Top 20 Attendance Management Software and System in India

Optimize your employee attendance monitoring and access real-time insights. Discover the top attendance management software in India for enterprises.

Attendance Management Software System in India

India’s rapid economic growth has led to the establishment of numerous organizations, with new entities forming daily. The expansion of these operations necessitates corresponding expansions in the attendance management system to streamline processes. Manual attendance tracking is time-consuming, laborious, and error-prone, ultimately clogging the smooth flow of the payroll process. Under such compulsive circumstances, organizations must use modern attendance management solutions. These contemporary systems save time and energy and minimize cost, enabling HR personnel and managers to use their energies and time on the strategic task of talent acquisition, nurturing, and management. Look no further, as we have explored and compiled a list of India’s best attendance management software.

List of Top 20 Attendance Management Software in India

Explore top attendance management software in India. Our reviews cover policy customization, AI features, and security protocols for flexibility and scalability. Make well-informed decisions for effective attendance management.

1. factoHR

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Employees can mark their attendance with a selfie and location using their mobile devices. Set up attendance policies like overtime, comp off, break time, late arrival, and early departure.
Create virtual boundaries around a particular location using geo-fencing and allow employees to mark their punches using a mobile app. Leverage the power of AI and allow employees to mark punches and verify their identity through facial recognition.
Mark attendance correction requests, change shifts requests, regularize missed punches, and approvals using ESS and mobile app. Setup multi-level workflow for attendance correction and change shift request approval.
Leverage factoHR’s multiple time zone capability and keep track of employees’ attendance. Define and manage roster patterns based on days, weeks, bi-weeks, or months

Advantages of factoHR

  • Without human input, factoHR’s attendance management system gathers data about an individual’s attendance from various sources, such as biometric machines, web, and mobile applications. This system accurately updates real-time attendance data, saving time and labor for the HR team and reducing human errors. It reduces time wastage through factoHR for organizations.
  • Organizations can collect touchless and hygienic attendance data with features such as Punch with a Selfie, Geo-tagging, Geo-fencing, and AI-verified face. The rich policy configuration option applies current policies and prepares for future changes.
  • Attendance data can be easily integrated into internal modules, such as leave management and payroll software, to increase efficiency and streamline end-to-end processing.
  • The attendance management software allows employees to autonomously manage HR tasks, including attendance data, reducing the administrative burden on HR while empowering employees to take ownership of their activities.

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2. Zoho People

Zoho People provides employee attendance tracker management software. They guarantee that this single app can handle all your attendance management needs. Zoho People offers greater flexibility and functionality in its online attendance software. You can install, customize, and tailor the software to suit your company’s preferences.

Features Offered by Zoho People

  • Real-time attendance
  • Access attendance data
  • Track attendance
  • Helps in payroll processing

Spica’s All Hours is a user-friendly software designed to track employee attendance, whether they are working on-site or remotely. In addition to monitoring employees’ presence, the software enables managers to handle and approve time-off requests and overtime hours. It generates comprehensive reports that aid in accurate payroll processing. The software also features a user-friendly mobile and web app, providing convenience for both managers and employees to stay updated on attendance and working hours.

Spica Features

  • Staff Scheduling
  • Clocking
  • Time and Attendance
  • Absence Management
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Payroll Integration

SumHR is another HRMS aiming to help small businesses and startups streamline their HR and payroll procedures. They are one of the best biometric software in India to track attendance and manage absence & leaves along with integration into the payroll process. They have an app where your employees can manage their attendance and other HRM processes.

sumHR Features

  • Capture attendance from WhatsApp
  • Real-time attendance
  • Customizable attendance policies
  • Geo-fence / Geo-Based tracking
  • Automated system for attendance

5. TrickyHR

TrckyHR incorporates a comprehensive employee attendance system. It defines shifts, constructs shift patterns, and assigns patterns to one or more employees. It allows HR or administration to define rules like employee schedules, grace time, overtime and holidays. The Indian organisation can use this software while recording data, generating attendance and analysing.

