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Carry out the leave request and approval processes with an easily operable online leave management system to empower your employees and enhance their efficiency.

leave management system

What Is A Leave Management System?

A leave management system is an ideal solution for every business that manages the leaves of the company’s entire workforce, irrespective of its size. It allows the organizations to automate their leave management process by enabling the employers and the employees to approve or apply for leaves, respectively, with the help of software. Leave management is fundamentally the process of handling the applications of time-off submitted by your employees as well as to track the time that they spent away from work. factoHR’s leave management system allows easy integration of the leave management with the employees’ remuneration, thereby making it easier for the human resource manager to calculate the gross payment to the respective employees.


Factors to consider FactoHR’s Leave Management Software

A hassle-free solution is always needed for managing leave allocation where factors like leave balance, employee engagement, accruals and policy are of high importance. Our system full fills all the need for a leave management solution which can act as a one-stop solution to manage all leave operations for reducing the burden of managers and high authority.

Extensive Configurability

FactoHR’s leave management solution offers great configurability & flexibility to meet your company requirements of defining leave policy and specified approval workflows.

Transparent approval system

With our system, you can provide your employees with a transparent leave approval system where they can easily track the status of their applications being approved or rejected along with the notification by mail

Precise and automated

FactoHR’s leave management system is precise with finite steps for application and also features auto approval of leaves if they are under certain predefined conditions with respect to company’s policy.

Leave System Overview

Define leave type
In our system you can define multiple leave types like paid leaves, emergency, maternity, bereavement & many more for selecting a particular type in a leave application.

Configurable policy

Establishing a leave policy in our system as per your company for providing leaves to employees according to their grade, department, time of year, deduction schemes and lots of other configurable variables.

Leave Accruals

Allocate custom leave accruals to your employees on a configurable timely period which will be based in pro-rata basis.

Approval workflow

Define multi level approval work-flow in our system which will be followed for approval and rejection process of a leave applications done by managers, ceo & team leads.

Compensatory Off

Define comp-off policy for enabling your organization to compensate an employees with a credit leave, which they have earned by working extra on a holiday.

Leave Encashment

Encashment Policy

Encourage your employees for their regularity by giving them encashment benefits in against of their pending leave balance at the year-end or carry forwarding the leave balance to upcoming year.

Encashment Frequency

Define the leave encashment frequency for employees to avail benefits of their unutilized leaves in monthly, quarterly or yearly encashment cycle.

Calculate the applicable tax

Manage filing of Income tax for every employee’s leave encashment as per the Indian I.T rules and regulations.

Encashment Cap

Manage your company’s encashment pay-outs by defining the maximum number of leaves an employee can apply for encashment.

Payment Method

With FactoHR you can pay the encashment amount with an employee’s payroll or by also issuing a cheque to him.


Configure Workflow

Configure your organization’s working structure to state that who has an authority to approve or reject leave application.

Multi-level Workflow

Enhance your leave application process to work with multi-level work-flow hierarchy & clearly define an approval map for carrying out unbiased process.

Conditional Workflow

In our leave management system a company can delegate authority in absence of approving manager to subordinate head, another manager, HR or any other employee.


System will automatically remind approving authority for any pending application to be approved by informing them through a mail.

Notification – Mail Approving for leave – status change – application of leave(mgr).

Configure system to notify your employees and concerned authority through auto mailing feature for any status change in employees leave application.

Apply for leave

Check leaves balance to apply accordingly (Opening / Closing)

System will calculate the leave balance for validating an employee’s application in accordance with the opening and closing leave balance.

Leave request

Employees can send a leave application to their higher authorities through our system as per the criteria and company policy they are falling in.

Attachment in application

FactoHR’s leave management system has provisions of attaching multiple files of any format with a leave application, which will justify the reason of leave to the approver.

Auto leave approval

Configure criteria of auto approving leaves for employees who are applying leave for company’s work like business travelling.

Leave Calendar

Our leave management system has a calendar for employees to see their previous leaves, week-offs, upcoming holidays & many more to efficiently plan out their leaves.

Holiday list

Create a holiday list

Pro-actively create and feed holiday list for the entire year in the system so that every employee can see and manage their leave plans.

Add restricted or optional holidays

Define restriction of certain holidays or make some holidays optional for employees to work and get paid during that off day. [optional holiday to get paid if your work on that holiday ]

Create regional holidays

Companies are allowed to make list of regional holidays for their different offices premises to boost the morale of their employees.


Configure policy for working on a holiday due to priority work by an employee for which he/she will be paid with respect to the policy.

Leave reports

Leave balance

Our system helps an employee to create a leave report to analyse approved and rejected leaves, paid leaves, encashment, leave balance carry forward and many more things.

Compensatory off

Get system generated compensatory off report to analyse which the employees are working on priority basis also on holidays.

Monthly availed leave

With our leave management system you can get data of which employee has right to avail how much numbers of leaves and in what duration of time.

Pending leave application

You can easily generate reports of pending leaves in your company to inform the approving authority to take necessary action for the same.

Leave availed

Get a detailed statistical report of an employee’s leave record history along with factors like type and reason of leave, leaves availed monthly, quarterly or yearly etc..

Mobile App Leave Management

Apply for leave
With factoHR’s mobile application employees are allowed to submit a attendance application conveniently from their iOS or Android devices.

Check leave balance

Employees can easily check leave balance and its type for planning a perfect leave schedule without hindering their work.

Quick view on Application History

Have a look at your leave history from your mobile device to view all the granted, pending & approved leave.

Send for approval

Employees can apply for a leave from a mobile device along with an attached documents as a proof for leave screening and verification process.

Proof Submission

With the mobile application, you can easily capture and attach proofs like receipts, bills, certificates which will authenticate the reason for a leave application.

Our Unique Offerings

Awesome features to make your organization more efficient

AI Powered Chatbot

Make your organisation smart and efficient with factoBot, a query solving chatbot that will address all your employee’s query and assist them with payslip generation, attendance application, checking leave balance etc.

Attendance with Geo Fence

With our geo fence feture you can virtually create fence around your office locations for restricting employees to punch within that area only.


Easily locate your field employees and help them to navigate efficiently to make travelling, cost effective and productive.

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