Performance Management Software

Accommodates any kind and combination of Performance Management Software Measures such as Goals, Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Competencies, and Values.

Configure Appraisal Plan

factoHR’s Performance Management Software supports four level assessment including employees, managers, reviewers and team member. Appraisal form can be configured according to company policy.

Initiate Appraisal

factoHR’s Performance Management Software allows you to initiate company wise or group of employee wise appraisal process. The review process can be done on weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis. The performance management is linked with payroll automatically so as to have quick and easy appraisal process.

Review Master

Performance Appraisal System allows you to evaluate at 4 levels :

  • Self employee
  • Manager -I
  • Manager -II
  • HR

factoHR’s employee performance management software allows you to achieve 100% participation through a seamless, accurate, and secure appraisal process.

In built Instructions / Help

All employees (appraisee, appraisals and reviewers) can easily follow and fill up the appraisals by reading the instructions defined in each appraisal forms.

Goals Achieved

Captures additional achievement throughout the year apart of targets, this shows employees additional performance which affects compensation over time and to evaluate the gaps with the current talent, development plans and to drive the strategic vision of the company.

Skill Assessments

Assessment of skill and performance incorporates an understanding of characteristics of skilled performers, objective and subjective performance measures, validity and reliability tests, and personal versus prescribed judging criteria.

Leadership Qualities

Explore employees best leadership qualities and further motivate, assure and inspire them as a true leader is one who builds in his followers an even better leader than themselves. Rating can also be used to calculate the appraisal overall score.

Target Plannings

Goals provide the focus and energy for organizations to achieve their vision and strategy. To achieve that individual employees can set their upcoming goals, targets and achievements.

Hence managers and supervisors gain the complete picture of an employee’s future goals and target planning by keeping employees engaged and aware of expectations.

Employee Development Plan

Elevates HR superb relationship with employees, increase productivity and improve behavior by effectively collecting development and career plan needs.

Training Needs

Employees can also provide input on their training needs as part of the appraisal process, which facilitates individuals development plans and training needs, track training recommended from their appraisal feedbacks and linking with training programs.

Promotion Recommendation

After looking back at their performance history, managers and reviewers can provide the recommendation for promotion or increments inside the employee appraisals. Which can be stored in isolation from employees access.

Final Score

Appraisal’s final score is calculated based on feedback scores from all sources, a final score is calculated using the standard average method as well as weighted average method of each individual feedback form.


The system is easy to configure for content, distribution, and interpretation of data. Goals assessments, development plans and performance data are stored in one repository, providing HR managers with comprehensive and timely data for employee appraisals.

To make your Appraisal system Objective & Transparent.

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