Features of TrickyHR

  • Flexible Shift Management
  • Business Rules
  • Rewards
  • Convenience

6. Timelabs

Timelabs believes that “If money is lost, nothing is lost. If efforts are lost, something is lost & If time is lost, each and everything is lost!!”. Simplify managing time entries and work logins with Timelabs’ web-based online attendance system. It provides a comprehensive set of customizable rules. The web-based interface keeps your data centralized and accessible from anywhere, anytime through a web browser.

Features Provided by Timelab

  • Core Working hours
  • Setup Geolocation
  • Simply scan a QR code
  • Export and save work history for employees

7. Drawinbox

This software improves employee attendance and work efficiency by simplifying tracking. It enhances accuracy in resource use, combines schedules and access, and offers insights for HR and payroll. With customization, it centralizes attendance data, allowing HR and managers to focus on essential business tasks.

Drawinbox Features

  • Shift management
  • Track Time
  • Leave
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Reports
  • Employee / Department shift calendar

8. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS wants you to experience a cloud-based attendance management system in India in the future. They provide hybrid attendance marking options like manual, app-based, kiosk-based, facial recognition, and geo-location for enhanced flexibility. You can integrate your existing biometric hardware or use your employee’s smartphones to record accurate attendance. They promise flexible software that adapts to your company’s needs.

Features of Pocket HRMS

  • Record working hours
  • Legal Compliance
  • Reports

9. GreytHR

For attendance management, GreytHR insists that “real-time is the real deal”. Without this, work becomes challenging and full of compromises. Real-time automation of attendance improves productivity. You do not have to choose amongst attendance marking methods. With greytHR, you can gather real-time attendance from multiple devices using multiple mechanisms, across your multiple work locations.

Features Offered by GreytHR

  • Multi-level Approval Hierarchy
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Extensive Report Generation
  • Mobile App
  • Manage Any Type of Shift
  • Geo Attendance Tracking
  • Integration with Payroll
  • Microsoft Certified Product

10. WalletHR

WalletHR stands as an indispensable tool for any organization. It offers comprehensive access to employee shifts and production plan creation, seamlessly integrated with the attendance machine.

Features of WalletHR

  • Employee Shift
  • Attendance Override
  • Late Rules
  • Attendance Reports

11. Timecheck

Timecheck is a comprehensive cloud-based attendance management system that automates businesses’ attendance processes. It offers many features, including shift management, multiple organisation attendance, overtime management and geo-tracking etc. It provides the flexibility to establish customised policies and intricate shift rules while seamlessly integrating with other software.

12. Kredily

Kredily promises that you can “effortlessly track attendance with their cutting-edge software”. They believe that they can revolutionise your attendance tracking with their feature-rich software. You can save time, eliminate errors, and empower your workforce with Kredily’s state-of-the-art technology, designed to maximize productivity every step of the way. You can transform your attendance process and empower the HR team when you unlock the full feature set that is on offer.

13. Personio

Personio is a simple biometric attendance software and tracking system that tracks work hours. Managers or HR can effortlessly track employees’ work hours, which supervisors then verify. You can also pre-set designated break times, ensuring that all work hours align with legal requirements and regulations. This way, you create a secure and compliant framework for managing working hours.

Keka says theirs is the only cloud software you will ever need. They also claim that it is the only attendance management system in India that integrates every aspect of time tracking right from capturing time anywhere, scheduling shifts, and tracking over-time and is fully integrated with payroll. They ensure that time tracking doesn’t feel like micromanaging as they gamify the time tracking and give an easy-on-the-eye interface for employees to be in charge of their own time.

15. UBS App

UBS App recommends using its employee attendance software to “stop wasting your precious time tracking and calculating employee attendance.” They reckon that you can save 50% of your time by using their software. Employees clock in & out actions are captured into a centralised software that tracks the time of every employee. HR managers can view the attendance records of employees on a single dashboard in real-time and manage the records as required, thereby saving time.

16. BrightHR

Trusting your team is important, but compliance is crucial. The Working Time Regulations mandate accurately tracking staff hours, breaks, and overtime. BrightHR’s clocking-in app can assist you in meeting these regulations and ensuring fairness, transparency, and legal compliance. Safeguard your team and your business effortlessly with BrightHR.

