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Human resource is the most tricky function; their OKRs are also challenging to design. The human resource department has to maintain and organize various operational and strategic tasks to grow their organization from hire to retire. It is thus the core component needed for the organization, without which an organization cannot survive. The OKRs example for the Human resource department helps them stick to their functions and give their best to achieve the targets within a limited time interval. Our Human Resource OKR template will ensure short term inspirational goals for the HR department.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • General examples specially designed for the Human Resource department to influence them to achieve the key results within a specified time.
  • How to create achievable and measurable outputs for the HR department.
  • How to influence your HR department to work for every HR function simultaneously without interrupting the others.
  • How to design the objectives that will inspire your HR department to accomplish any target within a limited time.
  • To make sure HR focuses on operational as well as strategic tasks while taking care of benefits and compensation administration.
  • That the OKRs designed by you using these examples are fully measurable.
  • You can define any measurement methods according to your needs to keep track of the Human resource team’s amount of work.
  • That OKRs being short-termed, provides effectiveness and progress to the HR team.
  • To have more efficacy, these OKRs can be split into various parts if they are longer to achieve and measure.

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