Employee Attendance App – Track Your Workforce Presence Online

Integrate an AI-based GPS & mobile attendance app to monitor and manage employee presence well

Employee Attendance App – Track Your Workforce Presence Online

Why Do We Recommend factoHR’s Workforce Attendance Application?

factoHR’s attendance application allows you to maintain the record of your on-field or in-office employees’ online punch times with their location to avoid time thefts

Real-Time Location

Get your on-field employees’ current location and route details to guide them for better work and improved efficiency.

Offline Geo-Punch

Track your employee’s location even if their registered devices have no internet access, guaranteeing location tracking in the areas with the worst or no network.


factoHR comes with chatbot assistance to answer employee queries regarding the attendance monitoring app’s functions to promote easy understanding.

Friendly startup page

Startup Page

With a user-friendly startup page, enable your employees to complete the futile processes on their own without depending on the higher management.

Geo-fencing punch in attendance app

Geo Fencing

Fence your office virtually to allow punching as soon as the employee enters or exits this set boundary.

Selfie Punch With Location

Selfie Punch With Location

Record your employee’s locations and selfies along with their punch in order to avoid attendance and identity theft.

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Attendance through face recognition option

Attendance Through Face Recognition

Enable your employees to mark their attendance through face recognition in order to avoid contamination through biometric machines.

factoHR’s chatbot feature


Utilize factoHR’s chatbot feature to answer all your employee’s queries regarding the functionality of this app to promote hassle-free navigation.

factoHR’s attendance application

Attendance Application

Use factoHR’s attendance application to integrate the employees’ attendance with their business travel module to guarantee their presence at the time of incurring the expenses.

Employee Calendar for Leave Applications and upcoming holidays


Allow the employees to check their workday status (half-day or full-day), upcoming holidays and know the status of their leave applications from their devices.

Change Shift feature

Change Shift

Enable the employees to change their shifts via the app on their smartphones with appropriate approval from the authorized managers.

Document Sharing through the app using their smartphones

Document Sharing

Empower your employees to share necessary documents in the system directly through the app using their smartphones.

Expense Portal in factoHR App


Manage the expenses incurred by all the employees on behalf of the business and reimburse them for the same.

Investment Declaration and Proof Attachment

Investment Declaration and Proof Attachment

Enable your employees to attach proof for income tax through the mobile application to file their returns.

Employees to file leave application


Empower your employees to file leave applications with delete application options and allow them to check their leave balance online.

Employees payslip download feature in app


Allow your employees to download their periodical payslips via their smartphone without asking HR personally. All they require to do is to log in with their employee ID.

Employee Performance Tracking feature

Performance Management

Create dynamic goals for your workforce, run a monthly review cycle, and design your hierarchical approval workflow to manage their productivity.

Employees to file reimbursement applications through factoHR’s attendance app


Permit the employees to file reimbursement applications through factoHR’s attendance app to track and limit the expenses incurred by them on behalf of the company.

In/Out Report in factoHR’s attendance management software

In/Out Report

Get a detailed report of the employee’s entry and exit in the organization to determine their actual productive hours in the office.

Manage and create Timesheet


Manage and create your employee’s schedules on your smartphone and allow them to view their timesheets on the app.

Travel and approve their travel expense through factoHR’s attendance app

Travel Application

Plan your employees’ business travel and approve their travel expense applications through their cell phones with factoHR’s attendance app.

Employee Feedback and Survey


Employees can take part in surveys created by the HR team and share their feedback in real-time using factoHR’s mobile application.



With factoHR’s mobile app, employees can share their agreement or disagreement on acknowledgements of the essential newsletters, documents, etc., created by the HR team.

factoHR’s continuous feedback for employee engagement and performance progress

Continuous Feedback

Improve employee engagement and performance progress with factoHR’s continuous feedback. Employees and managers can send and receive appraisals using the mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Application

What Is Mobile Attendance Application?

With emerging technologies, people perform most of their tasks at the touch of their fingers, and so is attendance tracking and monitoring. Mobile apps for attendance tracking are integrated with AI-powered GPS for providing a smarter output. This ensures a complete suite in your hands with leave and attendance management system, performance management software, expense management software, and many other features. Mobile apps tend to ease mobility and motivate self-service.

Enhances Connectivity
CEO and HR can share various announcements with all the workforce through their mobile application to make everyone aware of the latest updates and to ensure that no one is left out. This strengthens the connectivity between employees and their seniors.

Seamless Document Sharing
HR can share various documents related to training, policies, important updates, etc., with the employees without sending them in person.

Event Celebration
Celebrate important events of your worker’s life like birthdays and work anniversaries with all your workforce and make them feel special by mentioning their name on the startup page of the mobile application.

What Is a Selfie Punch?

In this era, where you may catch the virus through mere touch, it is unsafe for your employees’ health to go around touching the biometric attendance machines. This is when the selfie punch feature comes in. Your employees can punch in the attendance by clicking a selfie from their cell phone and tagging their location at the same time. This ensures that there are little to no cases of attendance or identity theft and reduces fraud in the context of attendance.

Can My Employees Apply for Attendance Regularization in Case of Miss Punch?

Your employees can apply for attendance regularization through the phone app if they have punched their attendance incorrectly. The app allows them to review the status of their regularization application. The app acts like their attendance calendar.

What Does Your Mobile Attendance App Solution Provide?

factoHR’s mobile app provides you unique tools like:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Offline geo-punch
  • Chatbots
  • Auto punching in the office

The employees can view their profile, receive chat support, receive notifications for updates about their applications, and manage their documents.

To know more about the unique features of this app, contact: sales@factohr.com

Can I Use Your Mobile App to Declare My Income Tax?

Using factoHR’s attendance app, you can declare the value of assets that you own. You can submit the income tax proof to assist in filing the income tax. The app allows you to specify the amount of income tax and gives you a document of proof for the authorities to verify. You can also get your monthly input for HRA easily and input all the HRA details using this app to maintain transparency.

What Other Applications Can My Employees Make Through Your Mobile App?

Using factoHR’s mobile attendance app, your employees can submit the applications regarding:

  • Late coming
  • Early going
  • Overtime worked
  • Leaves
  • Attendance regularization
  • Reimbursements
  • Business travel

You can book a demo at https://factohr.com/schedule-demo/ to experience the functionality of this app.

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