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Best HR Software in India

Our HR Software is made for modern and generation Y workforce. It is a platform where you can develop and nurture your workforce with Onboarding, HRIS, Goal Setting, KRA and KPIs.

What to expect from factoHR’s HR Software India Version?

factoHR is simple but robust HR software India version designed for all size of companies. You can manage on-boarding, employee data, attendance, leave, payroll, travel expense and measure performance with a single cloud-based solution which can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

Let’s see some key modules provided in our Human resource management software which can help you to efficiently manage your end to end HR operations.

Reason to Choose our Cloud Based Human Resource Management Software

FactoHR is a well-known best hr software provider in India. Our Human Resource Management Software is used by 150+ corporate in India. Implementing FactoHR in your organization means getting a multitude of benefits.

Self On-Boarding

Efficient Process

FactoHR provides employee to self on-board which reduces burden of HR and improve process efficiency.

Gather All Info

With our HRMS Software, You can customize optional and required field required from employees. So you don’t miss any crucial info.


In HRMS Software, Once an employee submits data it will be gone for approval before creating permanent employee record. You can define your own approval workflow.

Start With Minimum

To allow employee to self on-board HR needs to enter minimal information like Name, Employee Code and Email Id. Other information can be captured in self on-boarding.


Employees as well as their manager will be periodically notified to complete their on-boarding process. You can also configure frequency and hierarchy for reminders.

Core HR

Consolidated Employee Information

Manage all employee related information at one place. It is easy for you to find, update and retrieve relevant information quickly.

Track Employee Life-cycle

With the human resource management software, you can track an employee’s entire life cycle from hire to retire in a hassle free way.

Employee Data History

All employee data and changes will be maintained with the effective date you can find what information has changed when, why and by whom.

Variable Category

Our core hr software allows you to define and assign N number of category and subcategory for any employee.

Explore Employee Data

With easy and powerful searching and querying capability, you can quickly find, update and report employee’s data.



In our Human Resource Management Software, We provide a dashboard to consume macro level information quickly for any top-level executive.

Identity Information and Statutory Information

Maintain employees identity and statutory information like Aadhaar card, PAN number, PF number, UAN number etc with verification status

Salary Information

You can create, maintain and assign multiple incomes and deduction heads to the employees by category and hierarchy of employee etc. You can also maintain a history of salary and appraisal details in the system.

Document Management

This feature allows you to save, share and manage employee as well as the company related documents including joining, identity proof and policy documents.

Asset Management

You can manage and assign the company’s assets to an employee and collect back in case of employee’s exit or transfer.


Easy Payroll Processing

We provide intuitive and user friendly payroll processing wizard with all before and post payroll processing steps.

Configurable Work-flow

With FactoHR, You can be configured payroll as per your companies requirement and existing workflows.

Statutory Compliance

With the best hr software in india, you can manage all statutory reporting and compliance under single platfa orm. We proactive to incorporate new changes on our platform so you don’t need to worry about them.

Arrear Calculation

Calculate employees salary after changes in attendance, increment, overtime and appraisal with retrospective date. Calculation can be carried out head wise and for selected or for all employees.


You can generate various payroll reports like reconciliation report, salary register, consolidate register, final settlement report, fixed pay report and bank funding file.


Workforce Scheduling

With this best human resource management software, You can create and assign multiple shifts to employees as per their hierarchy or category. You can also run shift roster as per predefined rules.

Time Tracking

You can track employees various in out activities like the time he arrived at premises, left premises, went for lunch or took a break from work. you can also configure differently in out activities you want to track in the system.

Attendance Monitoring

You can generate attendance report with a number of leaves, types of leaves and frequency of leave he has taken for given period for any individual employee or for a group of an employee based on their category, department or hierarchy to identify and correct your HR policy.

Geo-Fencing & Geo-Tracking

We provide geo-location based attendance wherein an employee can mark or punch their attendance within virtual periphery through their mobile device. It enables the company to capture attendance of field staff in an easy way.

Biometric device Integration

With our human resource management software India version, we provide integration with a wide range of biometric devices like fingerprint sensor, face detection, RFID card or retina scanner.


Configurable Policies

You can configure your defined policy as per your company’s structure and requirement.

Approval Flow

Define one leave or multi-level workflow for leave approval to decentralized approvals.



With this HR Management Software, Automatically calculate payable and taxable leave encashment amount.

Leave Balance

Keep leave balance of employees and update balance as per your accrual rules.

Mobile Application

You can apply for leave from your mobile and reporting authority will be notified automatically.

Expense Management

Policy Check

factoHR will automatically check all configured policy before accepting claim application to ensure employee will be reimbursed what the are eligible for.

Smart Receipt

With our HRM Software Solution, You can use Advance smart receipt feature scans your bills and auto-fill forms with required details.


The HRMS Software India Version will keep track of amount employee had spent and amount pending for reimbursing to an employee.

Expense Control

Set expense cap on claims by various parameters like traveling distance, time, destination etc. also enforce claim limits by various employee category.


You can define multilevel workflows for claim approval. Payment will be released only if approval received via reporting manager.

Mobile App

HR Task

factoHR mobile application enables your employee to perform routine HR task from their handy mobile device.


With this cloud HR software, An employee can check their entire profile in beautiful view to ensure data correctness.


Send notification to employees on important events. Also, enable notification at various stages of the workflow.

Document Sharing

Share common or personal documents with employees with our document sharing feature PlugMe.

IOS & Android

Each and every employee will be covered by factoHR’s native mobile application in both Android and iOS platform.

Performance Management


Create an atmosphere of competitiveness among employees to bring out the potential performance in them.

Goal Setting

Set individual or departmental goals within your organization to align your performance to meet targetted output.

Employee Feedback

Get employees feedback to avoid any sort of hurdles which is hindering their work output.


Get the task reviewed from all the concerned personnel for utmost perfection and a production build.


Precisely monitor an individual’s performance throughout the year for making appraisal which they deserve.

Our Unique Offerings of HRMS Software India

Awesome features loaded HRMS Software to make your organization more efficient

AI Powered Chatbot

Our AI powered chatbot called factoBot can answer employee’s query in intuitive way. factoBot can assist employee to download payslip, apply attendance, check leave balance and many other things.

Attendance with Geo Fence

Precisely define virtual periphery around your office premises to restrict punching attendance within given area. You can also create geo fence around client office premises for field staff.

Track Field Staff

Track location of your field staff working across different location and thereby enhance productivity and cut down traveling cost.

Smart Receipts

Automatically detects various amounts and other details from expense filling and stores your receipts in digital format to accelerate your reimbursement process.

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