About factoHR

We are on mission to create a world class workforce management solution that can help you to grow your business

About Us

factoHR.com was founded in 2016, on repeated request from our existing customers and potential who were looking for Simple, Scalable, Agile, Robust, Hire to Retire module with in depth functionalities. They were also looking for above solution at value for money price.

Why we named FactoHR?

FactoHR was named after 2 purpose.

We built a solution  that is based on  Fact and give data which Fact based. We built a solution that can work as factory means
DIY, Highly configurable, Can be implemented in few hours, Robust and Scalable.

We resonate the name which we have given.

Founding Team




Mr. Aniruddh Nagodara
Co-Founder & CEO

He has 18+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance and Marketing Function. He has boot strapped factohr and scaled it to global platform used 1 million+ employees. He is certified NLP trainer.

Mr. Niraj Karelia
Co-Founder & CTO

He has 18+ years of experience in Product Development, Team Management, Customer Support and Management Function. He has developed factohr platform which is used by 1000+ companies . He is now scaling factohr to API based Inter connectable architecture.

Mr. Aditya Nagodara
Co-Founder & Lead Innovation

10+ years experience in fullstack development. Enabling organizational capability in UI/UX, Mobile, ML and AI technologies.