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What Is The Purpose Of Expense Management Software?

Expense Management Software is a platform that allows the employees to manage and report the business expenses made from their pockets. It is used by both the finance and the HR teams to process reimbursements, expenditure reports, and travel requests. An automated solution to manage expenses rationalizes each aspect of the expenditure management to reduce the risks that come with long-established expense management practices. It allows the business to receive and proceed with the business expenses reports from its traveling employees. Moreover, it makes sure that no policy provisions were violated before reimbursing the amount.

What you will get in our expense management software for small business solution?

We present all-in-one small business Expense Managment Software solution that wired for your specific requirements, capabilities, and devices. It is safe within cloud infrastructure and integrated with APIs of the latest technologies viz. LBS, AI, ML, IoT, NFC, and everything possible with the latest web and mobile technologies.

Perhaps, none is capable of offering what we can at such price tags. Our prime differentiators are:

Paperless Processing

With factoHR’s paperless expense management process you can digitally manage all your expense documents along with giving access to only authorized person for security.

No time Waste

With the centralized system and mobile application, FactoHR provide seamless fast processing of expense filling and settling claims for it.

AI based Reimbursement

Our mobile application has AI-based Smart Receipt feature to let you capture bills and receipts in digital format and auto-fill the reimbursement application for further processing,

Real time expense logs

An Organization can easily monitor real-time expenses as soon as the employee makes an entry for any transaction on his business trip.

GST Compliance

Efficiently manage bills and receipts for considering GST benefits while filing an income tax return at the financial endings. [Capture GST information/detail for filing GST return easily]

Why factoHR’s Travel Management Software is best in class?

With factoHR’s Travel Management Software, you will get a platform that will take care of all your needs regarding managing all the expense related coliances and reimbursement through a centralized solution.

Following are the unique features that you will get in our expense management software:

Expense Submission

Expense Submission

Expense Against Travel

Expense Against Travel

Travel Application

Travel Application

Policy Configuration

Policy Configuration

Bulk Payment

Bulk Payment

Mobile App

Mobile App



Expense Submission

Daily Allowance

FactoHR facilitates your company to moderate the amount of daily expenses incurred by your employees with authority of the approver to easily accept or reject the expense application.

Travel Allowance

Your employee can file an application for traveling allowance to go on a business trip which can be verified and approved by your manager or HR.

Lodging Allowance

Allocate your employee with a lodging allowance according to the city they are traveling to like a rural, urban or metro city.

Misc Allowance

Let your company’s budget managing authorities decide how much miscellaneous allowance to be provided for an employee.

Multilevel Work-flow

Strategically configure your multi-level approval hierarchy to define the approval authority assigned to various managers.


Expense Against Travel

Policy Check

The Software will check the expense claimed by an employee & will approve based on the city he/she has traveled to, their designation, time of the day & much more organization defined factors.

Proof submission

An Employee can upload a receipt or expense proof in any file format along with the claim application for authenticating an expense claim.

Paid by self / company

An employee can file an expense which might be incurred by him or paid through company funds on a business trip.


Our expense management software lets you explicitly define your employees’ expense limit which will notify him to spend accordingly.

Bulk expense submission

Employees can file all the expenses in bulk from our system which can also be bulk approved by the company’s HR or manager which eventually makes the process fast and practical.

Travel Application

Create business itinerary

With factorHR you can proactively create an itinerary for your business trips to efficiently plan out on time client visits and expected traveling expenses.

Advance Limit

Receive application from your employees for advance payment while they are going on a business trip & approve according to their eligibility.

Approval work flow

Configure your organization workflow to define authorities for handling the expense approval process according to departments, categories, amount claim and many more factors.

Verify Expenses

Approve your employees filed expenses by cross-checking with the proofs submitted along with them like receipts, bills, memos etc…

Due date Reminder

Our expense management software will remind your employees for filling their expenses application and also remind approval authorities for any pending application which needs to be approved.

Policy Configuration

Eligibility Matrix

Configure your employees’ policy for providing eligibility of doing expense on their business trip according to the city, employee grade or designation, means of travel, the priority of client visit and many more.

Deviation Policy

You can frame a policy for your employee, which will allow you to specify the expense deviation which will be considered in reimbursement and how much part of it gets rejected.

Spending control

The company can impose a cap on an employee’s expenditure like food, travel & miscellaneous in their business trip to restrict their expenses to be in company’s travel budget.

Incedential Allowance

Company can make policy for allowing certain amount to be overspent in some situation like night travel, some places visiting charge, toll expense & various more like that.

