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Automate your HR management processes with FactoHR’s HR software and empower your employees with a self-service option to help them manage their time efficiently. The software offers modules that are integrated to provide seamless processing throughout the software with an increased working efficiency of your HR and employees’.

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What is HR Software?

HR Software is a platform that automates processes from hire to retire to boost both HR and employees’ productivity. Human Resource Management Software is designed to ensure a more focused environment with automated and integrated modules like recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, performance, payroll, and many more to ease out HR’s process for better decision making. Whether a large or small organization, this solution automates and integrates all the operational and strategic tasks of an HR. Your HR can make perfect and efficient business decisions while the system can take care of all the functional requirements with minimum intervention.

Features of our Human Resource Management Software

FactoHR provides you a wide range of modules that will ease out HR’s business functions. The solution helps out in self-onboarding, tracking attendance and leave, process payroll, loans, expenses management, remote employee monitoring, and much more added features of face detection and tracking. It is not the limit; the system provides powerful AI-enabled chatbot and analytical options to manage the functions more productively. In short, FactoHR embraces every end-to-end process of HR to alleviate the burden off their shoulders. Study all the enlisted modules that efficiently manage your end-to-end HR functions.

Why Choose HR Software to Improve Productivity?

The increased use of automated software in HR technology has gradually reduced the human elements from the HR department. FactoHR provides an HR Software that is specifically designed for the modern generation workforce and SMEs. Along with automating Human Resource Activities, the software nurtures and helps the employees to develop and achieve performance goals with improved efficiency. With an enhanced user interface and seamless integration, it supports an HR to lessen the burden of the human resource management system and help focus on actual decision-making and operational requirements. Leave the time-consuming inconsistencies, errors, and corrections far behind with our software and make your workplace well organized and employees more productive.

Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment and Hiring are configured as one of the most challenging functions of Human Resource. It calls for setting up a process till making a new hire that eventually leads towards business growth. Again it is not easy to find worthy candidates, and if you can find them, it is not guaranteed that they pass your test. You have to dive deep into the ocean of social media, job sites, and references to find a suitable candidate. Other than that, you must continuously work on designing the recruitment process and upgrade it time-to-time. Our solution eases your hiring process with automated workflow. The module provides

Manpower Requisition
Raise manpower requisitions and configure the workforce requisition list that entails various details about the job profile, vacancies, status of approval, and much more to handle your recruitment process efficiently.

Module linked Job posting
Post and Manage your job postings on your various social media platforms, websites, and share the same within the internal company network to achieve multiple ways of hiring through seamless integration.

Interview scheduling
By integration of meetings and interview schedules with the calendar, the manager can gather the information about the schedules arranged on the go without any clashing of schedules.

Interview Feedback
The system helps you gather feedback from your candidates about the interview process to enhance your hiring decisions and upgrade your interview techniques for future hires.

Customized workflow
The system enhances to give a customized workflow for the overall interview process, including the interview schedule, current stage, the status of approval, and the interview result. You can mark the interview based on set parameters.

Self On-Boarding

Employee data is the most precious one, and any error in such data may lead to consequences. Human Resource Management encompasses many responsibilities. It might happen that in the hurry of completing tasks quickly, your HR abruptly creates a mistake. Let your new hires enter their data into the system independently and prevent any chances of errors through the self-onboarding solution. Help your newly hired candidates take with them the best class first day experience in your office. Our Module Provides

Start with Minimum
To help an employee self-on-board, HR needs to enter minimal information like Name, Employee Code, and Email Id. Other data can be captured in self onboarding by the employee.

Timely reminders
Once the employee finishes entering onboarding details, the system actively generates reminders to the manager to review, approve and complete the onboarding and start with the post onboarding processes like Induction, Policy review, and Product Training.

Letters Assignment
Design your own set of letters or use our software’s inbuilt letters like joining letter, confirmation letter, resignation letter, and many more to assign it to the employees.

Asset assignment
As soon as the employee onboards, the asset assignment section will help you out with assignments and further management of assets like Laptops, mobiles, SIM Cards, etc. to the employee. Also, store the details about various assets, their quantity, and lost assets.

