What is Transfer and Relocation Policy?

The employees may be transferred or relocated within the country. When a company offers long-term employment to an employee more than fifty kilometers from the current work place, a company may offer a relocation package. Companies are supposed to provide their transferring employees with everything they need to relocate. These expenses usually cover the employee’s sound moving and other work-related cost. By offering transferees a relocation reimbursement, employers provide comprehensive financial and different kinds of relocation aids to free the employee and their family of the expensive load of relocation. A well-developed policy not only provides peace of mind as well as a payment to accept the job offer for the transferring employee but reflects positively on the company’s reputation for attracting top talent. The Transfer and Relocation Policy describes the organization’s Rules and Regulations concerning the transfer and relocation of the employee. It also contains the leave provisions that allow the employee to settle in the transferred or relocated area. Reimbursement provisions and provisions regarding exceptions are also included in this example template. With our Relocation Policy template, you can easily configure the terms to suit the needs of your organization.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • The benefits are, in no circumstances, receivable in cash.
  • The package will be offered for the employee only and not for any other family member accompanying him/her.
  • The provisions regarding Orientation Trip.
  • The provisions regarding Travel on Transfer.
  • Allowance regarding rejoining and temporary living assistance.
  • Exceptions to this policy.
Find a well-versed and easy to understand transfer & relocation policy in our transfer and relocation policy template.

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