Provident Fund Trust

An administrative solution by factoHR to manage your employees’ unexempted PF with employee master, claim tracker, KYC detail entry, and reporting options.
provident fund trust

Unexempted Provident Fund Solution made secured and simplified

factoHR’s unexempted provident fund software provides you various options to operate your employees’ funds using a cloud-based solution and reduces your worries of dealing with papers.

Simplified platform

factoHR offers a solution that is interactive and easy-to-understand to let you reduce the hurdles in your employees’ fund management.

Seamless Integration

Streamline the process of fund management with third-party tools and get all the required data at your fingertips.

On-the-go Reports

Download ready-made reports and forms of any kind required during the process in an understandable format.

Why go with our Unexempted Provident Fund Software?

factoHR provides a comprehensive solution to manage all activities, starting from entering employees’ KYC details to tracking claims and generating different forms.

Membership Management

  • Employee Master
  • Monthly Contribution
  • Claim Tracker
  • Membership Details
  • Third-Party Integration
pf fund trust membership management

Simplify your unexempted provident fund management with factoHR today

Employee Self Service

  • Nomination Update
  • Prefilled Forms
  • Missing KYC Report
  • Bulk KYC Upload

Statutory Law

  • ECR File Generation
  • KYC ECR Generation
  • Statement IW
  • Break-in Service
  • Form Generation

Manage your unexempted provident funds with factoHR today

Configure your employees’ membership details and KYC details with factoHR’s Unexempted Provident Fund Trust and ensure statutory compliance.
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