Core HR

Core HR is said to be the central framework that entails various day-to-day functions of employees. The core HR module provides automated features for seamless and streamlined management of core functions. The core HR embraces modules for

  • presence and absence tracking of an employee with added remote monitoring attributes to enhance the workplace environment with current and post COVID-19 scenario,
  • employee master to store and manage the primary and sensitive information with a fully secure environment which is popularly known as the Human Capital Management,
  • salary processing feature for smooth transaction of salaries right from the main account to employees’ accounts in a single click,
  • user-interactive dashboards to review necessary details quickly in a compact format plus the business analytics to boost up your business productivity,
  • E-resignation filing and checklist formation for quick FNF and resignation.
  • iOS and Android compatible mobile app to boost productivity along with mobility.

Human Capital Management

Management of Human Capital is as essential as other business functions. HCM encompasses details like Employee’s company information like Name, ID, Branch, Category, etc., CTC and Payroll Structure, Family Details, Work-anniversary and Birthdays, and much more. To manage this data, along with improving the productivity of your workforce, is again to be kept in mind. To address this information peacefully and constructively, you need a system that helps you store the same whenever and however you need it. What our system includes

Information at a glance
All the information like personal details, company details, etc. entered during the self-onboarding process can be accessed centralized, at a glance through the software itself, thus no need to store the document in hardware.

Categorized view
A categorized view of the employee is possible to enhance viewing capability. It becomes easy to search for an employee based on the corresponding department, branch, and category.

Data History
You can access any past data history of employees with effective date and time and details of who changed them, when, and why.

Track Employee Life-cycle
With the human resource management software, you can track an employee’s entire life cycle from hire to retire in a hassle-free way.

Document Management
This feature allows you to save, share, and manage employees and the company-related documents, including joining, identity proof, and policy documents.

Multiple Salary Structure
As Job wise employee’s salary may change, the system facilitates you to store and review the remuneration and CTC structures for efficient processing of Payroll.

Organizational Chart
You and your employees can get an enhanced view of the whole organizational chart. This chart is a visual representation of associated reporting and approving manager, linked department, head of the department, CEO, etc.

Global and Intuitive Dashboards

Dashboards are a way of representing information in a compact format. When your system includes many modules, it becomes hard for you to dive in deep to find something, which is time-consuming. Dashboards include some of the main modules neatly combined to get through your work quickly. With inbuilt charts, you can always add or remove various charts as per your requirements. This dashboard also shows analysis from every viewpoint to study your business functions. Here’s what our dashboard enhances

Company Calendar
The calendar chart shows the details of the month-wise list of holidays, leaves availed and status of any leave, and attendance information.

Attendance Remarks
Employees can regularize their attendance with good remarks without going deep into the system.

CTC information
An employee can review their salary, YTD earnings, and corresponding statutory details. While an HR/CEO’s dashboard provides department wise salary information.

Event reminders
Dashboards provide active reminders for any employee’s work anniversary and birthdays to keep them updated.


Same as hiring, resignation exit clearance management is also a much essential business function. No employee can wait much longer after filing for FNF, and it is HR’s responsibility to initiate and complete the task as soon as possible. Filing a resignation application, creating a clearance checklist, gathering the assets and dues, clearing the reimbursements, and finalizing the resignation processes are not easy to manage physically. Our solution guarantees online resignation from one single screen enabling your employee a smooth finishing experience. Take a look at the most promising features of this module.

Applying resignation
Your employees don’t need to write long and unnecessary emails to their managers for resignation. Instead, they can be facilitated by the software’s internal resignation application feature. It also saves the manager’s time rather than wasting it in searching the mail in the flooded inbox.

Efficient checklist creation
With the help of this solution, it is simple to create a checklist for the exit process for smooth processing. As the solution provides combined information management, you can efficiently gather the information needed for checklist creation.

Assigning finishing tasks
The remaining functions like an asset or due return, reimbursement handling, etc. can be initiated and given to the employee to get it done within a few time. The software helps you ensure that no tasks remain before your employee leaves.

