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Streamline your payroll tasks with the adept cloud-based payroll software to introduce efficiency and excellency in your organization

cloud based payroll software

Best Cloud Based Payroll Software

Payroll software helps organizations to improvise and automate their salary process of their employees. The software is specially designed to give you error-free payroll calculation and deposit the payment to employees’ respective bank accounts with minimum human intervention. As the software calls minimum intervention, it helps the organization to focus on more business-specific tasks.

Not only error-free, but this software helps you adhere to the statutory compliance that benefits both employee and the employer and which is crucially important for any organization. While ensuring full compliance, the software helps you provide payroll-related benefits to the employee, thus empowering them to grow.

We offer you with all modules to cover your entire payroll cycle.

  • Staff Management
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance & Leave
  • Travel & Expense Management
  • Performance Management
  • Mobile Application

List of companies that use our payroll solution

Our payroll software solution is being used across India by various reputed companies extensively.


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Mahendra Tawde
Senior GM (Head-HR) at BSE
“Mahendra Tawde who is the Senior GM(Head HR) at BSE appreciated the knowledge of FactoHR team and our domain expertise. Also, he said BSE is extremely satisfied with our professional services and the flexibility to meet their specific payroll needs. He wished us the best in this area and strongly recommended factoHR to all of our future prospective clients.”


Modules We Provide

Our software contains all the necessary modules that you require to manage efficiently.










Attendance Management

Attendance Management





Mobile APP

Mobile APP


Leave Management

Leave Management


Travel Expense Management

Travel Expense Management


Why Choose Payroll Software from Us?

Our payroll software is trusted by one million users across different companies as we are the leading solution provider helping to streamline all essential processing tasks.



Efficient Engagement

When you onboard the employees in a right way, they will engage and ensure their best performance which will be possible through self-onboarding module of factoHR.

User friendly

Easy to learn, easy to use onboarding module allows your employees to have the stellar first day as no paperwork is included.

Simplified Induction

A clear procedure for self induction of the new employee to make aware regarding the company policies.

Document Management

An efficient way to manage document efficiently & secure accessibility of the employee documents

Asset allocation

Easy management of all the company assets which are allocated to an employee.


Human Resource Management 

Automated HR

Automate your HR department by simplified yet configurable Payroll and HR with Our Software.

Save Cost

Manage your resources by cutting down HR department’s cost and reducing the workforce.

Detailed MIS

You can manage organizational hierarchies, personalized dashboards, forms and N number of HRIS reports.

Focus On Core

Implementing our automated software will allow you to focus on core tasks rather than on manual or unproductive tasks.


Allowing options of configuring each and every policy to align with your company’s working.

Payroll Process

Make Payroll Simple

We provide everything for a need to manage and empower the company to grow within a few clicks and makes payroll process pleasant.


Our software is fully integrated with onboarding, leave, attendance, travel expenses, performance, etc.


factoHR’s allows unlimited pay heads and parameters to calculate salary, loan, bonus, overtime, variable or fix pay based on performance and all statutory compliance.


You can configure the world’s most complex payroll to a simplified one by implementing factoHR.

Handling Compliance

Automated system to calculate all the statutory compliance like TA, DA and other taxes.

Attendance Management

Real time tracking

Our software allows you to track real-time attendance data of your employees’ attendance captured through biometric, mobile or Geo-punch.


You can manage multiple shifts, week offs, over time calculations by defining attendance policy as per your company’s norms.

Multi-Device Integration

Our attendance management system provides integration of any attendance device with the payroll module to eliminate payroll errors.

Avoid Time Theft

Trace any kind of time theft which is affecting your company’s work culture and take steps accordingly.


Allowing you to track all your workers multiple shifts with our software for an efficient time record.

Performance Management 

Goal Management

Manage and measure employee goals, objectives, and working efficiency through our configurable performance management software


We facilitate you to create Performance measurement based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Responsibilities Areas (KRA) for multiple filters like location, branches, departments, categories, individual employees, etc.

Review Intervals

You can set various review cycle where you can review their performance on daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually basis.

Mobile App

Reliable & Easy

Every user wants an easy interface on which he can rely for HR related applications and access information.

Mobility & Availability

Mobile devices always features integrity, as well as the availability of data anytime anywhere, helps in moving your organization ahead.

Instant Action

Apply for leave, attendance, travel expenses, reimbursement claims, etc. and get approvals online.

Logical Evolution

Evolution from traditional approach saves time and give us a platform to communicate & provide solutions for betterment.

Self Service

Access payslips, leave balance, attendance regularization, the status of application and income tax statement – anytime, anywhere.

Leave Management

Configure Policy

Our leave management software allows you to configure the company’s leave policy, for any firm worldwide, to manage and track employee’s leave.

Workflow Management

You can define multi-level approval workflow effortlessly to have correct data of leave transactions.

Track Application

Leave calendar provides you with a quick view of received leave applications.

Intelligent processing

Auto calculations of leave balance and leave encashment.

Streamline Leave

Mobile application and efficient approval work-flow will allow fast execution & efficient leave management.

Travel Expense Management

Policy Implementation

Our travel expense software allows you to set multiple expense policy based on hierarchical structure, location, branches, etc.

Hierarchical Approval

You can manage multi-level approval workflow process efficiently with our custom payroll software.

Tracking & Reporting

Travel-friendly solution makes work for Accountants, HR and employees less tedious as management of travel expenses is made easier through geo-tracking and smart receipts.

