What is Travel Policy?

A travel policy is basically a company’s rules and procedures that outline how their employees should approve, book, and sponsor travel for business-related purposes. Corporate travel policies are normally created by the Finance Manager and the Travel Manager. They typically abstract things like if an employee can travel in business class, before how many weeks should they book their trips, or if there are certain precautions employees must take when traveling alone. Travel policies aren’t just rules. They shouldn’t be confusing and too restricting. Rather, travel policies can positively affect both travelers and business. Company travel policy is affected by how your company travels, who travels, and why they travel. However, there are some things need to be in any company’s policy. There are some challenges to the travel policies formulated in general. They are that the travel policies are challenging to understand, they are not enforced using technology, and they come across as overly bureaucratic. With our Travel Policy Template, you can overcome these challenges and have an easy-to-understand policy for your organization’s employees.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • Approved travel booking tools
  • Limit of cost of the booking (hotels, flights, ground transportation)
  • Notable exceptions or rules for costlier cities or routes
  • Reimbursement process
  • Permitted and not permitted expenses
  • Travel debriefing process
  • Travel insurance carrier
  • Duty of care vendor or procedures
Make an easy-to-configure and all-inclusive travel policy with our travel policy template.

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