What is Social Media Policy?

Social media usage has been quickly increasing each year. It has become an essential medium for people to express and vent their emotions. This trend does not seem to have an intent change any time soon. Now that tech-savvy Millennials are in the workforce and Generation Z (those born in 1995 or later) following them, the boundaries between “personal” and “professional” have become increasingly foggy online. As a result, your company would do its best to create specific guidelines to guarantee that no trade secrets or brand negativity are shared publicly. This makes the need for a social media policy a vital tool for an organization.

It is due to this reason why many companies have initiated a workplace social-media policy as a portion of their human resources training efforts. A clear set of guidelines can be given to employees vocalizing what is permissible to post about the organization, thereby ensuring that the organization stays away from legal problems. Legal issues are sure to originate if employees say anything harmful about the organization or reveal confidential information. This policy gives employees a distinct understanding of what they are allowed to post on their platforms and off-limits. Get your employees a clear-cut knowledge of what they are allowed to post online, and how any negligence from them may lead to immense trouble.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • The purpose and scope of the policy.
  • The Provisions regarding grievance related communication.
  • Provisions about the confidentiality of the clients and associated partners.
  • Rules about communication on Public Platforms.
Make an easy-to-understand and transparent usage about social media etiquette with our customizable social media policy template.

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