What is Employee Gift Policy?

The employee gift policy states the provisions and guidelines applicable for receiving, offering, and exchanging gifts by employees under any circumstances. The employee should not be gifted for any favors as it may not turn out good for other employees’ morale. Under this policy, the organization can define circumstances under which employees can accept gifts, exemptions, and provisions. There may be circumstances where the donations received by employees might be a cause of injustice and conflicts. Thus the company’s policy must be equal for every employee and must strive to practice the same. A well-formed policy and culture practice will not only make employees learn about the policy but also help the agencies, vendors and suppliers of present to employee to learn about the same. Formulating a policy will be a suitable method to lessen down the affect of inappropriate gift supplies and the effects of them. Our Gift policy template defines every step to invent and maintain an all-round policy.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • A sample of specialized policy that will encircle all the necessary constituents.
  • What guidelines must be defined to keep your gift policy away from favoritism?
  • The scope of your gift policy.
  • The purpose that your policy will define.
  • The procedure to be followed if the gift is unknown and can be a reason for conflicts of interest.
  • The actions to be taken if someone breaks the law.
  • The exceptions that will be allowed to the employees under this policy.
Everything you need to ensure that the gifts exchanged in your office are not bound to favors with our employee gift policy template example

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