10 Best Leave Management System in India

Delve into the top cloud-based leave management solutions in India to simplify your leave administration. Understand their significance and how they can boost your business efficiency.

Best 10 Leave Management System in India

It is important to find an employee to keep balance between personal and professional life which allows them to lower their stress levels. In many industries and organizations, employees are entitled to take leaves for personal reasons. However, for an organization, it is difficult to manage leaves of employees without having a proper, biased-free leave policy in place. Having a right policy adhering to statutory norms can benefit your business in several ways, leading employees to be happy and satisfied. Manually tracking employees’ leaves can be complicated, potentially biased and tedious tasks. Any mistakes in tracking leaves can complicate payroll processing, which can be time consuming. This is where the utility of an automated and leave management system steps in. It allows a company to make a comprehensive policy, offering various leave types an employee is liable for and how employees should use it. This ensures that your business runs smoothly and achieves higher productivity.


How is Leave Management carried out?

It is important to have an organized, accurate and fair leave management to ensure that your business runs smoothly when an employee is on leave. In order to achieve this, understanding these simple steps will help in streamlining the entire leave process.

Simple steps to understand leave management

List of 10 Best Leave Management System in India

1. factoHR

factoHR is best leave management system in india that offers a flexible and comprehensive platform; meticulously designed to streamline and automate the entire process of managing employees leave. It offers a range of advanced features that simplify complex leave calculations. The system offers a centralized platform that allows employees to apply for a leave and track their leave balance. Its high adaptability allows organizations to customize leave policies, types of leaves, accrual balance, etc based on their needs. Moreover, its workflow based approvals direct leave requests to assigned managers which accelerates decision making process and reduces manual tracking, minimizes errors or delays.

Apart from these, factoHR provides user accessibility through its advanced mobile application that empowers employees and managers to utilize this system with ease, thus improving user experience. Additionally, its integration approach with internal modules like payroll and attendance ensures high data accuracy and real time data. Moreover, it also provides reports and analytics that helps organizations to take more strategic and proactive decisions. Overall factoHR leave management system proves to be an advanced, user-friendly and flexible for modern businesses in India.


Configure and set up a leave policy based on leave types, accrual and policy assignment as per your needs. Provides flexibility in setting up leave policy with advanced features like comp-off, sandwich leave and notification/alerts of leaves approved that fits your organization.
Allows you to create multiple holiday calendars based on locations and assigning them to employees based on their branch, shift, etc. Provides transparency with a team view calendar which can be seen by both managers and employees.
Easy tracking of employees leaves with its workflow based approvals. Flexible leave encashment module which calculates encashment at the year end using DIY front ends and formulas.
Its bulk report option and visually appealing analysis allows organizations to make impactful decisions. Its powerful mobile-app performs all HR functions from anywhere and anytime.
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How does a factoHR’s Leave Management System Benefit your Organization?

Benefits of LMS

For an organization to achieve its success, it must have effective leave management that can benefit in several ways.

Manage Employees Leaves

Implementing a leave management system offers a multitude of benefits, and proves to be efficient in managing employee leaves. It allows employees to apply for a leave by making an application, making the entire leave process streamlined and automated. This reduces the burden of HR by minimizing errors and providing accuracy in tracking leave balance which is essential for payroll calculation and compliance.

Enhance Visibility and Accessibility

A leave management system provides a user-friendly interface which allows employees to easily view their leave balance, track the status of their applications and apply for a comp-off. This results in setting a transparency within the organization and makes employees satisfied. Similarly, it offers workflow based approvals where a request is approved/reviewed by the manager or HR , helping them make an informed decision and avoid any disruptions caused by the unplanned leaves.


It allows you to formulate customizable leave policies which are compliant with laws and regulations. It ensures that leave accruals, its entitlement and usage are managed correctly, aligning organizational policies and statutory requirements. This protects organizations from legal issues and develops a fair environment for everyone.

Optimizes Productivity

Having a flexible leave policy with LMS can lead to reduction in absenteeism and increase overall productivity and efficiency of organization. Analyzing this data helps organizations identify the reason behind employee’s leaves and address it anticipatorily which results in overall organization efficiency.

2. OfficeNet

OfficeNet is the best leave management system in India that streamlines and automates the entire leave process from filling out leave applications to get approvals from supervisors. It allows you to manage leave policies, customize it and set various leave types as per company’s needs. It promises seamless employee leave management and offers quick and easy access to leave data,thus helping HR take informed decisions. It is also equipped with reporting and analytics and keeps the HR department updated on leave status.


  • Online leave application
  • Customization of leave types
  • Leave management system tracker
  • Track all leave information
  • Enable leave restriction
  • The department leave calendar

3. AddettoHR

AddettoHR provides a real time leave management system where planning leave can be done smoothly and coordinated effectively between employees and managers. Its leave and attendance software integrates with payroll, reducing errors and providing accurate payroll calculation. It completely handles employee leaves, thus allowing them to focus on other important tasks. Its online leave application feature makes it easier for an organization to track overall employee attendance.


