Best 20 Performance Management Software in India

Elevate your business by exploring the top performance management software in India. Unlock the pathway to success.

Performance Management Software in India

Performance management plays a pivotal role in any organization’s success. It includes the planning, monitoring and improvements in employee productivity and efficiency to achieve the company’s objectives. In today’s fast-paced business world, relying exclusively on manual methodologies for performance management proves to be not enough. This is where the performance management software comes into play. In this article, we will explore the best 10 performance management software in India, each designed to streamline and optimize the performance management process.

List of Best 10 Performance Management Software in India

Now that we have understood the software, let’s look into the best performance management software system available in India.

1. factoHR

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Goal Management lets you create and track goals and tasks with different measurement parameters. Flexible Review Cycle allows you to set up and conduct various reviews like continuous feedback, 360-degree feedback, and one-to-one meetings.
With factoHR’s Mobile Application, you can create goals or OKRs for your employees and review them all using your mobile device only. Performance-linked Payroll allows you to configure the formulas for incentives and bonuses against the set goals.
Multi-level Reviews enable you to set upto a four-level review workflow through which managers, subordinates, and HR can hierarchically submit reviews. Informative Dashboard helps you to get an overall view of the entire performance management process.
Performance Review Report gives you detailed analytics of employees’ goals and their completion based on predefined parameters. The Bell Curve shows employees’ performance ratings and weights with the normalization curve assessment framework.
  • Create a performance-driven culture where each task assigned to the employees can be easily measured, and feedback can be given on a continuous basis.
  • Improve the everyday performances of employees and make it more effective by aligning the organizational goal with the employee goal.
  • The built-in integration with HR software will make both the processes of performance and payroll smoother.
  • With factoHR’s mobile app, the performance management process is available in your pocket so that you can be well aware of your employees’ performance anytime anywhere.

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Humi is a comprehensive software that places a robust emphasis on performance management. It distinguishes itself by offering 360-degree feedback, enabling employees to receive insights from both peers and managers. Humi’s sophisticated goal-setting capabilities empower organizations to set ambitious yet achievable objectives. Furthermore, its analytics tools provide valuable performance insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making. This multifaceted approach makes Humi an indispensable asset for Indian companies looking to enhance employee performance and engagement, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and success within their organizations.


  • Performance Review Templates
  • Schedules Performance Review
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Anonymous Surveys
  • Goal Setting and Tracking

3. EmployeeVibes

EmployeeVibes stands out as a comprehensive software with a strong focus on performance management. It excels in facilitating continuous feedback, empowering managers to provide real-time guidance and recognition to employees, thus cultivating a culture of ongoing improvement. Additionally, the platform simplifies performance appraisals with customizable templates and evaluation forms, ensuring that employee achievements are acknowledged and areas for development are identified promptly. EmployeeVibes goes further by enabling organizations to track skill development, ensuring that employees are continually enhancing their abilities to meet evolving organizational needs.


  • Flexible Rating Tables
  • Goals, Competencies & Development
  • Evaluation, Increment & Promotions
  • Auto-Normalization & Bell Curve
  • Employee Goal Setting
  • Daily Review Forms
  • Integrated with Learning Management

4. Officenet

Officenet offers a contemporary system enriched with performance management modules, emphasizing real-time feedback, goal alignment, and holistic employee development. This forward-thinking platform encourages ongoing conversations between employees and managers, enhancing motivation and productivity. Officenet’s unique feature is its seamless alignment of individual goals with organizational objectives, fostering unity within the organization. Additionally, it prioritizes employee development, ensuring skill enhancement and personalized learning opportunities, resulting in a continually evolving and highly productive workforce.


  • Performance Monitoring
  • Competencies
  • Performance Review
  • Performance Reports
  • Goal Setting

5. Samplex24

Samplex24 is a one of the best cloud-based performance management solution in india that excels in simplifying the often complex performance appraisal process. Its ease of use and the ability to customize performance evaluation criteria make it a suitable choice for Indian companies of varying sizes and industries. Organizations in India appreciate Samplex24’s straightforward approach to goal cascading and competency assessments, helping them drive employee performance in a more structured manner.


  • 3D Dashboards
  • Quick Analysis and Report Generation
  • Create Organizational Goals
  • User-defined Parameters
  • Performance Appraisals

6. EnspireHR

EnspireHR stands out for its adaptability. It allows HR teams in India to design custom performance workflows tailored to their specific needs. The flexibility to adapt the software to unique organizational structures and cultures makes it a preferred choice. EnspireHR is favored by organizations that want a system that aligns seamlessly with their existing processes and requirements.


