Employee scheduling software for dynamic management of employees’ shift

factoHR’s shift scheduling brings to you the most effective and simple way to handle your employees’ shifts and rosters.

Employee Shift Scheduling made more effortless

Creating and assigning shifts is now easier with factoHR’s shift scheduling, and it also allows you to design a weekly/monthly roster for your employees.

Better Time Management

With an online platform, you can manage your employees’ time and create better shift arrangements very quickly and easily.

24*7 Shift Management

With factoHR, it is easy to define and assign 24*7 rotational schedules or rosters for their employees without any additional efforts.

Increased Productivity

factoHR offers you a simplified platform for managing all your shifts so that employees can focus on their ongoing projects without worrying about their shifts.

Define and Assign Shifts

Configure and assign multiple shifts for all the employees, department and location-wise. You can also select your shifts to be fixed, flexible, or auto-shift and create as many shifts as you want to.

Shift Rotation

Planning rotational shifts and assigning them is a complicated task, but not with factoHR. Identify your shift needs and create rotational shifts/rosters based on daily, weekly, monthly shift rotations.

Shift Allowances and Incentives

Offer your employees benefits for working extra hours above their shifts. factoHR’s seamless, integrated modules allow you to calculate the payroll based on different shifts very easily.

Simplify your work schedules with factoHR today

Auto-shift Selection Based on Attendance Punch

The system will automatically take the nearest possible shift based on the attendance punch marked by the employee using biometric or other attendance application, and it will be helpful for the salary processing.

Employees/Managers can Choose Shifts

FactoHR’s mobile-driven shift management feature lets the workforce request the shift timing their want to choose. Managers are also authorized to choose their subordinates’ shifts and approve the shift requests by their employees.

Notification for Shift Changes to Employees

Employees directly receive the notification on their mobile application or emails about any changes to be made to their shifts after approval by the managers.

Configure your employees’ shifts with factoHR today

Identify your bottleneck areas, and factoHR’s shift scheduling will allow you to manage all your shifts without any manual efforts and in a smoother way.

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