  • Say goodbye to leave requests scattered across emails
  • Direct requests to the right people for digital approval
  • Configure your leave policies in minutes
  • Automated accrual and carryover
  • Fully integrated with Payroll

4. Samplex24

Samplex24’s flexible and customizable leave management system possesses a two level approach in terms of handling employee leave requests. Its cloud based solutions allows HR or managers to accept or reject leave requests online, making the whole process hassle-free and helps organizations in advance planning. The system is fully integrated with payroll and caters to user’s needs with its features like customize leave types, set up a leave policy, and provides complete leave summary.


  • Leave requests
  • Leave summary and history
  • Configure leave policies
  • List of holidays
  • Tracking employees leaves
  • Leave reports

5. TrickyHR

TrickyHR possesses an easy and no-hassle leave management system that manages employees’ absence data flawlessly without any human errors or miscalculations. It comes with various functionalities like setting leave policies with rules, defining leave types (sick leave, privilege leave, etc) and configuring the leave types based on department, category and designations. It also has advanced features like leave surrender, leave calendar and many more. Its ESS portal enables employees to request a leave, check their past leave requests, save it in draft mode, regularize/cancel leave applied any time and access multiple leave reports.


  • Applicability of Leave type
  • No of leaves eligible
  • Leave rule during probation period
  • Leave to be applied by no of days in advance
  • Leave encashment & carry forward policy
  • Leaves applied from ESS portal
  • Email alerts

6. EmployeeVibes

EmployeeVibes is a cloud based leave management system in India which provides real time data from anywhere. It optimizes the leave process and enables you to create leave policies from scratch, making sure it benefits both the employer and employee. It possesses various features like leave entitlement, leave encashment, carry forward leaves, leave lapsation and much more. Apart from these, it allows you to define workflows (single or multiple) for leave approvals, shaping the leave management as per your business needs.


  • Leave policy configuration
  • Leave entitlements
  • Leave encashment/carry forward/ lapsation
  • Leave escalation workflows
  • Deduction leave automation
  • Overtime management

7. PionHR

PionHR provides a leave management software in india that is designed to automate the leave process. It allows you to put a leave requisition that is fully customisable and possess various leave types like compensation off, maternity leave, casual leaves etc. Its integration with payroll software makes payroll processing streamlined and easy. Moreover, it gives multi level approval workflows as well as dynamic mapping. Its intuitive dashboard contains leave graphs and balance, setting a transparent culture within the organization.


  • Leave requisition
  • Automated leave
  • Fully customizable policy
  • Leave balance
  • Multi Level approvals
  • Dynamic mapping
  • Leave reports
  • Muster roll

8. EnspireHR

EnspireHR offers a full fledged customized leave management system that tracks leaves based on multiple locations. It provides a rich set of features like configuring a flexible leave policy including gender specific, paid, unpaid, types of leaves, etc. it also provides automation in calculating leave accrual and defining a workflow for leave encashment. By providing such flexibility and adaptability, it makes the whole process streamlined and accurate.


  • Public holiday or leave calendar
  • Configure leave policies
  • Unlimited leave definitions or timeoffs
  • Flexible regular or service accruals
  • Hassle free year closure process
  • Bulk leave booking or cancellation
  • Leave encashment

9. PulseHRM

PulseHRM provides an effortless and convenient leave management system with a user friendly interface and easy to use system. Its smart technology provides seamless integration with other modules like attendance, leave, payroll and expense to get the accurate data needed while calculating payroll. Further, it enables employees to apply for a leave and check its approval. Its analytical leave reports and customized policy leave records provides automation to human intervention of managing leaves.


  • Configure leave settings
  • Track Leaves
  • Customize & Automate Leave Records
  • Self Service
  • Manage holidays
  • Reports

10. EliteHRMS

EliteHRMS possesses highly customized and advanced features for leave management. It is a platform where you can create leave policies, define types of leaves as per your needs. It enables employees to manage their leave from multiple locations, providing a predefined template which saves employees time. It provides custom dashboards and notification alerts for easy tracking of leave applications and its approvals. Moreover, its dynamic reporting abilities allows managers to focus more on financial planning.


  • Leave applications
  • Approve or Reject a request
  • Custom notifications
  • Power upload
  • Reports about leave types, policies, employees etc
  • Adjusting the leave days
  • Current Leave balance
  • Past leave history
  • List of holidays for the current financial year

Summing Up

In India, the leave management system plays a vital role in optimizing and automating the leave management, helping organizations to take important strategic decisions. These list of India’s best leave management software systems provide a state of the art feature like managing employees leaves, framing leave policies as per the needs, leave entitlements, etc which benefits both employers and employees, contributing to increased productivity and success of an organization.


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