  • Performance Reviews Using KPIs
  • Team Goal Creation
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Continuos feedback
  • Rich GUI

7. Possibleworks

Possibleworks is valued for providing a holistic performance management experience. In a diverse Indian business landscape, where companies have varying HR priorities, Possibleworks shines in offering a comprehensive solution. Its emphasis on continuous feedback, development plans, and engagement analytics caters to organizations of all sizes and industries. This adaptability makes it a top choice for businesses in India seeking an all-encompassing performance management solution.


  • Goal Management
  • 360-degree Feedback
  • People Analytics
  • Frequent Performance Reviews
  • Comprehensive Performance Snapshots

8. Rippling

Rippling is known for integrating performance management seamlessly with other HR functions. This feature-rich solution is ideal for large organizations in India looking for an enterprise-grade performance management system. What sets Rippling apart is its advanced reporting and analytics, providing extensive insights that help organizations make data-driven decisions.


  • Goals & OKRs Setting
  • Review Cycle
  • Calibration Performance Rating
  • Merit Cycles
  • Custom Reports
  • End to End Performance Management

9. Personio

Personio is praised for its user-friendliness and 360-degree feedback capabilities. It is a versatile performance management system that suits a wide range of organizations in India. Its simplicity in goal setting and performance appraisals makes it an accessible choice for businesses looking to adopt performance management software with minimal training and implementation challenges.


  • Performance Review Cycle
  • 360-degree Feedback
  • Digital Employee Performance File
  • Goals Management
  • Performance Appraisals

10. Infotrack

Infotrack has gained a well-deserved reputation for being a trusted choice among organizations in India that prioritize long-term talent development and seamless succession planning. The software offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to assess and evaluate the competencies of your workforce. What sets Infotrack apart is its exceptional ability to address crucial aspects of workforce management with precision and efficiency.


  • Competency Management
  • Promotions
  • Increments
  • Review Cycle
  • Performance Reports

Different Alternatives to Broaden Your Choices

Every organization has its philosophy and methodology for measuring employee performance. The underlying desire is to promote meritocracy and reward appropriately. Where required organisations help their underperformers by providing training and learning opportunities. You will need software to ensure all the observations and conversations are recorded in an auditable way.

1. Bamboo HR

BambooHR invites you to “try talent management that works” with their performance appraisal software. They solve the problem by encouraging the use of a few short questions which result in action and limit subjectivity. BambooHR promotes conducting actionable, frequent, and meaningful reviews. Such higher engagement results in a more accurate assessment of employee performance and in turn more chances to address if there are any issues immediately rather than waiting for the end of the performance cycle period.

2. Profit

Profit professes that you can maximize your team’s potential with its continuous software. Its data-driven software helps you to streamline workflows and facilitate employee growth. The software can be tailored to match the needs of your organization. You can understand every employee’s performance holistically by generating deeper insights that drive actionable improvement plans. You can capture comprehensive feedback with its customizable questionnaires and templates.

3. Lattice

Lattice wants organizations to embrace continuous performance and invest in people to accelerate business growth. Lattice enables you to customize review cycles to drive performance when you need it the most. You can ensure operational excellence by identifying your top performers at the earliest. However, Lattice adapts to your needs if you want to run annual reviews, quarterly cycles, or project-based reviews. Lattice provides intuitive tools that employees can use to request feedback and take ownership of their performance and growth.

Keka’s performance appraisal software works for growth-oriented organizations that need continuous and real-time performance reviews. The software can be used to monitor, analyze, track, and evaluate employee performance to ensure that goals are met. Keka encourages you to set audacious goals for your employees to witness your teams overachieving. Keka believes in quantifying what matters and that there should be a structured process to track performance.

Zoho believes in “performance management that makes a difference”. It encourages you to make performance reviews “engaging, fair, and more human”. Zoho People’s performance software is geared at empowering enterprises and SMBs. It helps to transform the management such that every aspect of employee and business performance is reviewed. It covers everything from assigning goals to giving feedback, and periodic reviews.

Zimyo enables you to “implement modern performance tracking”. You can transform your performance management processes from a unidirectional and time-bound activity to a dynamic and interactive one. It enables you and your teams to connect the dots of alignment, goals, and growth. Building a culture of thought leadership within the workforce, communicating unbiased and actionable evaluations, boosting the employees’ morale, and developing tangible action plans for employees. You will also be able to recognize the employees when they do well.