Bulk Payment

Payment Batch Approval

FactoHR saves your managerial authorities time by allowing them to verify and approve a batch of expense claim application for further process.

SBU [Strategic business unit] Wise / Branch Wise

Your company can integrate and approve expenses of your various offices through our software, enabling you to verify and approve all expense claims from the centralized main branch of your organization.

Pay with salary

FactoHR facilitates companies to settle the reimbursement amount in employee’s payroll, cheque or any other method which is convenient to an organization.

Financial JV [Journal Voucher]

We have integrated the functionality of generating a financial JV for all your travel expense so that it can easily be used for accounting entries by your finance department.

Partial Payment Recovery of Advance

Our Expense Management software will calculate advance payments against the expenses done by an employee for giving a valid amount to be reimbursed.

Proof Verification and Cancellation

An employee can attach a file in correspondence with the expense claim by which the transaction can be authenticated and if found biased, can be rejected.

Payment Notification

Our Travel management software will notify your employees regarding the status of their reimbursement application through an email whenever the claim is approved or rejected.

Mobile App

Smart receipt

FactoHR’s mobile application is embedded with AI Smart receipt feature which will capture an image of your bill or receipt to auto-fill required details in the reimbursement application.

Real time expense

With our mobile enabled expense solution, the company can track expenses in real time by getting notification of each and every transaction an employee’s files through his mobile device.

On the go filing

With on the go, mobile expense filling the approval authority can pro-actively work on reimbursement claims and can make the process execution fast.

Digitize Bills

Manage and share all your important receipts and bills digitally on a centralized file storage in a more secure and reliable manner as compared to traditional hard paper storage.

GST Compliant

The company gets benefitted by compliancing GST with their bills and receipts of all incurred expenditures while filing IT returns.


Claim allowance reimbursement

Allow your employees to file a reimbursement claim according to their eligibility based on their designation, grade, category, time of business travel and many more.

Submit with proof

Avoid approving of any biased expense by making your employees submit receipts and bills as an attachment with their reimbursement applications.


An employee can now check the status of their reimbursement application in the expense management software and will be notified on approval or rejection.

Consider in income tax

The employee can file income tax for the amount they got in form of reimbursement or any kind of allowance.

Custom type of reimbursement

The organization is facilitated to do the employee’s reimbursement partial or full settlement in salary, cheque or cash.

FAQs About Travel And Management

What is a travel and expense management software?

Travel and expense management solutions enable the employees to book their business-related travel or allows the managers to book on behalf of the traveling employees. This system also allows you to reimburse the expenses made by the employees on business trips. It helps you avoid the frauds and mistakes caused while calculating the reimbursement amount.

How can travel software benefit me?

The travel and management system solution can accumulate all the booking data in one place for easy reference in the future. It keeps a tab of individual employee’s travel preferences and the cost of such choices.

You can keep track of every penny spent by your employee on their business trips with the travel as well as expense management software. You can also reimburse your employees faster and error-free with this solution. You get to store the receipts on the cloud-platform and give the employee access to know the status of their reimbursement process.

It encourages you to go green by allowing paperless processing by managing the travel documents online. Besides that, you can get real-time logs about the expenses made by the employee on the trip.

In a nutshell, this system helps you maintain accountability and transparency of the expense made on business trips before, during, and after the trip.

How easy is it to use travel-expense management software?

factoHR’s travel-expense management solution focuses on building a user-friendly platform. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile phones to make the process easier and accessible. Filing applications, submitting receipts, filing the same, and processing the reimbursement are all just a click away.

You do not have to face the struggles of the manual system of managing the travels and expenses.

How much does travel and expense management software cost?

The prices of this solution vary depending upon the service providers and the features provided by them.

With factoHR’s Bolster plan, you can get this solution along with the Core HRIS solution, salary system, attendance and leave solution, and biometric integration for a subscription price of ₹4999/- for 50 employees and then a cost of ₹70 for each additional employee.

To know more contact sales@factohr.com or schedule a demo at https://factohr.com/schedule-demo/

How long will it take before my expense report gets paid?

Every company has a different policy about reimbursement to the employees. Ideally, the companies take an average of 30 days to pay the employee’s expenses in a manual management system. This is because they choose to pay the reimbursements to the employees, along with their payroll.

However, the time taken to process the expense report can be reduced to 7 days with automation. The organization holds the right to choose the method and time of payment. Your expenses can be paid in cash directly after they are processed, or the organization may add the same to your salary at the end of the month.

How will my expenses get paid?

The organization can process the reimbursement by making a partial or full settlement in salary, by cheque, or cash. This decision depends entirely on the policy the entity follows.

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