Employee Mood Survey to enhance your employee engagement culture

factoHR’s employee mood survey helps you to create coherent communication with your workforce, reducing the employee turnover.

Employee Mood Survey for a better team building

factoHR’s mobile-driven platform offers you and your employees an intuitive interface to interact and understand the sentiment of employees towards their organization.

Boosts Employee Morale

Pulse survey allows you to understand employee moods and build an engaging, transparent, and humble environment that will help boost employee morale.

Improves Productivity

With an employee-friendly culture developed in assistance with factoHR, you can reduce the reasons for disengagement and employee turnover while improving their productivity.

Invite Employee Suggestions

Create a respectful culture in the organization with the Pulse Survey, which can empower them to participate in the organization’s decision-making process.

Continuous Engagement with Workforce

factoHR’s employee mood survey enables you to develop a culture of employee engagement within your organization across all departments by allowing them to share their mood for the day and the reason behind it through the system. Understand if their happy, sad, or excited and respond correspondingly towards them to reduce prevailing burnout.

Customize Mood Survey

Not only just employee engagement but factoHR’s pulse survey also authorizes you to customize mood survey settings as per your choice. You can add, remove, or update a variety of moods and reasons to be displayed, including the icons, name, and display sequence.

Develop employee understanding culture with factoHR

Mood Survey Analytics

Statistical analytics assists in observing and optimizing the results of the processes, and so does factoHR’s pulse survey. Admin managers can analyze the inputs of the employees to understand the probable reasons behind their moods. They can also filter out the output based on date and categories for more enhanced study and can review the comments for the same.

Mobile Application

Just as the ESS portal, the pulse survey system is also present in factoHR’s mobile application, including all the similar features allowing you and your employees to access the module through their own devices, offering ease of use and mobility.

Improve your workforce engagement with factoHR today

Understand your employees’ emotions with factoHR’s Employee Mood Survey and build a proper work-life culture for them.

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