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Floating Holidays

What are Floating Holidays?

Floating holidays are a kind of paid vacation offered to employees by the company. The employees use these holidays, especially during religious or cultural festivals that aren’t included in the company’s paid holidays list. Floating holidays promote healthy work-life balance, contribute to flexibility, and boost company’s and employees’ morale.

For instance,

  • A company gave holidays for 4 days on Diwali.
  • One of the employees took an additional leave for 2 days after 4 off days.
  • The holiday employee took can be called a floating holiday.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to offer floating holidays?

Floating holidays are essential as it provides a sense of flexibility for the employees. These are the additional benefits offered by the organization to the employees to promote a healthy and balanced work-life and boost employees' morale.

Is it mandatory to provide floating holidays?

Floating holidays are not mandatory for any organization but it is acceptable to provide the employees an optional holiday based on the religious observations.

What is the difference between a vacation and a floating holiday?

Floating holidays are taken as a single-day off and vacation leave is taken as a combination of various leaves. In addition, floating holidays are paid but a vacation holiday can be paid or unpaid depending on the number of days.

How are floating holidays decided?

Floating holidays are divided by the organization on how many days can be granted as holiday. However, the employees can decide upon when to use them.

Can floating holidays be used anytime?

As floating holidays do not fall under a certain date or time, they can be used as per the employees needs.


What should a floating holiday policy consist of?

Floating holiday policy should consist of the following aspects;

  • The time of availability of floating holiday
  • Who can avail a floating holiday
  • Who qualifies for a floating holiday
  • Other specific restrictions

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