Job Descriptions

What is a Job Description?

Job description is a document that clearly mentions the key job requirements, job responsibilities, job duties, and skills that are a need for a particular role. A precise job description will include all points regarding how the success of the job is measured and on what basis the performance is evaluated. Job descriptions are also known as JDs, Job profiles, job specifications, or position descriptions.

Here our job description directory covers most of the roles. We have also included samples in each JD that you can use them directly or modify as per your organization’s needs.

What Is a Job Description Template?

A job description template is a reusable model where the job responsibilities and duties can be tailored as per the requirements of a particular job role. Generally, it includes a list of common responsibilities, details about whom to report, and altogether the goal of the role.

How to Write a Job Description?

A fine job description can be formed in an hour and attract excellent candidates when done right. Generally, it can be completed in three to four steps but needs some additional research if you aren’t familiar with the role. Get started by writing compelling job descriptions after going through our step-to-step guide on how to write JD.

Steps to Writing a Job Description

1. Make Accurate Job Titles and Summary
Don’t use jargon, make clear, simple, and commonly used job titles for your job descriptions. JDs are commonly used for internal purposes, but they are also used for the basis of the job posting. The chances of losing potential employees are high when they are not able to understand what job you are advertising.

Provide an overview of the job in the summary paragraph. It should generally include what the role contributes to the company in general. You may also include what success looks like in the position after a month, the first quarter, or a year.

2. List Out All the Necessary Requirements and Responsibilities
Mention only the job responsibilities that are essential for the job and not for other jobs. Make a list of 10-12 key responsibilities in order of importance. To entice the reader, start off each sentence with action verbs.

Again, you must only list out the qualifications as per the specific role. Write briefly and concisely about the requirements of the education, experience, and specific skills. Also, mention the certificates, characteristics, and abilities that are required to complete the job.

3. Proofread Edit and Post Your Job Description
Always ask someone to proofread and edit your job description to remove spelling errors and unclear sentences. Ask the HR managers to sign it to ensure that the correct role and responsibilities are mentioned.

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