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HR Executive Job Description

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HR executives are the key members of the human resource department and have a crucial role in leading the HR staff and implementing various projects. The HR department of any organization is largely dependent on the HR executives for various tasks. They have to ensure that everyone in the organization is working with a positive attitude. As per the organization, the job description of the HR executive can differ, but here we are providing a job description that covers most of the points which you can use as per your needs.

HR Executive Job Description Template

We are looking for an HR executive that can handle our company’s recruiting, development, and learning management. The other responsibilities of this role are making referral programs, overlooking the hiring processes, and updating the HR policies accordingly. To be successful in this role, you need to have considerable experience in the human resource domain and must have knowledge of labor legislation. Eventually, you will have to make decisions for the organization so that qualified employees are hired and retained.

HR Executive Role and Responsibilities

  • Recognizing the manpower needs and taking them to the HR manager for approval
  • Creating job descriptions for various roles and advertising them on various platforms
  • Managing HR activities like meetings, interviews, and other schedules
  • Assisting the recruitment process by reviewing CVs and shortlisting candidates
  • Managing and handling the orientation of new employees
  • Assessing the training needs and coordinating the training and development programs for employees
  • Managing the employees’ data of each department
  • Overlooking the daily operations of the HR department.

HR Executive Requirements

  • Must have proven experience working as an HR executive or its equivalent.
  • Having familiarity with the human resource software and applicant tracking system.
  • Experienced with recruiting and its full cycle.
  • Having knowledge of labour legislation.
  • Having leadership qualities and abilities.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • B.Sc/M.Sc in Human Resource Management or a similar field.

HR Executive Job Description Sample

We at LMT are looking for a dynamic and smart individual to join our human resource team as an HR executive. As a human resource executive, you will be responsible for managing all the human resource tasks and responsible for supervising human resource procedures and policies.

Having prior work experience in HR or a related field can be an added advantage. You should also have the capability to manage the budget of departments, strong communication skills with the ability to handle stress efficiently.

HR Executive Role and Responsibilities

  • Planning and forming employee benefits package
  • Maintaining the employees’ data
  • Execution of employees’ performance review procedure
  • Managing the hiring processes of the new employees
  • Evaluating and monitoring the budgets of all the departments
  • Operating the day-to-day operations of the human resource department
  • Ensuring that the employees are complying with the policies of the company
  • Listing to employees’ complaints and ensuring workplace safety
  • Organizing exit interviews and recognizing the reasons for resignation

HR Executive Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resource management or relevant field
  • 1+ years of experience as an HR executive or in any similar role
  • Prior experience working with HRM Softwares
  • Knowledge and understanding of HR cycle
  • Ability to coordinate and work as a part of the team
  • Efficiency in time management
  • Must have leadership skills and work ethics

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we look for in a candidate willing to join the HR department?

As a person dealing with the human resource department has to deal with different kinds of employees, the candidate should have high morale with interpersonal, counselling, problem-solving, and mentoring skills.

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