Employee Database Management System With A Synced And Centralized Storage

Maintain and control your employees’ information and records with factoHR’s centralized Employee Database Management system offering seamless sync across all user accounts.

Create And Add Employees

With factoHR’s employee management system, you can directly add individual employees’ data or upload it in bulk using the readymade templates. You can also permit employees to upload and update data through their Employee Self Service portal with HR’s approval.

Custom Roles Rights Management

factoHR provides you powerful yet flexible role rights management where the right to change employee information can be given at the organization’s leaf level. With the help of this feature, you can decentralize employees’ data collection and alteration by nominating HR people at every site.

Improve your database accessibility with factoHR today

Centralized Database For All Locations

With more than one location, the configuration of HR policies and statutory rules is cumbersome and time-consuming to handle, but not with factoHR anymore. factoHR’s integrated solution increases your efficiency with a complete centralized database to control location-wise reporting formats and reconciliation processes.

Categories And Sub-categories

factoHR’s employee management system allows organizations to create innumerable and custom categories and sub-categories such as departments, grades, skills, etc., to handles smaller groups. This enables micro-managing of various operations and tasks in your organization.

Organizational Tree

factoHR’s employee management software demonstrates the clear bifurcation of your employees, their designations, peers, working department, and location. This assists the workforce in knowing their reporting and approving authorities and managers to distribute tasks without any hassle.

Employee Database Management With Excellent Organizing Capability

An employee database management software that has all the capabilities of handling big chunks of data for all your company locations and syncing it to the centralized location.

Secured Authorization

With factoHR’s employee management system, you can allow only authorized persons to access the information using authenticated passwords. You can also set up customized roles and rights within the system.

Automatic Syncing

factoHR enables auto-syncing for database management across all the location bases of the company and among all the integrated platforms.

Paperless Tasks

With cloud-based HR & Payroll Management Software, you can directly add and update data or allow employees to do the same without any need for papers.

Organize your employee database with factoHR today

Data handling in an organization can be tedious, but not with factoHR’s Employee Database Management anymore.
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