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With help of FactoHR Payroll Software, you can manage your business complexities and sensitivity in HR (Human Resources) related processes. The intensive digitalization, advanced payroll solution signify as a number-one tool to bring enough HR efficiencies in the enterprise.

We are a solution provider from “Hire-to-Retire”.

  • HR Management
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance & Leave
  • Travel & Expense Management
  • Performance Management
  • Mobile Application

It helps you to streamline the workflow of HR and employees.

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HR and Payroll Software

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HR Payroll Software

It is proven way to streamline HR Payroll process. We are trusted by one million users across companies
as leading hr payroll software company


Efficient Engagement

When you onboard the employees in a right way, they will engage and ensure their best performance which will be possible through self-onboarding module of factoHR.

User friendly

Easy to learn, easy to use onboarding module allows your employees to have the stellar first day as no paperwork is included.

Simplified Induction

A clear procedure for self induction of the new employee to make aware regarding the company policies.

Document Management

An efficient way to manage document efficiently & secure accessibility of the employee documents

Asset allocation

Easy management of all the company assets which are allocated to an employee.

Human Resource Management Software

Automated HR

Automate your HR department by simplified yet configurable HR with Our Payroll Software.

Save Cost

Manage your resources by cutting down HR department’s cost and reducing the workforce.

Detailed MIS

You can manage organizational hierarchies, personalized dashboards, forms and N number of HRIS reports.

Focus On Core

Implementing our automated HRMS will allow you to focus on core tasks rather than on manual or unproductive tasks.


Allowing options of configuring each and every policy to align with your company’s working.

Payroll Process

Make Payroll Simple

As a top-notch Payroll software development company we provide everything for a need to manage and empower the company to grow within a few clicks and makes payroll process pleasant.


Our payroll software is fully integrated with onboarding, leave, attendance, travel expenses, performance, etc.


factoHR’s allows unlimited pay heads and parameters to calculate salary, loan, bonus, overtime, variable or fix pay based on performance and all statutory compliance.


You can configure the world’s most complex payroll to a simplified one by implementing factoHR.

Handling Compliance

Automated system to calculate all the statutory compliance like TA, DA and other taxes.

Attendance Management

Real time tracking

Our payroll software allows you to track real-time attendance data of your employees’ attendance captured through biometric, mobile or Geo-punch.


You can manage multiple shifts, week offs, over time calculations by defining attendance policy as per your company’s norms.

Multi-Device Integration

Our system provides integration of any attendance device with the payroll module to eliminate payroll errors.

Avoid Time Theft

Trace any kind of time theft which is affecting your company’s work culture and take steps accordingly.


Allowing you to track all your workers multiple shifts with our payroll software for an efficient time record.

Performance Management Software

Goal Management

Manage and measure employee goals, objectives, and their working efficiency through our configurable performance management software.


We facilitate you to create Performance measurement based on Key Performance Indicators(KPI) and Key Responsibilities Areas(KRA) for multiple filters like location, branches, departments, categories, individual employees, etc.

Review Intervals

You can set various review cycle where you can review their performance on daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually basis.


Helps you to define appraisal for individuals according to their work performance in the entire timeline.


Recognize your teams weakness for training and achieve betterment in task completion.

Mobile App

Reliable & Easy

Every user wants an easy interface on which he can rely for HR related applications and access information.

Mobility & Availability

Mobile devices always features integrity, as well as the availability of data anytime anywhere, helps in moving your organization ahead.

Instant Action

Apply for leave, attendance, travel expenses, reimbursement claims, etc. and get approvals online.

Logical Evolution

Evolution from traditional approach saves time and give us a platform to communicate & provide solutions for betterment.

Self Service

Access payslips, leave balance, attendance regularization, the status of application and income tax statement – anytime, anywhere.

Leave Management

Configure Policy

Our leave management allows you to configure the company’s leave policy, for any firm worldwide, to manage and track employee’s leave.

Workflow Management

You can define multi-level approval workflow effortlessly to have correct data of leave transactions.

Track Application

Leave calendar provides you with a quick view of received leave applications.

Intelligent processing

Auto calculations of leave balance and leave encashment.

Streamlines Leave

Mobile application and efficient approval work-flow will allow fast execution & efficient leave management.

Travel Expense Management

Policy Implementation

Our travel expense software allows you to set multiple expense policy based on hierarchical structure, location, branches, etc.

Hierarchical Approval

You can manage multi-level approval workflow process efficiently with our payroll software.

Tracking & Reporting

Travel-friendly software makes work for Accountants, HR and employees less tedious as management of travel expenses is made easier through geo-tracking and smart receipts.

Fast Reimbursement

On the go application for reimbursement allows the process of settlement to be fast and transparent.

Going Paperless

Digital receipts approach through OCR allows avoiding hectic paper management & provide better solution.

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