ESS Portal

Does your HR get tired of entering every employee’s details during onboarding, replying to every employee queries, conveying announcements, etc? Then, employing a system that provides an inbuilt ESS option for your employee can help your HR get through this. Employees don’t need to ask HR or managers to receive any reports, payslips, providing applications, and other such works physically. Instead, they can now get all the necessary information through their ESS portal. See what our ESS portal has for your employees

Special Events
Through the ESS portal, employees can be notified whenever their co-employees have their birthdays or anniversary to enhance employee-employee engagement.

Mood Analysis
Employee’s mood is essential to know as it can affect the amount of work done on a day. The system helps the manager see each employee’s mood throughout the day to make things work on that particular day. On the other hand, if the mood is dull, managers can help employees solve any queries and relieve their mood.

Online attendance
Other than biometrics, the employee can mark their attendance online from their ESS login itself and can review attendance details. They can regularise the same in case of any missed punch or other remarks.

Generating Reports
It is easy to create various reports like employee details, payslips, income tax reports, etc. from the portal itself. An employee doesn’t always have to knock their HR for the same and wait for their response.

On the go modules
As we have already discussed, an employee with the ESS portal doesn’t have to ask their managers every time. Like attendance, the employee can generate their leave and travel application, reimbursement claim request, performance review feedback, etc.

The HR or manager can broadcast their announcements to the required employee with efficiency without calling out for meetings for small news or updates, increasing productivity.

Mobile App

Same as the online ESS portal, you can use the ESS mobile app for continuing your work on the go. When you are far away from the office, it becomes easy to stay updated with the mobile app. The mobile app provides the same features but in a compact and interactive user format and helps you access your information remotely. That’s not it. It enhances many more features for you, which are detailed below.

In our mobile app, an employee can check their entire profile in a beautiful view to ensure data correctness.

Our Factobot answers every query and FAQ to help you with each section of the mobile app for ever-lasting user experience.

System Compatibility
We provide our app in both Android and iOS compatible devices and with the same features so that your work never stops just because of your device’s incapability.

Document Sharing
It will now become easy for HR and managers to share files and documents amongst their employees within the application only through the Plug me feature.

Remote Punching
You can validate your employee’s punch with their selfie or location tracking to be secure from any time thefts during working from any distant location. It will free you from the constant tension of work being done.

Submit Application anytime anywhere
While the ESS portal can restrict you from submitting applications and generating reports from any location, the mobile app does not. An employee can now apply for leave, travel, etc. from any site and at any time. They can apply from home without disturbing their work hours. How productive!


When you have a considerable number of employees, it becomes essential to track and store their attendance, working hours, and the amount of work completed that indirectly helps in calculating their performance. Let your employees anticipate that they have someone noticing their work and time. It doesn’t look like spying; instead, it can engage and encourage them to work to their full potential.

Device integration
Your biometric devices that take in the punches can be configured and integrated with the solution to help you store that information which is available centrally to your server. It gives you an efficient way to manage and use the data whenever required.

Configure based on time-zone
It is possible to change the servers’ time zone as per the location to store correct details the same as when recorded. Also, if you have offices located over a range of cities, the system can be configured easily to save your time in calculations of attendance.

Shift Management
You can create a range of shifts based on departments and manage the same for the bulk employee to efficiently manage your attendance tracking. Even you can create a whole roaster for more precise tracking of employee attendance.

Remote Tracking
Either on a client visit, during work from home, or inside/around office location, it is possible to track your employees. You can locate them and let them mark attendance restrictively.


Leave management is another function to look after to manage your employee’s leave. It is essential to provide time-off benefits against their productive output, along with managing unnecessary absenteeism. Leave your leave management calculation totally up to our system to conclude the Salary calculations in a hassle-free way. Features of our leave modules to enjoy are

Detailed policy configuration
You can configure your leave policy on a wide range of parameters, including early going, late coming, sandwich, and much more, to flexibly provide controlled benefits to the employees.

Integrated calendar
FactoHR software’s calendar is integrated to employee’s leaves to let them calculate how and when to apply for leave is beneficial to them. In general, they can plan leaves right from the beginning.

Hierarchical approval
With our HR solution, you can design a hierarchy of approval workflow. Without the consent of all the managers, the employee cannot avail of leave.

