Timesheet Software for Workforce’s Time Tracking

factoHR’s online timesheet software facilitates employers to keep track of the workforce’s working hours to analyze their total productivity.

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Employee Timesheet Software for Perfect Management of the Team

factoHR’s employee timesheet software enables your workforce to record their total working hours along with the amount of time spent for each project which can be useful in computing the billable hours of clients

Tracking Hours

time management system makes it easy for the employers to constantly monitor the tasks being handled and the time given to each of these tasks by their staff.

Enhanced Productivity

With factoHR, it becomes easy for employers to get the bifurcation of employees’ productive and non-productive hours against their attendance.

Better Scheduling

factoHR’s timekeeping helps the manager to organize the complex schedules of the staff to track their progress in the assigned tasks.

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Working Hours Tracking Made Manageable

factoHR lets employers keep track of the day-to-day schedules of their employees and reduces the use of manual entries in spreadsheets.

completely organizable timesheet system

Completely Organizable

It is easy to organize the project schedules and time to be given to it within the online timesheet management system from the start of the day to the end.

understand Hierarchical process in timesheet system

Hierarchical Approval Process

The approval for entries submitted by the employees can be made into a hierarchy where more than one approval authority can be appointed.

Enhance the Business Productivity With factoHR

ready reports feature in timesheet management system

Ready-To-Download Reports

factoHR gives you the option to download all the reports related to clients, projects, working hours, and many more, reducing the use of excel sheets.

easy input feature in timesheet management software

Easy Input Options

With factoHR’s simple interface, it is easy to input all the entries of tasks needed to be assigned to the workers through the ESS portal.

integrated environment feature in employee timesheet software

Integrated Environment

factoHR’s timesheet management platform module is integrated with employees’ shifts, leaves, and payroll, which is helpful in organizing a schedule where employees are available for the task.

remote work feature for employee timesheet

Streamlined for Remote Work

Well-designed for schedule management, factoHR’s timesheet solution help employees to stay active according to their schedules while working from home during COVID times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Timesheet Software

What Is Timesheet Software?

Timesheet software or time tracking software allows employees to input their tasks and projects completed or that are to be completed further. This lets their manager analyze their time spent on each task, thus monitoring their productivity rate every day. Superiors can know how much time they spend on other non-productive tasks. Timesheets that are integrated with automated payroll software enable organizations to calculate the project costing and reduce the manual inaccuracy in the billing. This feature of the tool helps save money.

Reduces Unfruitful Tasks
By monitoring the tasks completed by employees, managers can help reduce the unfruitful and unproductive tasks during work.

Calculating Wages
It is easy to calculate the wages of freelancers or hourly workers and pay exact salaries to them based on the work done without any errors.

Measure Employees’ Presence
By tracking the time spent on tasks, superiors can know about the employees’ presence in the office.

What Do You Mean by Timesheet Software?

Timesheet software or Time tracking software, as the name reflects, is used to track employees’ total working hours and the activities completed by them for that time period. These activities comprise employee’s presence, punch in/out, projects taken, and their total worked hours in a day. This web tool is thus an effective way to monitor the workforce’s output.

What Is the Significance of a Timesheet in Modern Businesses?

As most of the business processes are now digitized, it becomes essential for potential employers to consider the same for their tasks. This also includes tracking the working hours of the workforce, which can not be done better than the timesheet software. Consider the below-mentioned reasons for the significance of the timesheet solution:

  • It helps track employees’ worked hours.
  • It helps in the accurate calculation of the client’s billability.
  • It shows how many assigned tasks are accomplished.
  • It saves money and increases productivity.
  • It helps building project costing.
  • It provides insights into employee efficiency.

Is Timesheet Software Flexible Enough to Meet Business Demands?

The answer is yes. Firstly, it is an automated cloud-based technology that does not ask humans to remain present all the time. Even while you are away, it can record the activities mentioned by the people, which you can review anytime later. Furthermore, it can be used as an efficient monitoring tool for the employees who work from home or work remotely. Thus fulfilling the business demands even during COVID-19.

How Much Does a Timesheet Software Cost?

Though the price of timesheet software varies from vendor to vendor and depends on the features included, you are never bound to choose the one you like, whatever the price may be. The general price range for the software in the market is nearly around ₹ 23 to ₹ 25 per employee per month. Also, there may be vendors who sell the software combined with workforce management or project management solutions.

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Is Employee Time Tracking Legal?

The answer is yes. According to the labor laws made by the Indian Government, the recruiter is permitted to monitor an employees’ time in the office. Indeed this includes that such monitoring should be limited to company premises, should be directed to increase the employees’ productivity, and not hinder their personal space. At the time of recruitment, it is thus essential to notify them about their surveillance to avoid future circumstances.

What Types of Timesheet Software Are Available in the Market?

Timesheet or time tracking software not only just tracks the employees’ working hours, but there’s a lot more that can be received out of it. Here’s a list of the same.

Project Tracking:
This kind focuses explicitly on the project workflow handled by the employees. It allows users to enter tasks and tracks the time taken for different projects, based on which managers can analyze the productivity of their team.

Time And Attendance Tracking:
Normally regarded as the employee timesheet app, it provides complete monitoring of workforces’ time. It is more fascinated with employees’ working hours and provides attendance reports, total efficiency, overtime, and punch in/out calculations.

Client Billing:
Some of the software, apart from monitoring employees’ output, also analyzes the costing of the project based on the working hours spent for the same. The software can help configure the billability of each client, along with ready-to-download invoices.

Arrange Your Employees’ Schedules With factoHR’s Timesheet Management Software

factoHR’s HR timesheet software offers time and project tracking along with the analysis of project costing and profitability to the organization.

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