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factoHR is a cloud-based HR software designed to empower organizations of all sizes. This mobile-first, all-in-one solution simplifies and automates your essential HR tasks, giving you back valuable time and resources.

factoHR HR software

factoHR Advantage

Single Point HR Software Is All You Need

Security by Design

Effective permission and audit trail at granular level to keep data safe and protected.

Flexible, Scalable

Make your organization future ready with flexible core that adapt as your organization evolve.

Built-in Integration

Off the shelf integration with internal and external modules makes a highly connected system without any human intervention.

Dashboard of hrms platform


Better Analytics for Smarter Decisions

factoHR gives you an intelligent and visually-appealing dashboard to get the bird’s eye view of total HR data. So you can overcome bottlenecks by making proactive, data-driven decisions.

HR Dashboard

Get all the people’s trends at a glance with the HR dashboard. HR managers can view various analytics, like workforce strength, diversity, and demographics by region, age group, and gender, along with their qualifications.

Payroll Dashboard

Identify and evaluate the amount spent and the total costs of your workforce. Get a monthly and yearly comparison of the gross salaries, deductions, and net pay based on different categories and levels.

Attendance Dashboard

Our attendance management system and attendance dashboard helps you identify habitual absenteeism through the employee attendance tracker, absenteeism chart, and consecutive absentee reports.

Attrition Report

Explore and analyze the attrition rates of your organization with the moving count of the joined and resigned employees by reason of leaving, location, department, and work tenure.

Custom Report Builder

factoHR offers an ad-hoc report builder to customize the reports as per your needs by selecting various categories and fields so that data drives your each decision-making.

Report Scheduler

Now you can schedule and send any report periodically in different formats like Excel, PDF, and Word to any user using the auto report scheduler.

Verify employee database through HR software

Centralized Employee Database

Single Source of Truth

Centralized employee database management with granular access control acts as a robust powerhouse for your entire HR operations.

Categories Employees

Create any number of categories as per your organization’s needs and then classify employees based on them. This will make employees’ information well organized and easy to find and access.

Manage and Track Employee Data

Maintain an exhaustive list of employee data like personal details, nomination details, address details, past employment data, etc., in one place. With advanced filters and a universal search option, you can easily get employee information.

Asset Management

Keep the record of assets assigned to each employee along with the status to easily track and monitor in a hassle-free manner.

Maintain Revision History

Keep the history of the changes made in the employee information. Know what was the previous data and what are the new changes, along with its time stamp.

Audit Trail

Establish clear accountability by knowing who has made changes and when with the audit trail report.

Factohr Employee Self-Onboarding

Employee Self-onboarding

Positive Employee Experience

With factoHR onboarding software, automate your onboarding process and make the experiences of new joiners pleasing.

Pre Onboarding

Send an invitation link to your new recruits and let them self-onboard themselves and provide all the required information with minimum help from HR.

Document Management

Store and manage all essential employee documents on the cloud and allow employees to access their documents anytime, anywhere through the web portal and mobile app.

Approval Workflow

Create workflow-based approval to validate changes in employee information so only verified and correct employee information are recorded.

Transform Into a Paperless Organization With factoHR

Hierarchical workflow based approval

Workflow-based Approval

Automate Repetitive Tasks

factoHR’s business process automation allows you to create multilevel workflows to automate your lower-level repetitive tasks. It saves HR bandwidth and helps you focus on the strategic higher-value tasks.

Maker, Checker Workflow

factoHR lets you create a multi-level approval workflow to ensure that any changes in employee data are checked by supervisors before storing them permanently, which avoids rework and saves time.

Letter and document management in hr platform

Document Management

Generate Letters on Fly

With factoHR HR Software, generate all documents and letters like an offer letter or appraisal letter using dynamic templates and auto data population.

Zero Paperwork

Get rid of managing and handling the piles of paper trails. Instead, store all the crucial documents securely on the cloud, and make them quick and easy to access.

Generate Letters in Various Formats

Generate letters like offer letters, confirmation letters, experience letters, etc., in several formats using varied templates and offer customized letters to your newly joined candidates as well as resigned employees.