Fast Reimbursement

On the go application for reimbursement allows the process of settlement to be fast and transparent.

Going Paperless

Digital receipts approach through OCR allows avoiding hectic paper management & provide better solution.

FAQ on factoHR payroll software

What you will get from factoHR payroll solution ?

Derived for efficiency, our payroll solution fits every organization and meets their payroll needs. By including the features that empower your employees to perform better than before, it manages to provide an excellent experience. This payroll software India offers you better management and best performance by including cloud support, a dedicated mobile app, compliance management, and more.

Why switch to factoHR’s software?

Encourage your employees to work harder and support them efficiently by streamlining payroll management with excellent software and app solution.

  • Complete Support
    The payroll management software solution empowers businesses to efficiently complete their payroll management tasks on time without missing any deadlines.
  • Cloud-Based System
    It becomes easier to gain access to the system remotely as the cloud support enables businesses to manage and complete the assigned payroll tasks.
  • Automated Payroll Process
    Processes included in the payroll management are complicated and demand complete attention. By automating these tasks, you can rely on generating great results.
  • Mobile Support
    The dedicated mobile app solution for completing the payroll tasks gives you the power to process every required task at any time and from anywhere easily.
  • Efficient Report Generation
    As all the payroll related tasks are automated, the generation of the final report on the employee progress and the compliance tasks also get generated through the software solution.
  • Compliance Management
    Relieve yourself from the worries of managing the compliances related to your payroll processes as the payroll software enables easier management facilities and delivers excellent services.

Why factoHR’s software is one of the best software for your HR needs?

Here are the reasons why we thought factoHR is one of the best software to choose from which empowers your business by providing you insight, right into your workforce processes, and enable you to grow your business.

  • Define Payroll Policy
    The software is designed to fit the guidelines that every business has to adhere to. By enabling businesses to deliver employee support as per the government defined rules and regulations, the software aims to provide excellent services to businesses irrespective of their size and location across India.
  • Dedicated Mobile Integration
    As the popularity of smartphones is increasing, the companies also seek mobile integration support to make their tasks easier than ever. The best payroll software also comes handy as its dedicated mobile support helps businesses to deliver services remotely and answers their payroll needs on time.
  • Data Management
    The most crucial task of payroll management is when it comes to managing and aligning employee data to calculate their pay monthly. But payroll software paves its way out of such complications by arranging the data as per the company’s needs and delivers excellent support.
  • Compliance Management
    For businesses, it is equally necessary to manage their compliances well and seek the best support for every operation that relates to payroll. The best payroll software integrates complete compliance management that allows managing the compliances efficiently and gets the best approaches put forward without having to miss on anything.

Why do customers recommend factoHR?

With the expert and trusted support of factoHR’s best software solution guarantees excellent results delivered within time by automated payroll processes.

The following are the most loved features or USP by our broad range of customers.

  • SaaS Software Integration
    Our software is based on the cloud system, it can be used to manage and deliver payroll assignments remotely without having to stick to a single place. While it increases productivity, automated tasks make it easier to complete all processes on time without leaving any errors to solve.
  • Mobile App Support
    Now businesses can also rely on mobile apps that promise to deliver excellent results. And our software also introduces a supportive mobile app solution that helps employees to access their payroll details and view the salary and payment history. The app solution is dedicated to enabling complete payroll support not only to businesses but for customers as well.
  • Statutory Compliance Support
    Now you don’t have to worry about failing at adding the statutory compliance and related support. This payroll software can handle the TA, DA, and many other statutory compliances that you should care about. The automated calculation helps you save time and energy by helping you manage everything efficiently.
  • Leave Management
    One of the crucial parameters used in calculating the salaries and managing payroll is employee leaves. The mobile app offers the ease of placing a leave request through the mobile device only, and as the records get stored over the cloud, it becomes easier to calculate the pay by the stored leave data.
  • Complete Support for HR-Department
    The post payroll processes exclude the need for employee involvement, and the HR-department is responsible for managing the payment of TDS, PF, and more. Our software helps you streamline the tasks of the workforce department by delivering excellent support throughout the payment process and produces profitable results.
  • Performance Management
    It is essential to keep the employee performance in mind when it comes to appraisal and promotions. And the mobile app also helps you monitor and manage employee performance. As the easier integration facility of our software offers you efficient performance management, you can encourage employees to perform better by unbiased appraisals and critical performance monitoring.
  • Employee Operations
    Our software offers streamlined support for employees also. Mobile app solution allows employees to store and manage relevant files and data. It also provides secure cloud access and protects the employee information and delivers excellent services as well. Employees can choose to upload their documents, secure data files, and provide personalized information and more.
  • Smarter Payouts
    Our software enables businesses to choose their preferred method of payment. If a business wants to pay their employees in cash or cheque, the system supports their needs extensively by delivering dedicated support for each operation efficiently. Businesses can choose to pay their employees in any transaction mode of their choice. The system efficiently calculates the payout as per the selected method.
  • Smart Receipts
    Employees can get rid of maintaining and managing the hard copy of receipts. The AI-embedded system of the mobile app solution helps them retain a smart copy of every receipt- just scan or upload the picture of the receipt, and it gets stored in the cloud system. It makes the processing of claims easier and helms an excellent user experience for employees.
  • Reimbursement Calculation
    As employees can perform many functions on their own, the mobile app also includes reimbursement support. The calculation of reimbursement helps deliver efficient control and gives out the best outputs. It enables tracking of the application, examining the claim type, and more.
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