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Sales Manager Job Description

Sales Manager Job Description

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A sales manager is a professional who is responsible for the success of the company’s sales department. They lead a sales team by providing guidance, training, creating sales plans, analyzing data, setting sales goals, assigning sales territories, and building their team. Everything they do helps them achieve their sales targets and earn more profit for their company.

Sales Manager Job Description Template

We are looking for a sales manager who will be responsible for organizing and supervising our sales team. You will manage sales by developing business plans, coordinating with the marketing department on lead generation, and meeting planned goals. As a sales manager, we hope you can put your passion for sales management into selling our products and converting our leads into customers.

Sales Manager Responsibilities:

  • Hitting sales targets by successfully managing the sales team.
  • Setting individual sales targets for team members.
  • Coordinating with the marketing department on lead generation.
  • Tracking sales goals and reporting necessary results.
  • Training sales staff.
  • Promoting the company’s products and services.
  • Understanding consumer behavior.
  • Forming a collaborative team environment.
  • Advising and motivating sales representatives.

Sales Manager Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or any similar field.
  • Experience in developing and executing sales strategies.
  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Strong analytical and result-oriented skills.
  • Strong business sense and industry expertise.
  • Ability to lead a sales team.
  • Dedication to providing great customer service.

Sales Manager Job Description Sample

Sarana Technologies is a leading tech giant located at 13 branches across India, we are looking for a dedicated sales manager for our Andheri branch, Mumbai. They are expected to achieve our customer retention and revenue growth targets by creating sales plans, justifying those plans to top-level management, and maximizing the sales team’s performance.

Sales Manager Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement strategic plans to increase and maintain the company’s sales.
  • Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Identify current market trends and consumer behavior.
  • Set goals and mentor sales staff.
  • Present expense, revenue, and sales reports to the management team.
  • Attend conventions and trade shows as needed.
  • Forecast and achieve monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets.
  • Suggest products, services, or techniques to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Looking after pre and post-sales activities.

Sales Manager Requirements:

  • 4+ years of proven experience as a sales manager.
  • Proven ability to drive the sales process.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Management and leadership skills.
  • Ability to develop sales and budget strategies.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office and CRM tools.
  • Presentation and analytical skills.
  • Ability to analyze sales data.
  • Ability to attend workshops, seminars, and conferences.


1. What does a Sales Manager do?

A sales manager helps in hiring, training, developing their sales team, and setting weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals on the basis of their team’s performance.

2. Who does a Sales Manager work with?

A sales manager mostly works with their team, they also connect with their customers or clients, and report to the managing director or the CEO of the company.

3. What are the Qualities of a good Sales Manager?

A good sales manager is analytical and communicates properly with their team and outside clients as well. They also possess good interpersonal skills to work together towards their common goal and have the ability to plan strategically.

4. What is the difference between a Sales Manager and a Sales Representative?

Sales representatives are responsible for generating new business and sales leads by working with clients and potential customers. On the other hand, a sales manager is responsible for motivating and leading a team of sales representatives to meet their sales target.

5. What is the career path for a Sales Manager?

To get into a sales manager position, your will need to have a degree from a related field first, then you can try out internships in sales, and get a job for a sales executive. After having some sales experience, you can apply for assistant sales manager positions. Once you get experience as an assistant sales manager, you can finally apply for a sales manager position.

6. What is the typical work schedule of a Sales Manager?

Throughout the day, sales managers are responsible for many tasks such as monitoring and supporting their sales team to reach their targets, being available for meetings with customers, coordinating with the HR department to hire sales staff, etc.

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