Performance Management Software to Build Performance-Led Culture

factoHR’s performance management software is designed to unleash the potential of your workforce and align their goals with the organizational vision to achieve your business goals quickly.


Performance Management Software Made Interactive

Continuous, Aligned & Effective

Make the everyday performances of employees better and more effective by aligning the organizational goal with the employee goal.

Performance Driven Culture

Create a work culture where each task assigned to the employees will be measured, and feedback will be taken on a continuous basis.


The built-in integration with payroll and HR software will make entire performance process smoother and give the flexibility to review each performance differently.

Mobile Driven

Performance management system is now available in your pocket, so everybody will on same page anytime anywhere.

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Goals Management (OKRs)

Align Goal with Company’s Vision

factoHR lets you create and track any number of goals and subgoals with different measurement parameters to ensure everybody is working toward achieving the company’s vision.


Multi-level Goal Creation

Competency Parameters

Various Measurement Parameters


Flexibility to Suit your needs

Whether you are following a traditional, OKR-based, or 360-degree review process, you can easily set up and conduct all kinds of reviews, give continuous feedback, or plan one-to-one meetings with factoHR.

Flexible Review Cycle

360-Degree Feedback

Continuous Feedback

One-to-One Meeting Feedback

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performance management software in mobile app

Performance in Your Pockets

With factoHR’s mobile application, managers can create goals/OKRs for their employees, carry out a review cycle at their need, and set an approval method for measuring employees’ performance.

Create Goals (Goal Master)

Review Cycle


Performance Linked Payroll

factoHR’s performance-linked payroll software allows you to configure the formulas for incentives and bonuses against the set goals and calculate salary and incentives based on the performance data, that will help the organization to engage and motivate their employees.

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normalization performance management curve

Normalize Employee’s Performance

factoHR lets you identify and retain top talent at your workplace by allowing you to regularize performance ratings and weights with the normalization curve assessment framework.

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Multi-level Reviews

factoHR’s solution allows you define up to four level review workflow where managers, subordinates and HR can submit reviews in a hierarchycal way.

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performance management software dashboard

Rich Analytics for Comprehensive View

With pre-built dashboards, you get a holistic view of the entire performance management process.


Perception Gap Analysis

Bell Curve


Meaningful and Actionable Insights

Generate reports as per your need to get deeper insight of your workforce to evaluate their performance objectively and empower them to push their boundaries.

Goal (KRA) Report

Performance Review Report

MIS Report

performance management software in mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions About Performance Management Solution

What are the benefits of a performance tracking system?

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Implement 360-degree goal management with advanced tools that motivate managers and employees to achieve the organizational targets.

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