What is Quality Assurance OKRs?

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Quality Assurance or Testers is the department of the organization that accounts for testing and finalizing the product/service’s quality. The primary function of the testers is limited to create source code, review the source code, find the bugs, prevent it, maintain the quality of the product, software integration, and delivery management. The product to be delivered must be of excellent quality without any bugs and run-time errors. The role of the quality testers increases when you have many products to deliver that, too, maintaining the timeline of delivery and the quality. Thus, OKRs for QA help them to achieve maximum output and improve the quality of the product to be released with every regression testing. The time frame of such OKRs short term to ensure maximum targets achieved. Our Quality Assurance OKRs template embraces many sample examples to help you with OKR building.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • Sample examples about OKR for QA to help you build for yourself.
  • How to design the goals to make your Quality Assurance team directed towards organizational goals and never miss any deadline.
  • Various sample objectives that can be marked as the goals for individuals and teams.
  • Specific two or more Key Results that can be attached to the designed objectives to have an all-round goal management system.
  • The time limit that can be applied to each key results to make them inspirational and time-bound.
  • You can create customized goals for every individual and team to make sure they don’t freeze anywhere in between.
  • How to find the goals and method to measure the goals.

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