Once any leave application is submitted into the system, the authorized manager gets a notification for the approval process. It helps them to save their time rather than swimming into the flooded inbox. And as soon as the approval status changes, the employee is notified at the same time. Thus, the systems deliver on-time notifications eliminating the missed requests.

Salary Processing

Like every SMEs, you must be considering payroll as complicated management. What if we say there is a system that not only eliminates payroll error but also turns down and replaces the burden of calculation with just one click. Not only this, but the system can guarantee your employees a payroll with all benefits applicable that is statutory compliant and with integrated accounting, bank integration, payslip management, and much more. Here is the glimpse of our software’s payroll module features

Seamless Integration
With our entirely seamless integrated environment, process your payroll on time with high efficiency without calculating work hours, workdays, or other attributes. The payroll module automatically intakes the attendance and leave data and generates payroll with a single click.

Statutory compliant
Our solution promises to provide statutory compliant salaries to your employees with all the benefits included. You can be relaxed from the anxiety of configuring salary calculation physically or finding a payroll expert.

Accounting reports
Our solution promises complete integration with accounting systems to store and manage all your company’s payroll activities for well-organized and thorough reports for statutory audits.

Integrated Bank Accounts
As our solution readily integrates with your common or different bank accounts, it provides a simple way to transfer salaries from the main account to all the employee’s accounts simultaneously without system break down.

You can generate various payroll reports like reconciliation reports, salary register, consolidated register, final settlement report, fixed pay report, and bank funding file..

Travel & Expense Management

It is easy to get caught up in travel, location, and claim amount thefts by your employees. You cannot confirm the proof of bills and receipts that the employee submits is in validation with their exact location. With our expense management module that enables us to track employee location when traveling, you can validate their expense claims and visits. It also allows us to set up a flexible policy that intakes every aspect from booking tickets, eligibility criteria to reimbursements, and claim settlements. Look at how our module works

Travel Application
Employees can apply for advance requests for corresponding travel to another state/city. The system also entertains Group travel, book tickets from integrated booking sites based on the eligibility matrix.

Expense Claim & Reimbursements
To claim expenses and reimbursements, the employee needs to submit a claim request and validate the same by uploading suitable bills. The system leaves you with effortless expense management by self-calculating all the reimbursements by validating all the expenses against travel as soon as applied for the same.

Expense Control
Set expense caps on claims by various parameters like traveling distance, time, destination, etc. also enforce claim limits by miscellaneous employee categories.

Performance Management

The performance of your employees is directly linked to the goals and missions of the company. The measurement of when and how an employee performs the work, along with efficiency, lets the company achieve its goals in a minimum amount of time. But the measurement is not that easy. Employees are tested on various strategic areas and performance indices, which can be set in the form of monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or yearly (less likely) targets. Physically it is hard to link the work amount with the targets for a considerable amount of employees. You may miss out on a few employees or interchange the targets of two employees. But our solution can let you get over these mistakes within a few seconds. See how FactoHR helps you calculate the performance

Goal Management
A single job function may have a varied number of areas over which performance should be measured. Physically analyzing these areas, discussing with the employee, and assigning them to take up a considerable amount of time compared to software. The system can compile each performance area’s information, based upon work hours and work amounts, thus generating KRA and KPIs.

Create an atmosphere of competitiveness among employees to bring out the potential performance and promote a healthy environment.

Review cycle
The review can be taken from colleagues, managers, clients, and services. These reviews may be weekly, monthly, or at any time interval. You can also set a multi-level review cycle for an in-depth and thorough analysis of performance by every manager in a hierarchical format.

Graphical Analysis
Based on a review of the last few KRA or KPI, managers and employees can see visual representation to study the performance ratios and conclude if it decreases or increases. The manager and employee can discuss the success ratios.

HR Analytics

Powerful analytics helps you scan and study how your business functions work and what you need to accelerate the business’s growth. You can explore most of your business strategies with graphical representations. With factoHR’s HR analysis tool, get reports of various measurements right from the global dashboard section. Here we have included all the types of analysis that our solution can help you with

PMS Analysis
Department wise, you can generate an analysis of the performance of an employee over a range of periods to study the overall performance of the department, which links to the company’s performance.

