Provident Fund Software

factoHR provident fund trust software provides advanced features like the all-in-one member, investment and financial management, a mobile app for self-service, insightful reporting, a dashboard and reminders that allow you to address administrative challenges and improve employee engagement effectively.

Why Go With factoHR EPF Trust Software?

factoHR EPF trust software provides an all-in-one solution to manage all activities related to employees’ retirement benefit funds.
Refer below to the detailed functionalities offered by factoHR.

Provident Fund

Our comprehensive PF trust management software empowers you to manage your trust’s operations transparently with ease.



Loans & withdrawals


Import Bulk Transactions

Bonus Interest Calculation

provident fund
accounting feature in provdient fund system


Reduce your accounting worries with our integrated, centralized and real time accounting, auto JV posting, two eye approvals and up to date reporting.

Bank Transactions

Bank Reconciliation

Inter-Bank Entries


Ledger Reports

Balance Sheet

Manage your trust with factoHR PF trust management software today

Manage Membership

Manage all member information at a single place and perform all member transactions like member contribution, settlement application, transfer in-out, etc. securely with factoHR.

Manage Contributions

Loan Application

Settlement Application

Transfer Application & Annexure K

International Worker Checkpoints

Member’s PF Statement

memebership feature in pf software
understand investment management in PF Software

Investment Management

Track and improve the ROI of your trust’s investments with factoHR’s comprehensive investment management

Investment Evaluation

Mutual Fund/Equity

Accrued Interest

Auto-computed Yield

Investment Reports

Mark To Market Facility

Why choose factoHR PF Trust Software one-stop solution to handle all types of retirement trust activity?

factoHR is a comprehensive suite to allow trustees to manage all types of trust activity efficiently and transparently. factoHR PF Trust Software comes with members, investment, accounting, and analytics modules that empower you to keep an eye on all trust activities through one system only. With factoHR, you can manage Provident Fund, Gratuity, Benevolent Fund Trust, and Pension Management, and many more on a single platform. Moreover, factoHR’s advanced Mobile Application and Employee Self Service portal empowers employees and reduces time and cost to maintain trust funds.

ESS Portal

Empower your employees with factoHR ESS portal and give them the convenience to perform fund related tasks anytime anywhere online.

PF Statement & Balance

Loan Eligibility & Application

Settlement Application

Nomination Update


Pre-filled Forms

pf software with employee selfservice
provident fund


factoHR helps you stay 100% compliant with the latest RPFC changes like two PF accounts, grievance portal, ECR filing, and other important changes.

ECR File Generation

Monthly E-return

KYC ECR Generation

Statement IW

Break-in Service

Form Generation

Next-gen Mobile App For Next-gen Workforce

Unique Features Offered By factoHR’s Provident Fund Trust Software

factoHR PF software lets you manage benefits schemes for retirements like defined contribution, hybrid funds, benevolent trust, provident fund, and various other gratuity plans.

provident fund

Provident Fund

Manage all your workforce’s provident fund-related activities along with accounting and reporting in factoHR’s Exempted provident fund trust software.


Manage Superannuation Fund Trust quickly and efficiently with benefits of pension plans after retirement.


Replace excel and calculate complex gratuity quickly and accurately by implementing a custom formula for gratuity payments to members.

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Manage your employees’ PF details and investments, avoiding papers and spreadsheets with factoHR’s provident fund solution.

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