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Cycle Agarbatti Elevates Employee's Productivity by Automating HR Functions with factoHR

Cycle Agarbatti is the world’s largest incense stick (Agarbatti) producer. With its unique expertise in fragrance creation it has grown over the years and expanded its manufacturing to multiple kinds of incense sticks, candles, vaporizers, and other air- purifying products.

Challenges Faced
  • Attendance collection and reconciliation process was manual and time consuming
  • Worker payroll was processed weekly so it was complex, lengthy and tedious
  • Managing business expenses was time consuming and inefficient due to manual process
  • Existing performance process was not able to cope up with new business requirements
Solution Implemented
  • Using factoHR’s integrated bio-metric machines feature they were able to achieve zero human intervention and automate data reconciliation seamlessly.
  • With single click payroll solution they were able to streamline weekly salary process and with integrated banking directly deposit salary into employees account.
  • With flexible approval workflows and mobile app, they were able to decentralize the approval process and reduce burden on HR.
  • Replaced their existing performance portal with factoHR’s cloud based mobile driven performance management solution.

factoHR enables us to serve, track, and add value to our employees’ efficiency, which has resulted in a productivity increase of 40%.

Mr. Devanathan Raghavan
CFO of Cycle Agarbatti

Big Impact
  • Improved employee productivity by 40%
  • Reduced man-hour on payroll processing by 66%
  • 100% adoption of factoHR’s mobile app by employees
Cycle Agarbatti

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