Salary analysis
The salary analysis provides a comprehensive study of gross salary calculations, deductions, the final distributed salary of any employee and a department.

Employee Retention analysis
You can see the study of joined vs. the resigned employees to know the employee retention rate. You can analyze if you need to work upon increasing the retention rate.

These studies are physically impossible to calculate without software, or you might get trapped into a lot of time to calculate. And this kind of analysis helps you make your business functions work efficiently and scale up with every step.

Remote Monitoring

With the current scenario of COVID-19 has a high impact on business productivity. Most businesses are moving towards accepting the work from home solutions to tackle this situation. In short, home is now becoming a new-age office environment. And to track employee’s productivity, attendance, and working hours, businesses are using such solutions to track employees from distant locations. Remote Monitoring helps to cut down the inefficient management of attendance and increase the employees’ productivity while staying at home. See how such monitoring functions

Selfie Punch
When working remotely, you might have permitted employees to mark attendance from a remote location. But to ensure that employees are present and working, this attendance can be validated with their selfies. When in office, the employee can use their mobile to punch in with selfie and location authentication with lesser down the usage of biometrics to enable a safe working environment.

Contactless Attendance
It is utmost necessary to build up a system that ensures employee safety and decreases surface contamination. Our mobile app supports tracking attendance via liveliness detection (detecting live face every time when capturing attendance) and kiosk mode for more precise and correct attendance tracking that too from a remote location.

Geo Tracking
Geo tracking enables you to track your employee’s location wherever they are present. This tracing is generally useful for on-field working employees like at site or client meetings. Along with the exact location, you can view the location history and route.

Create a virtual boundary around the office or any remote location within which only the employee can mark in attendance. This feature doesn’t aid the location thefts and enhances your attendance system.

Our solution provides an inbuilt timesheet option to store the records of employee working hours with every detail. You can keep an eye on the amount of work, thus helpful for analyzing the job done from a remote location.

Why choose FactoHR

As FactoHR is recognized as the best HR software, our trust expands to 150+ corporates in India. FactoHR platform stands out as an agile, robust, scalable, and still a simple, user-friendly solution for all-in-one business functions’ suite to cater to your HR needs. Our system provides you with unmatched and cutting-edge features that will enable you to monitor employees remotely in the current changing workplace environment. It also provides you with ready to use restful APIs to integrate various modules and systems together.

FAQ on FactoHR’s HRMS software

What is HRMS ?

HRMS is an abbreviation that stands for the “Human Resources Management System.” HRMS helps an organization to manage its essential end-to-end HR functions with the help of information technology. The Human Resource Management Software automates all the manual, repetitive tasks while boosting employees’ and HR’s productivity and increasing the department’s efficacy. It has saved a significant amount of HR personnel’s time and reorganized their resources into more value-generating tasks.

What is HRIS ?

HRIS is the abbreviation of the “Human Resource Information System”. It is a part of the whole HRMS. It is used by companies to record, manage, and track employee data. It records every vital information related to employee life cycles like recruitment, onboarding, payroll, attendance, performance, and employee exit. Thus, every company should have an essential tool from the first day to keep all the HR functions running. It helps companies manage and store all the employees’ data, which is very sensitive and valuable.

How does HR solution work?

The onboarding process is the first step for a new employee to join the organization. The automated HR management system is intuitive to a point where the employee has access to his personal information and can enter his/her information required via the self-service portal.

Next is Core HR, where HR personnel can keep all the employee’s information like working hours, time and travel information, salary structures in one place for quick access. Any changes made are recorded with an effective date to find the culprit in any information inconsistency.
HR software solutions also feature the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for detailed personal information, statutory information, salary information, document management, and asset management.
It includes essential core HR functions like payroll processing with mandatory statutory compliances, attendance management, leave management, expense management, and performance management.
Then there is the mobile app integration to make features accessible to employees working through a remote or outdoor location. This mobile application works as an employee self-service portal.

Why choose FactoHR HRMS solution?

An efficient human resource management system capable of handling all your organization’s tasks can provide excellent results and enhance productivity.