17. Realtime Biometrics

Realtime Biometrics’s cloud-based online software at your fingertips will wipe away all the hassles of accurately recording employee attendance. You can bid farewell to manual attendance management and use this efficient and powerful software. Whether it is Payroll processing or managing work activity, Realtime Biometrics readily integrates attendance data. With Realtime Biometrics, you can access leave requests from employees at any time and from anywhere.

18. Asanify

Asanify’s online HR attendance system offers seamless real-time access via its website, mobile app, and WhatsApp integration and is compatible with biometric devices. Its comprehensive feature set includes Geo-tagging, Geo-fence, and Real-time reporting, empowering managers to monitor employee attendance effortlessly. Additionally, the option for selfie-based attendance further enhances its functionality for employee tracking.

19. Zimyo

With their software, Zimyo says, “Time & Attendance Management Made Simple.” You can capture employees’ real-time attendance to improve productivity. You can create attendance policies within the software and enhance workforce management by 80%. You can empower managers with detailed data on employee leaves and attendance information. You can also generate personalized reports in just a few seconds to know every aspect of your employees’ time and attendance.

20. AddettoHR

AddettoHR optimizes an organization’s leave and attendance management processes. Its real-time processing and tracking capabilities enhance coordination, simplify leave planning, and streamline payroll operations. The software effortlessly handles attendance, reduces errors, and enhances employee focus on core responsibilities. The comprehensive solution provided by AddettoHR contributes to improved workforce management.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Attendance Management Software in India for Your Organization

Selecting the right attendance management software your indian organisation to keep track of attendance requires considering a few special factors.

1. Identify Your Needs

Determine the specific business tasks or needs of your organisation. Consider factors like the size of your organization, the number of employees, reporting needs, and any integration requirements with core HR software or payroll software.

2. Scalability

The attendance management software should manage a growing employee count and increase in data volume effectively as your organization undergoes expansion.

3. Features and Functionality

Find the best attendance system that provides all the basic features like policy configuration, attendance tracking, attendance regularization, shift management, and employee self-service. It would help if you also looked for advanced features like a mobile app, a punch with selfie and location, a punch within a geofence, AI-based face recognition, etc., as required.

4. Tightly Integrated

Select software that has the capability to seamlessly integrate with internal modules like payroll and leave management to reduce manual intervention streamline and simplify end-to-end processing.

5. Configurable Policy

Different organizations have different attendance policies. High-quality staff attendance management allows HR professionals or managers to adopt policies to align with organizational goals.


Implementing top attendance management software in India to manage attendance offers numerous advantages. These include cost-effectiveness, precise payroll management, advanced data analytics, adaptability, and real-time tracking. Every organization in India should modernize its attendance management processes and utilize technology to achieve higher productivity and effectiveness. Streamline your attendance management system effortlessly with factoHR – India’s leading solution for tracking precise, hassle-free employee attendance. Investing in the best attendance system solution can produce significant returns by optimizing workforce management and contributing to overall organizational success. Experience the power of factoHR firsthand with a free demo tailored to your organization’s needs. Revolutionize your attendance management today!


What Is an Online Attendance Management System (AMS)?

An online attendance management system identifies the solution embraced by software that helps automate the entire process of employee attendance monitoring. It incorporates features for logging employee clock-in and clock-out times, managing leave requests, and preparing data reports linked to employee attendance.

Can an Attendance Management System in India Handle Different Types of Work Schedules?

Yes, attendance management systems in India offer a good amount of flexibility in handling worktime related to different work schedules, such as full-time, part-time, shift, or flexi-hours. They can be customized to reflect the policies and rules for each type of work schedule.

Can the AMS Be Integrated With Other Kinds of HR Software?

Yes, most modern applications of AMS offer integration capabilities to interlink the different types of HR software, ranging from payroll systems, HRIS, and employee scheduling software. This can ensure data consistency across different HR processes and smoothen data transition.

Do the Attendance Management Systems Maintain Secure Data Regarding Sensitive Issues?

Attendance management systems are secure and protect data privacy by maintaining encryption, role-based access controls, and regular security updates. Many systems are also used for data privacy laws like the GDPR, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data.

What Is the Best Software for Attendance in India?

The best attendance management software in India includes factoHR, TrickyHR, Spica, sumHR, Zoho People, and Timelabs.

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