Centralized, Flexible, & Secured Datasource

factoHR’s employee database management system provides a single source of truth for your employee data by allowing you to break data silos and manage data centrally.

Employee database management system

A Single Control Centre for your Enormous Data Sets


factoHR auto-syncs employee data across multiple business locations that you add or alter from a single and central location.


With ensured encryption by our cloud-based HCM platform, you get top-notch security measures for all your critical and sensitive data.


The DIY and policy-driven approach of factoHR enables you to configure the rules for your constantly-evolving organization.

Future Ready

Be it hybrid, remote, or any other work mode, factoHR is developed entirely according to your business requirements and is flexible enough to modify.


Easy & Quick Set up

Despite the size of your organization, with factoHR ready-to-use templates, you can add, store, and update large database of employee information within a few minutes.

easy and quick setup
Flexible roles and rights management

Decentralize with Proper Control

factoHR’s flexible roles and rights management distribute access controls across the organization’s leaf level. Using this, you can manage employees’ data collection and alteration efficiently.

Improve your database accessibility with factoHR today


Pre-built Integration

factoHR’s tight and seamless integration across various modules and centralized storage capability allows you to manage employee data, policies, and letters for multiple business locations securely.

pre build integration in employee database management
Organization structure management

Clear Visibility of the Whole

With factoHR’s DIY infrastructure, you can create custom categories and fields such as departments, grades, designations, etc., for your complex org structures and bifurcate employees of different business units for better clarity and understanding.


Better Order. Better Management

Developing a clear organogram is now completely smooth with factoHR. Understand the people hierarchy to define reporting structures and employee growth opportunities, which will play an important role in your retention and engagement strategy.

role manager option in employee database management software
employee database management system mobile application

Everything on Fingertips

Our versatile mobile app allows employees to access details such as birthdays/anniversaries, mood surveys, HR and CEO speak, etc., along with the power of comfort and independence.

Organize your employee database with factoHR today

Data handling in an organization can be tedious, but not with factoHR’s Employee Database Management anymore.

Note: It has come to our attention that fraudulent individuals are falsely posing as representatives of factoHR and offering fake job openings. Please be advised that factoHR does not offer any part-time or work-from-home task-based job opportunities. Our official communications are solely conducted through the @factohr.com domain. We do not engage on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, or public domain emails such as Gmail, Outlook, or Hotmail for official communication. Please note that we never ask for any payment in exchange for employment. Your safety is our priority, so kindly avoid sharing sensitive information through any communication channel. Stay vigilant, secure, and safe.

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