automate and accomplish critical tasks at light speed. It has made our lives easy in real terms.

Bombay Stock Exchange

factoHR is an excellent platform for managing end to end HR processes. It has helped us to focus on our core area. It also gives very important analytics and advance mobile app for the employee.


factoHR easily manages leave policies/attendance and travel claims by removing manual calculations. I highly recommend factoHR.

Confetti Holdings

factoHR is a compelling HR solution. It has worked as a transformational catalyst in our growth by making our HR processes paperless and free from human dependence.

Cycle Agarbatti

factoHR enables us to serve, track, and add value to our employees’ efficiency, which has resulted in a productivity increase of 40%.

Dr. Bhatt Pathology Laboratory

We found factoHR is a highly configurable, integrated, and flexible cloud-based solution. The burden on our HR team has been reduced by their powerful ESS portal and mobile app.

Exzellenz Career Shapers

factoHR allows us to manage HR, attendance/leave, & employee asset data in one place. Its attendance integration improves data accuracy and eliminates data manipulation with its security controls.

Feedpro Agro

factoHR’s mobile app and workflow driven processes have stepped up HR efficiency. It has pacified our business decision-making process.

Freightlinks International

We are happy with factoHR and highly recommend it to those who want to ease HR processes.

Godawari Industrial Traders

The factoHR mobile app has been a game-changer. Its innovative selfie punch feature helped track employee attendance accurately. We highly recommend factoHR to everyone.

Gudel India

factoHR surpassed our expectations, making our HR processes user-friendly. Their employee mood survey improved engagement and transparency. We recommend factoHR wholeheartedly.

Hitachi Automation

Partnering with factoHR has proven to be a game-changer for us. We've witnessed a remarkable 50% increase in employee satisfaction after adopting it. We recommend factoHR to anyone looking for an HRtech partner to enhance workplace productivity.

Improve Business Solutions

factoHR has redefined our HR experience, transitioning us from cumbersome Excel sheets to a seamless digital platform. Its intuitive mobile app features, like quick payslip access, have boosted our employee satisfaction rate to 95%.

Infotel Business Solutions

factoHR is an employee-employer-friendly HR platform. Its cutting-edge features have helped us achieve 90% employee satisfaction and 80% operational efficiency. We endorse factoHR to all.

Ingenious Management Services

factoHR, a mobile-first platform, greatly improved our HR processes. Features like document management, letter generation, and salary reports reduced costs and increased efficiency. We achieved 95% employee satisfaction, aligning with our employee-first vision.


factoHR has reduced our payroll processing time by 50%. It auto calculates overtime and allows employees to mark attendance through the mobile application.

JN Machineries

factoHR is the preferred choice of HR platform for us. We are delighted with their mobile app as it optimizes the productivity of the remote and on-site worforce using geo-fencing.

Kelvin Plastics

factoHR has helped us to reduce payroll workforce in half and increased efficiency upto 50% by unifying and streamlining data collection.


factoHR is an impeccable HR solution. It is a powerful combination of usability & functionality. Their state-of-the-art performance module helped us align employee's goals with company's vision.

MGF Mall

factoHR's transformative power surpassed our expectations. Its standout features boosted our employee satisfaction by 70%. For anyone seeking an impactful HR solution, factoHR is an investment that pays off in the long run.

MIER Institute

The best thing about FactoHR is their team, they exactly understood our requirement and made integrating a seamless process with our existing services.

Mirraw Online Services

We found factoHR very budget-friendly and user-friendly. Payroll process is done with just a few clicks. factoHR helps employees to create transparent work cultures.

Nature Delight Dairy

We will give factoHR 10/10. With factoHR mobile app, employees are able to capture their trip routes. It has empowered us to optimize productivity.

Pelican Rotoflex

Configuring FactoHR with our bio-metrics has helped us streamline the process completely and eliminate any chance of human error.

Perry Johnson Certifications

factoHR helps us manage attendance and leave efficiently. Our remote employees’ can now mark their attendance using ESS, eliminating data manipulation.

Quantum Inventions

Going with factoHR was the right decision. It has made all HR information available in one place and easy to access. Our employee loves mobile app, they can do many things which were not possible earlier.

RKIT Software Pvt Ltd

Choosing factoHR is like having an extra pair of hands in our HR department. factoHR automates most HR operations and eliminates human intervention. Any HR team wanting to improve their productivity can surely go with factoHR.

Shop On Steelbird

factoHR is an integrated solution to manage HR, attendance, leave and payroll. factoHR’s geofencing has allowed employees to mark punches from their devices within virtual boundaries.

Smile India Trust

factoHR eliminated manual payroll hassles, making it super fast and accurate. The attendance management system, including the punch with selfie feature, streamlined attendance like never before.

Span Healthcare

factoHR’s mobile app brings real-time HR data to employees’ fingertips. We highly recommend factoHR as it is a go-to solution for modern businesses pursuing excellence.

Sudama Dairy

We are very delighted with factoHR as it has simplified and automated our critical HR tasks by reducing manual intervention. With the help of their one of a kind punch with selfie feature.

Terastar Networks

With factoHR’s integrated modules, we are able to process error-free payroll on time. We highly recommend factoHR to any IT company.

Unicorn Industries Private Limited

factoHR is the ultimate saver with their mobile app that allows employees to manage tasks on the go. Its cloud-based solution has reduced our employee on-boarding time through digitization. We highly recommend factoHR for its compelling ROI.

Vdeal System

factoHR is an automated solution that helps us manage our entire HR and payroll. Using factoHR mobile app, employee activity as well as efficiency is optimized.

Weft Technologies

With factoHR, managing attendance, leave, configuring work calendar and payroll were efficiently done. Improvement in employee engagement was possible through its mobile app.

Brakes India
Gannon Dunkerley & Co.
L&T Construction
Sundaram Clayton

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