  • Promote Efficiency
    The HRM system contributes to delivering excellent support for managing your human resource management system and providing efficient services.
  • Cloud Support
    The entire HR management system is set with cloud support to enable remote access and efficiently complete HR tasks.
  • Suits All Organisations
    Our human information management system is built to meet the demands of every organization that chooses it, irrespective of the size of that organization.
  • Seamless Integration
    Human resource management software can integrate with a wide variety of resources that can be attached to deliver a superior experience.

What modules are available in the FactoHR HRM solution?

List of Modules that Contribute to Making Our HRM Solution Efficient
Including every necessary module that helps streamline the HR processes, the human resource management system software aims to provide enhanced usability and productivity.

  • Employee On-boarding
    The onboarding process holds the utmost importance as it stores the employee information, which must be correct from the beginning. And our efficient HRIS system ensures the employees enter the accurate data during the easy onboarding process.
  • Information Management
    Managing and maintaining the data integrity of the entered information is a crucial task. But the HRMS takes up the responsibility of delivering the best support and enables efficient information management throughout the system over the cloud.
  • Attendance Management
    Managing and regulating your employees’ attendance is also crucial to monitor their performance and skills. And this efficient system allows us to manage every task related to attendance- even the mobile app can help streamline the attendance tasks well.
  • Performance Management
    To encourage your employees to do more and produce excellent results, it becomes essential to monitor their performance and align the appraisals accordingly. The performance management system integrated with HRMS empowers businesses to manage and monitor employee performance.
  • Mobile App Support
    Supporting a business’s HR operations is made more comfortable with the dedicated mobile application that aims to provide excellent services across different devices and helps create a better user experience by improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Expense Management
    A business has to monitor and manage its employees’ expenses to increase profits and improve efficiency. With a dedicated expense management module, this HRM system helps manage the operations well and streamline expense management.
  • Leave Management
    Let the employees manage and put up leave requests as per their needs from the dedicated mobile app support or through the panel provided in the HRMS system. It helps streamline the leave management operations and delivers comprehensive support.
  • Remuneration Management
    Remuneration management helps efficiently count and manage the salaries of employees and deliver support for all the operations that directly influence the remuneration tasks, i.e., compliance management, remuneration processes, and more.

Why is the FactoHR HRMS system best among other available in the market?

Highlighted Features of the HRMS platform that meets every Management need.
The key features of a human resource management system derive whether it is a good fit for your business needs or not. Our excellent HRIS solution’s primary benefits top your requirements by delivering the best services that meet all business requirements.

  • User-friendly Interface
    The human resource information system allows delivering an excellent user experience and makes the employee onboarding process more straightforward and efficient. It empowers the self onboarding and helms a great experience by generating a paperless and more painless onboarding process for all employees.
  • Cost-Effective
    As it empowers businesses to perform various tasks without needing to hire personnel for dedicated tasks, the human resource management system provides a cost-effective way of delivering an engaging environment to employees and makes the processes faster and secure.
  • Mobile App Support
    As this efficient solution also includes mobile app support, it becomes easier to provide remote authentication ability and deliver efficient results. Moreover, employees can rely on the mobile app solution that provides excellent services for their every need and provides excellent support.
  • Real-Time Data Tracking
    To monitor and maintain the attendance details, it is essential to monitor real-time attendance. It helps provide excellent monitoring and performance management capabilities by innovating the right methods to deliver superior support.
  • Dedicated Performance Indicators
    The key performance indicator allows for monitoring and measuring employee performances. While the use of dedicated KPIs is recommended, human resource management software aims to provide excellent support for calculating the KPIs without needing user instructions to manage employee performance details.
  • Leave Processing
    Employees can request leave from the mobile app or the human resource solution of which they have access. The solution makes it easier to process the leaves by managing the employee data and leaving requests for the HR department and admins to approve or decline as per the reason and their business needs.
  • Multi-level Approval Management
    Is your organization derived from multiple levels? The organization’s hierarchical workflow can be maintained across the software as it includes support for multi-level approval. Employees can seek consent for their leave requests by following multi-level approval management implemented in the solution.
  • Data and Information Accessibility
    The entire human resource system is built and supported by the cloud. It helps helm a better user experience by delivering access to the stored data and information from any remote location. The authentication and authorization measures are kept in mind when providing data and information access across different devices.
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