Timesheet Software

Keep track of your employees’ total working hours spent on particular projects assigned to them with FactoHR’s Online Timesheet software for bifurcation of billable hours and accounting purposes.

What is a employees timesheet software?

Timesheet software represents a chart used by the employer to track the amount of work done from the beginning to the end of the project. It is helpful for the employee to log in every hour’s details throughout the day, thus managing their time productively. It becomes easy to track the billable and non-billable hours for a particular client’s project, employee salary and accounting, and project wise costing and profitability.

Timesheet management software ensures increased productivity and time management with constant one-to-one communication with the managers. The software helps the employees bifurcate their everyday schedules into the time required for different activities without wasting time organizing it frequently.

Why use FactoHR timesheet management software?

FactoHR’s Timesheet software system helps to easily bifurcate your time to increase productivity, which you cannot ensure through the traditional methods of excel sheet and offline document management. Also, it is integrated into the attendance and salary modules for more seamless and swift processes. For a considerable number of employees, our software becomes a flexible and cost-efficient solution that will help in the thorough organization of employees’ timekeeping.

Working hours tracking made manageable

Maintaining and managing activities for the day-to-day schedules are easy to update through our software while reducing the pain of the excel sheets. No chaos about missing files.

Completely organizable

The software helps organize every detail of the projects, along with the bifurcation of the time spent over a particular product, activity, or client right from the start of the day to the end.

Hierarchical approval process

Employees can submit multiple entries for the approval process. The system will actively notify the respective managers as soon as the entry is submitted for approval. You can set the approval processes in a hierarchical manner to have a more systemized format.

Ready to download reports

The software automatically generates customized reports summarized or detailed based on clients, projects handled, activities, and working hours distribution. The reports can be generated in different supported formats like PDF, Excel, and Word.

Easy input options

The timesheet entries can be made and managed via the online ESS portal and the mobile app. This feature becomes very helpful for the employees working from home. The managers can quickly get notified of the pending approvals via the portal and the app option.

Integrated environment

The timesheet feature is fully integrated with the shifts, leaves, and pay modules to perform a smooth transaction. Any change in the shifts and leaves would be directly reflected in the timesheet.

Streamlined for remote work solution

To maintain employees’ productivity while working from home, we have built advanced features of touchless attendance and timesheet management. These features will help in developing a new-age working environment. Employees can now be in touch with their superiors and provide updates regarding their work activities while being productive directly from their remote locations.

FAQs on FactoHR Timesheet Software

How FactoHR timesheet software solution helps you?

Our Cloud Based Timesheet software, which is designed for productivity, helps trace employees’ working hours throughout the day. It helps to manage a chart that comprises inputs of activities and clients’ projects handled by the employees for a particular time.

Managers can directly get knowledge about the workable hours of the employees. They always receive a notification regarding the approval for the same so that they never miss any updates.

Moreover, the advanced options for contactless attendance, along with timesheet management, provide constant virtual supervision for remote work solutions during conditions of contamination.

Why does FactoHR’s timesheet management system stand as the best platform to keep track of employees’ working hours?

Our helps the employees to stay productive and managers to supervise efficiently. Listed below are some of the reasons our Timesheet software is best for keeping track of employees’ activities.

Organized atmosphere

You can categorize the time based on activities, projects, and clients handled at a particular time of the day through the timesheet option.

Approval workflow

Once the employee submits the timesheet for a particular time, the system automatically pings the respected manager for approval of the same. You can also set the approval workflow in a hierarchical manner.

Remote work solution

Due to surface contamination and people working from home, many seniors find it challenging to keep in touch and motivate the employees productively. But our remote work solution comprises timesheet software that helps keep the seniors updated about employee’s tasks.

Open integrated eco-systems

The timesheet is directly linked to the payment, leave, and time management to drive a smooth transaction over the activities. Moreover, the ready to use APIs will help integrate the software into your other management software for a fast output delivery.

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