Share Letters and Notify Employees

Do not await your employees for any crucial letter. With our pre-defined templates, auto-generate different letters and directly share them with employees via email and notify them.

Employee Communication

Employee Communication

Constant Interaction with Employees

Manage and solve employees’ queries, effortlessly share crucial documents, inform employees about certain events, and uninterruptedly communicate with employees to keep them highly engaged with your organization.


Interactive and automated way to resolve employees’ queries with a chat-like interface that will save employees’ as well HR’s time and efforts.

Share Documents and Policy With Employees

Using the mobile app’s plug-me feature, share policy documents with your employees easily so that employees always get the latest information.

Notify on Important Events

Whether it is approvals or employees’ work anniversary, or their birthday, notify employees on every significant event via email or through push notifications.

When it comes to HR software in India, factoHR is our top pick. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to transform their HR processes. It streamlines our end to end HR operations by centralizing data, and automating payroll with a single click. All-in-all factoHR has increased our operational efficiency by 30% and employee satisfaction by 50%.

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Reporting structure chart of hcm software

Organization Chart

Simplify Org Hierarchy

factoHR’s cloud based HCM software provides an organizational tree that will help you define a clear reporting structure and career path opportunities to improve employee engagement.

Assign Reporting and Approving Manager

There can be different reporting and approving managers in an organization based on authority and responsibility. Our software lets you assign different reporting and approving managers for individual employees to make reporting and approvals simplified.

Export Chart in PDF or Image Format

Knowing who reports to whom and who is responsible for what becomes difficult in a larger organization. But factoHR gives you the option to export organization charts in PDF or image format, which will help you understand organization structure in a better way.

FNF & Offboarding process of HRIS software

Fnf & Offboarding

Frictionless Offboarding

One of the kind HRIS software that provides an offboarding module that will streamline employee exit process and full and final settlement with approval workflows and handover checklists.

Offboarding Application

Offboarding process should be as smooth as the onboarding process. With factoHR employees can apply for resignation through mobile app or self service portal or managers and HOD can create the resignation application on behalf of employees.

Exit and Clearance Checklist

FactoHR offers you a feature to create your own handover process checklist and assign verification responsibility to managers or supervisors for smoother and streamlined offboarding while ensuring compliance.

Full and Final Settlement

Save you time and effort from calculation mess as factoHR will auto calculate attendance, recovery amount, statutory and non statutory deductions, and final settlement amount for your next payroll cycle.

Final Settlement Reports

Obtain the detailed report of full and final settlement with all the statutory and non statutory calculations based on the various parameters and formats like PDF, Excel, and Word.

Multiple CTC Structure

Salary Management

Effortless Salary Management

With factoHRs, payroll software customize salary components, create multiple salary structures, simplify salary revisions and stay 100% compliant.



Quickest Way to Get Confirmation

Whether it is any policy update or vaccination status, acknowledgment modules available in our hr software empower you to get confirmation from your employee quickly.

Customize Acknowledgement

Customize acknowledgment as per your need, like make it compulsory or optional, additionally create your own actions like accept, decline, or skip to match the context.

Get the Complete Stats

Get all campaign statistics, like reach, how many have accepted or declined, etc., to assess the overall reach of the campaign.

Acknowledge via Mobile Application

What if employees don’t have desktops or laptops, Don’t worry employees can even submit their acknowledgment via factoHR mobile app.

Real time feedbacks using survey


Real-Time Feedbacks

Collect relevant and real-time feedback using our surveys, which helps you understand your employees, increase workplace transparency, and drive engagement.

Varied Question Types and Survey Participation

You can create confidential as well as non-confidential surveys with varied types of questions like short answers, paragraphs, multiple choice, check boxes, date time, etc., factoHR also gives you the option to select participants based on employee categories.

Broadcast Surveys With Push Notifications

Increase your survey participation by broadcasting push notifications to all the participants when a new survey is available, or a recent survey is coming to an end.

Take Survey Through Mobile Application

Employees can even fill out surveys using factoHR’s mobile app, which will increase participation and convenience.

Employee Mood Survey

Employees can freely share their everyday moods like excited, motivated, satisfied or detached, demotivated, or unsatisfied through the employee mood survey.

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