7. People HUM

People HUM espouses “moving towards a people-focused evaluation built around resilience and agility”. They are confident that your employees will love their software. It lets you track your employees’ goals, measure what matters, set objectives, and derive key results. You can enable continuous feedback with customizable templates for self-appraisal, leadership & 360-degree feedback. They offer the flexibility of setting up review cycles of your choice. You can either follow the balanced scorecard, the new-age peer feedback scores, or both!

8. Trakstar

Trakstar claims that they have “the best software in the galaxy” called Perform. You can set goals, track & measure employees’ competency, review 360-degree feedback, create improvement plans, ensure clear communication, and provide actionable & effective coaching tips. You can customize your reviews for each employee, define specific goals, and stay on track with regular check-ins. Trakstar’s automated system schedules performance appraisal meetings and sends customizable email reminders for reviews.

9. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM software gives you the flexibility to build and track what works for your organization in terms of goals and review cycles. You can set up performance reviews yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or whichever cycle suits you best. You can create custom goals, add OKRs, and assign them to one or many employees as applicable. As part of the performance review, a discussion on the feedback received should be held between the employee and manager. OrangeHRM offers an electronic performance sign-off feature that prompts the manager and the employee to electronically sign off on the documented review.

10. HRone

HRone software enables you to record goals and performance reviews so that you can build a high-performing workforce. You can set clear goals and nurture your employees with continuous and 360° feedback. The well-stipulated built-in evaluation model of the software aligns individual tasks with team and company goals. This will ensure that there are no gaps between the company’s strategy and execution. The predefined templates help you to streamline goal selection. The software provides an auto-cycle setup to simplify setting goals periodically for existing staff and triggers the process for new joiners.

How to Choose the Best Performance Management System as Indian Organization?

Selecting the most suitable performance management system in india for your organization is a critical decision. Here are key factors to consider.

1. Business Goals and Objectives

Business goals and objectives serve as the foundation for software. Begin by thoroughly understanding what specific outcomes you want to achieve through performance management. For example, do you aim to increase overall productivity, boost employee engagement, or focus on talent development? Each of these objectives may require a slightly different set of features from your chosen system.

2. Scalability

Scalability is crucial, especially if your organization plans to grow or undergo significant changes. Ensure that the system you select can adapt and expand alongside your company. A system that accommodates your needs as your company evolves is essential for long-term success, preventing the need for frequent system replacements.

3. User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential for user adoption and satisfaction. When evaluating potential systems, consider conducting user testing to gauge how easily employees and managers can navigate and use the system. A user-friendly interface reduces the learning curve and encourages regular system use.

4. Customization Options

Every organization has unique processes and workflows. Look for a system offering customization options to tailor the software to your needs. Customization can include adjusting terminology, creating custom fields, or modifying workflows to align with your unique performance management processes.

5. Performance Metrics

Performance metrics are at the core of effective performance management. Assess the system’s capabilities for tracking these metrics. It should allow you to set and monitor individual and team goals, provide real-time insights into performance, and generate reports that help in decision-making.

6. Feedback Mechanisms

Effective performance management includes regular feedback. Ensure the system facilitates ongoing communication between managers and employees. This can involve features like real-time feedback, regular check-ins, and performance review cycles. A robust feedback mechanism fosters a culture of improvement and supports employee growth.

7. Integration With Existing Software

Consider how well the performance management system integrates with your existing Payroll software. Seamless integration can save time, reduce data duplication, and minimize errors. Ensure that the chosen system can exchange data with other critical tools your organization relies on.

8. Support and Training

Support and training are vital aspects of a successful implementation. Evaluate the level of support and training offered by the software provider. Adequate training ensures that your team can effectively use the system, and reliable customer support is essential for addressing any issues that may arise during usage.

9. Cost

Budget considerations are a significant factor in choosing the right software. Evaluate the cost structure of different systems, considering the initial implementation costs and ongoing expenses such as subscription fees, maintenance, and potential customization costs. Ensure that the chosen system offers value for your investment and aligns with your budgetary constraints.

10. User Feedback and Reviews

User feedback and reviews can provide valuable insights into the actual performance of a system. Research user experiences and read reviews of the platform you are considering. Real-world feedback from other organizations can provide valuable guidance and help you identify any potential issues or strengths that may not be immediately apparent from vendor materials.


Performance management software plays a pivotal role in driving employee engagement, improving productivity, and aligning individual goals with organizational objectives. By choosing the right software and addressing implementation challenges effectively, Indian businesses can unlock their full potential.

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