Modern Workplace Solution Catering To Your Advanced Needs

With factoHR’s Modern Workplace Solution, create a more virtually connected workplace, boost employees’ encouragement, and manage all your complex tasks with a more secured platform even during your distributed environment.

remote employee monitoring software

Punch With Selfie

Allow your remote working employees to mark their attendance using their own devices authenticated with their selfies and locations, and reduce the expense of biometrics and other infrastructures.

digital attendance mark option in workplace solution


Monitor your employees’ activities and working hours by factoHR’s timesheet management, which allows them to input their time taken for tasks assigned to them. Managers can keep an eye on these inputs by analyzing the workforce’s productivity.

Mobile App

factoHR’s innovative mobile app comprises modern technologies to offer you tools like geo-fencing, timesheet, performance management, and many more for complete workforce management at your fingertips.


Attendance marking is now secured and authenticated with factoHR’s geofencing as it lets you define custom virtual boundaries at locations that allow employees to punch within the created fence only.

Face Recognition

factoHR’s face recognition feature uses an AI-based algorithm to detect the employees’ liveliness while marking attendance through the mobile app, which will not consider the punch on false detection.

Build a concentrated and modern workplace with factoHR today

Attendance Rules

Organize your custom attendance rules with factoHR that considers each aspect of designing a perfect attendance system that syncs in real-time with all the attendance punch devices and reduces the traditional methods of sheets and papers.

Shift Management

Manage all your multiple and rotational shifts quickly with factoHR as it allows you to map all your employees’ shifts within one platform, which is seamlessly integrated with your leave and attendance systems.

Performance Management

Create audacious OKRs for your teams with the factoHR’s performance management from your mobile application to keep them aligned with your organizational goals even in a distributed environment.

CEO Speak

CEOs can simultaneously share their essential messages and announcement with all or particular employees from factoHR’s web solution and mobile application. This ensures better and timely connectivity with your workforce.

employee mood survey analysis

Mood Survey/Mood Bot

Learn your employees’ mood for the day submitted by them through their mobile apps or ESS portal, which can help you make decisions on work schedules and productivity. It also allows you to assist them in their highs and lows.


factoHR’s smart solution also includes a ticketing system to resolve your employees’ queries. They can raise tickets from their mobile app to ask questions, which then can be answered by your HR professionals.

factoHR’s Modern Workplace Solution For A Digitally Collaborated Organization

A custom and collaborative modern workplace solution that allows you to handle your daily functions from a digitized platform even while not being at your workplace.

Enhanced Virtual Connectivity

factoHR’s advanced solution helps managers and superiors stay connected with the juniors and other staff making an organization more active.

Smooth Tracking

With cutting-edge tools, you can stay updated and track your employees’ productivity and performance output while allowing them to work remotely.

Engaging Workforce

Keep your workforce engaged with the distributed workplace environment and aligned with the organizational goals.

Modernize your workplace with factoHR today

factoHR’s modern workplace solution lets you enhance connectivity in your distributed workplace environment and manage tasks on a digitized platform.

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