Employee Self Service Portal For Empowering The Workforce

Allow your workforce to store and access varied information through the employee self-service portal, which helps create a transparent working environment.
ess - employee self service portal for workforce

Mood Analysis

factoHR gives the option to analyze your employees’ mood for implementing an interactive working environment.
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analyze workforce mood

CEO’s Speak

CEOs can now deliver all their important messages around the office with every employee directly from their portal.

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HR Announcement

factoHR makes it possible for HR to share regular announcements with the employees from a single space.

Birthday And Anniversary Greetings

With factoHR, share birthdays and work anniversary events of employees with their peers and make them feel special on their special day.

Document Sharing

Share varied documents related to policies, training, updates, etc., with the employees, which they can download whenever needed.

Online Punch

Let your employees mark their attendance punches from the software, helping you to organize a hygienic environment.

Investment Declaration (Proof Attachment)

Employees can now easily and quickly upload their investment declaration attachment without asking HR to do so, thus saving enough time.


Employees can view and download payslips with multilingual support and other salary-related information at their convenience.


It is now easy for employees to apply for leave from distinct leave types along with required attachments through the portal without asking HR and managers for the same.

Travel Application

Employees can generate travel applications mentioning the date, mode, and purpose of travel along with advance requests through the web portal, helping organizations to go paperless.

Expense Submission

Allow employees to submit expense claims for any amount along with proof attachments after their travel journey, which then can be considered for approval.

Performance Management

Employees can enter their OKRs, submit their reviews, check managers’ feedback based on the goals, and download performance review reports.

Attendance Regularization

Organizations can allow their staff to regularize missed punches from the attendance module, which managers can approve/reject and consider for salary processing.
ESS reporting


Various reports, including payslips, IT statements, attendance and leave summaries, performance reviews, can be downloaded to reduce the manual efforts of preparing spreadsheets.


Enhance engagement by collecting real-time feedback from employees. factoHR’s ESS portal enables employees to submit their responses to surveys organized by the HR team to optimize decision-making.
ESS reporting


Employees can accept or decline the acknowledgements shared by HR with factoHR’s ESS portal. It helps HR ensure that each employee is certain about the updates in important documents or policies.

Continuous Feedback

factoHR’s ESS portal helps enhance overall employee growth and build strong relationships among employees. It helps employees give and view the performance feedback from their managers and peers.

A Self-Service Portal Developed Explicitly To Encourage Employees

Provide your staff the authority to access and update their information, receive announcements from superiors, regularize attendance, apply for leave and advance requests, etc., for better engagement with the whole organization.

Reduces HR Burden

factoHR’s ESS portal allows employees to correct attendance, apply for leave, view payroll information, and many more without contacting HR, thus reducing their burden for the same tasks.

Increase Engagement

Authorize employees to access most of the ordinary tasks themselves without intervening HR, which motivates and engages them with the organization.

Saves Time

factoHR’s ESS portal gives HR and employees an opportunity to save time efficiently as most of the tasks can be completed by workers via the portal.

What Is An Employee Self-Service Portal?

Employee self-service portal is specifically designed for assisting employees throughout the organization. It is generally made to provide employee benefits and ease down HR functions. Employees can view and update their information, download payslip and IT statements, correct attendance, apply for leave or advance requests, all of these, and many more just in one software. Offering self-service options to employees also helps in reducing the HR burden in operations such as attendance management, leave management, and many more.

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