Dashboard Analytics To Get Better Insights Into The Business And HR Operations

A separate dashboard window that shows analytics from all over the software to help you streamline your operations.

Get generalized insights on workforce management in varied HR functions like employee count, employee diversity, and other related data. All these pictorial representations help your HR in understanding the typical workforce trends and implementing the necessary strategies to control them.

Analyze your employees’ presence at work with factoHR, which allows monitoring their absenteeism too. The attendance dashboard provides charts that show the status of total sick days and employee absenteeism percentage for a month. It also shows the total attendance counts of the staff for the particular time interval.

Organize your HR strategies with factoHR today

The salary analysis is now easy as you can tap into the dashboard and view department-wise gross and net salary, deductions, and monthly comparisons made during the operation. While this is for the employer, employees can also view their payment analytics very quickly to get an overview without opening the module separately.

Organizations that need their employees to travel in case of work can take more advantage of the travel and expense analytics. HR and departmental managers can quickly look into the graphs which read travel expense costs and advance due. These are categorized based on departments, months, and branch locations.

Evaluate your employees’ productivity with factoHR’s bell curve and perception gap analysis, which lets your know the overall performance and achieved grades. Apart from this, one can know the status of the PMS cycle for a particular month.

A Simple And Intuitive Dashboard For You To Act Constructively

Optimize your workflow strategies and workforce functions with the help of powerful and comprehensive data analytics. factoHR’s dashboard combines insights from the HR Management Software and its features and shows in a graphical representation for organizations to understand their processes better and think proactively.

Comparative Analysis

Get data comparison reports for varied HR functions and track how profitable they are for your organization.

Organize Preferentially

Managers and employees can add or delete the information cards based on their preference for getting insights into required data only.

Pictorial Representation

factoHR’s dashboard also offers pictorial graphs and statistics along with numerical information for quick and easy understanding.

How Can A Data Dashboard Help Organizations?

The dashboard is a visual representation of information sources gathered in a compact and graphical format for quick accessibility. This forms an easy way to follow the complex data comparison, view trends, and remove the challenges hidden in the operations. factoHR’s dashboard tracks daily data updates, monitoring business operations, and provides insights into the data for functions like performance, time, payroll, and travel management.

Optimize your workforce management with factoHR today

Get simple and intuitive insights with factoHR Dashboard from all over the software and reinforce your decisions to achieve your goals faster.
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