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A powerful integrated HR software that adapts to your needs and empowers you to focus on strategic tasks.

factoHR HR software

Single point human resource software is all you need.

Security by Design
Effective permission and audit trail at granular level to keep data safe and protected.
Quick Implementation
Do it yourself and wizard driven configuration makes it possible to go live in weeks.
Flexible, Scalable
Make your organization future ready with flexible core that adapt as your organization evolve.
Built-in Integration
Off the shelf integration with internal and external modules makes a highly connected system without any human intervention.

Better Analytics for Smarter Decisions

Our HR management software gives you an intelligent and visually-appealing dashboard to get the bird’s eye view of total HR data. So you can overcome bottlenecks by making proactive, data-driven decisions.
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Dashboard of hrms platform
Verify employee database through HR software
Centralized Employee Database

Single Source of Truth

Centralized employee database with granular access control acts as a robust powerhouse for your entire HR operations.
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Transform into a paperless organization with factoHR


Zero Paperwork

In factoHR you can also store employee’s important documents securely and conveniently at one place, so you never lose them.
Letter and document management in hr platform

Generate Letters on Fly

Whether you want an offer letter or appraisal letter, generate all documents and letters using dynamic templates, where data will be auto populated from our HR software.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Flexible approval modules in factoHR’s HR platform allows you to create multilevel workflows to automate your lower-level repetitive tasks. It saves HR bandwidth and helps you focus on the strategic higher-value tasks.
Hierarchical workflow based approval
Reporting structure chart of hcm software

Simplify Org Hierarchy

factoHR’s cloud based HCM software provides an organizational tree that will help you define a clear reporting structure and career path opportunities to improve employee engagement.

Effortless Salary Management

Customize salary components, create multiple salary structures, simplify salary revisions and stay 100% compliant with our powerful salary management module.
Multiple CTC Structure
FNF & Offboarding process of HRIS software

Frictionless Offboarding

One of the kind HRIS software that provides an offboarding module that will streamline employee exit process and full and final settlement with approval workflows and handover checklists.

Real-time Feedbacks

Collect relevant and real-time feedback using our surveys, which helps you understand your employees, increase workplace transparency, and drive engagement.
Real time feedbacks using survey

Quickest Way to Get Confirmation

Whether it is any policy update or vaccination status, acknowledgment modules available in our hr software empower you to get confirmation from your employee quickly.

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