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Role of HR in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has seen to have risen a lot over the last few years. And as the industry rises, their tasks to manage the workforce and regular HR operations also increase, which are challenging for them to handle. The most common and daily functions like running types of salary structures, managing attendance and shifts, travel reimbursements, and claims, etc., were some of the major hurdles the company experiences.

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Problems Encountered

To keep the business tasks unhindered, it is essential for the Automotive industry to resolve their common HR challenges before piling them up. Here are the challenges most experienced by the industry.

Separate Attendance Methods for all Units

With more than one unit over many locations, managing attendance for all the locations and again attuning the same for every wage cycle was cumbersome and time-taking for the automotive industry.

Managing Changing Shifts

The automotive industry often has multiple shifts to attend to customers properly, and these shifts are rotating in nature. But again, creating and assigning shifts to all the workers manually was almost impossible to manage, which caused delays in ongoing work.

Manual Approval Process

When employees visit other sites or travel often, they were bound to submit attendance and travel claims via mails to HR. This information is then verified and transferred further to the finance department to complete the reimbursement cycle, which was a tedious task.

Multiple CTC Structures

Employees working with different grades have different CTC structures, which takes quite a long time for HR to manually calculate and transfer the salaries. While this was a burden to calculate salaries according to different CTCs, it consumed more time and caused delays to routines tasks.

Manual Onboarding

During onboarding the employees manually, the managers often ask them to share information such as PAN no., Aadhar no., employment history, etc., for the company records. This whole process takes a long time and becomes tiresome at many stages.

Multiple Attendance Cycle to Manage

For managers and employees, the industry has defined different working hours leading to multiple attendance cycles to manage. At times of payroll, it was a laborious task for HR to consider all the attendance cycles and calculate accurate wages manually.

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factoHR’s Catered Solutions

For all the challenges mentioned above, factoHR helps the automotive industry with uniquely designed software to resolve the hurdles and strengthen the workforce. Mentioned below are the solutions offered by factoHR.

Single Solution for all Units

factoHR’s offers a geo-fencing feature allowing the industry to control employees’ attendance for all the units from a central location. Employees can submit their time ins/outs using their mobile devices within the assigned fence. Attendance data is then automatically reconciled and stored in the main server.

Dynamic Shift Scheduling

factoHR gives the option of dynamic shift planning even for the most complex shifts. HR and managers can create different shifts and rosters for the employees and can even assign the same within the software. All of this is then directly reflected during salary processing, making the whole process fast and easy.

Automated Travel Platform

With factoHR’s ESS portal and mobile app, employees can now easily mark their attendance and submit advance and claim requests. Managers can also verify the attachments and approve them to consider the same for further finances.

Smooth Payroll against Multiple CTC Structures

The automotive industry can run its payroll at once and calculate salaries with different CTC structures with factoHR. The software makes it easy to design policies, configure various components and run payroll to reduce the burden of laborious processes.

Simplified Self-onboarding

With factoHR, HR can allow employees to add, update, or remove their information using the ESS portal. This also helps during the onboarding process, saving time and reduces the overall burden on HR and managers.

Unified System for all Attendance Cycles

With factoHR, it is easy to manage more than one attendance cycle and assign them to employees. The attendance marked according to this will be directly integrated with the payroll. This makes the process smooth and quick to finish.

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