Performance Management Software To Increase Employee Enthusiasm

factoHR’s performance management software lets organizations empower their workforce by setting up clear and aligned OKRs.

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FactoHR's performance management software

Informative Dashboard

Get a holistic view of performance analysis data with factoHR for top management with pre-built dashboards
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Goals Management (OKRs)

factoHR lets employees input their OKRs assigned to them, and on achieving these, managers can provide ratings and reviews.

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Configurable Review Cycle

Managers can configure review cycles wherein employees can add their opinions regarding their goals and hurdles, which can be resolved.
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Performance Linked Payroll

factoHR’s integrated environment enables the calculation of employees’ salaries based on the performance they have achieved, which can help in motivating them.

Normalization Curve

factoHR lets businesses identify and retain top talent in their workplace with the normalization curve assessment framework.
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Multi-level Manager And HR Review

factoHR’s solution supports hierarchical workflow that helps create a multi-level review cycle for managers and HR to provide their suggestions.

Mobile App Management

With factoHR’s mobile application, managers can create goals/OKRs for their employees, carry out a review cycle at their need, and set an approval method for measuring employees’ performance.
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performance management software for multi level

Continuous Feedback

Continuous Feedback is a persistent approach of sharing and receiving performance feedback along with mentioning the strong and weak areas of the employee. With factoHR’s continuous feedback feature, managers and subordinates can share ongoing performance reviews about the employees.

Performance Management Software Made Interactive

factoHR offers OKR-based performance management software where employees and managers can create multiple goals, evaluate them with flexible review cycles, and improve them with insightful MIS.

Effective Performance Analysis

The solution helps you measure employees’ performance to analyze if it aligns with the organizational goals.

Easy Appraisal

Track employees’ performance for the required time to set up motivating appraisals, which encourages them to work efficiently.

Timely Reviews

Organize your review cycle to collect employee opinions for various goals set to keep track of their progress and prevailing hurdles.

What Is Performance Management Software?

Performance is defined as the measurement of the productivity of every employee regarding the goals assigned to them. Performance Management software helps create and evaluate all the statistical OKRs assigned to an employee, configure the review cycle, and organize appraisals. The complete integration with the HR management solution and automated payroll solution helps you get the best output of HR operations and ensures overall business growth.

Create Goals

Create employee goals to monitor performance in achieving the desired goals. You can create cascaded goals that link to every employee working under each manager of all the departments of the organization.

Goal Alignment

Motivate your workforce by assigning them targets and objectives that align with the business goals to enhance the overall productivity of the company. This also shows how their contributions affect the business rankings.

Customized Metrics

Create customized ratings/rankings for different categories of goals to have a perfect performance measurement.

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