Learning Management System That Help Sharpen Workforce’s Skills

A robust and innovative learning management system to run all your learning activities under one roof with next-gen capabilities to tap into the digital learning domain.

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Role-based Access

factoHR’s role-based architecture allows you to define various users who can access the module and its functionalities.

  role based access architecture of learning management system
learning dashboard for sharpen workforce

Learning Dashboard

Learners can get analytics from all over the system regarding the status of ongoing courses, assigned and participated polls, assessments, and feedback.

Employee Calendars

Superiors and employees can plan and publish their own calendars, which will include the details of courses and their schedules.

calendars for employee planing

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Assessment Creation

Assessment Creation

Create encouraging assessments to test your employees’ knowledge with distinct types of questions and functionalities of negative marking and time limits.

Targeted Learning

Superiors can easily offer/suggest courses to particular employees and help them learn about their least knowledgeable areas.

courses suggestion for learning
course completion certificate

Digital Certification

Offer a digital certification after the completion of the training of your employees that encourages them to perform better.

A Digital Learning Management System That Suits All Your Needs

Let your employees learn on-demand at their feasible time with factoHR’s learning management system and improve their career development options.

Blended Learning

This enables your workforce to use all the training delivery resources like classroom training, e-learning, assessments, etc.

Multiple Device Support

The HTML 5 user interface of the solution supports employee learning and training through multiple devices.

Learning Analytics

Managers can easily determine the learner’s natures based on their approach and time needed for acquiring information, etc.

What Is An Online Learning Management System?

Learning Management System is a platform that enables the organizational workforce to improve their knowledge and practical skills through a digital medium, the concept of which emerged from the e-learning solutions. Supported with SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and Tin Can API, factoHR’s Learning Management Software in integration with performance management offers greater benefits of the latest industry standards to empower workforces. Apart from offering employees a place to learn new things, it also provides organizations with rich learning analytics which analyze employees’ nature and their approach towards the training.

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