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Manage all your business expenses (including travel costs) with factoHR’s expense management software to reduce unnecessary expenditures.

FactoHR's travel and expense management software

Why Do Businesses Prefer factoHR’s Expense Management Software?

factoHR’s all-in-one expense management software caters to the organization’s specific requirements for managing employees’ expenses while traveling with the help of secure cloud-based infrastructure.

Paperless Processing

Get plus points in corporate social responsibility as you go green with factoHR’s paperless expense management software and manage your expenses digitally for enhanced security.


Get instant expense filing and claim settlement with the centralized system as well as the mobile application, thereby saving the valuable time of the HR manager and accountant.

GST Compliance

Efficiently manage bills and receipts for considering GST benefits while filing an income tax return at the financial endings.

extensive policy for travel management software

Extensive Policy Configuration

Strategically configure your multi-level approval hierarchy to define the approval authority assigned to various managers and allow the authorities to set upper limits on the expenses.

group travel feature in travel management system

Group Travel Application

Allow the employees to file a group travel application and create a travel plan for their business trip to guarantee punctual client visits and anticipate travel expenses.

attendance feature with travel and expense software

Attendance Integration

Cross-check the expense applications filed by the employee with the proofs, like receipts, bills, etc., submitted by them. To simplify your attendance process, allow them to mark their attendance to ensure their presence.

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approval workflow in expense management system

Approval Workflow

Appoint approving managers and set reminders for your employees to file their applications on time and for your approving authorities to check any pending applications.

flexibility feature in expense software

Flexible Eligibility Calculation

Customize the reimbursement methods, process, and medium to suit the needs of the circumstances and allow the employees to file reimbursement claims.

expense against travel in travel management system

Expense Against Travel

Allow the approving authorities to accept the reimbursement application only after the employees’ travel application is sanctioned.

multi city and currency in expense management software

Multi-Currency and Multiple Countries

Overcome the complexities of converting the foreign currencies into home currencies as factoHR’s expense management system automates this calculation, thereby minimizing errors.

deviation workflow for travel software

Deviation Workflow

Configure exceptional circumstances and allow the authorities to approve reimbursement expenses exceeding the set limits in rare cases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel and Expense Management System

What Do You Mean by Expense Management Software?

Travel, or say, Expense Management helps the company to manage its employee’s travel activities and corresponding expenses. Sometimes for a client meeting, employees are asked to travel to an outer city or state. During such cases, travel management software helps them apply for advanced monetary requests, various reimbursement requests, claim options, and attachment validation. With employee tracking using Geo-tracking, managers can access the perfect location and the visits of the employee.

Types Of Allowance
Allow your workforce to submit expenses related to various allowance categories like food, lodging, travel, and others.

Pay With Salary
Admins can decide whether to reimburse the claim requests with the employees’ payroll cycle or off-cycle.

Compatible Mobile App
Let your employees initiate travel applications, advance requests, and expense claim requests from our Android and iOS compatible mobile application.

What Is a Travel and Expense Management Software?

Travel and expense management solutions enable the employees to book their business-related travel or allows the managers to book on behalf of the traveling employees. This system also allows you to reimburse the expenses made by the employees on business trips. It helps you avoid the frauds and mistakes caused while calculating the reimbursement amount.

How Can Travel Software Benefit Me?

The travel and management system solution can accumulate all the booking data in one place for easy reference in the future. It keeps a tab of employees’ travel preferences and the cost of such choices.

You can keep track of every penny spent by your employee on their business trips with the travel as well as expense management software. You can also reimburse your employees faster and error-free with this solution. You get to store the receipts on the cloud platform and give the employee access to know the status of their reimbursement process.

It encourages you to go green by allowing paperless processing by managing the travel documents online. Besides that, you can get real-time logs about the expenses made by the employee on the trip.

In a nutshell, this system helps you maintain accountability and transparency of the expenses made on business trips before, during, and after the trip.

How Easy Is It to Use Travel-Expense Management Software?

factoHR’s travel-expense management system focuses on building a user-friendly platform. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile phones to make the process easier and accessible. Filing applications, submitting receipts, filing the same, and processing the reimbursement are all just a click away.

You do not have to face the struggles of the manual system of managing the travels and expenses.

How Long Will It Take Before My Expense Report Gets Paid?

Every company has a different policy about reimbursement to the employees. Ideally, the companies take an average of 30 days to pay the employee’s expenses in a manual management system. This is because they choose to pay the reimbursements to the employees, along with their payroll.

However, the time taken to process the expense report can be reduced to 7 days with automation. The organization holds the right to choose the method and time of payment. Your expenses can be paid in cash directly after they are processed, or the organization may add the same to your salary at the end of the month.

How Will My Expenses Get Paid?

The organization can process the reimbursement by making a partial or full settlement in salary, by cheque, or cash. This decision depends entirely on the policy the entity follows.

How Much Does Travel and Expense Management System Cost?

The prices of this expense management system vary depending upon the service providers and the features provided by them.

With factoHR’s Premium plan, you can get this solution along with the Core HRIS solution, salary system, attendance and leave solution, and biometric integration for a subscription price of ₹5,999/- for 50 employees and then a cost of ₹89 for each additional employee.

To know more contact sales@factohr.com or schedule a demo at https://factohr.com/schedule-demo/

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