Seamless user experience with Payroll Integration

Our integrated payroll software ensure smooth processing of all your HR tasks as factoHR works as one point solution.

Payroll Integration made easy and quick

factoHR provides an integration between HR and payroll allows you to perform all the regular operations quickly and efficiently.

Less administrative burden

factoHR’s solution offers an intuitive environment with completely integrated modules to maximize HR’s productivity in handling the everyday tasks and save up enough time.

Increased Accuracy

The system reduces the chances of manual errors as you can upload and manage all the data online without searching and managing piles of papers.

Data Transparency

Reducing the need for papers and assigning customized rights, HR, managers, and employees can access their information by logging into the system.

Synchronization of Employee Information

factoHR’s centralized information management lets you store all the employees’ details, such as name, employee ID, document proofs, joining date, etc., on a cloud platform. You can update the information or ask employees to do the same.

Customize Salary Structures

There are different salary structures for employees based on their grades and departments, and factoHR helps you manage the same. You can configure your employees’ salary structures based on different pay heads like basic salary and tax components while maintaining statutory compliance.

Simplify your regular Workforce management tasks with factoHR today

Process Your Calculations Faster

With factoHR’s swift processing and payroll integration, you can speed up your payroll calculations and make payments a breeze. Along with regular salary payments, it is easy to process arrears computation, loan recoveries, asset recoveries, leave encashment, bonus, and incentives within factoHR.

ESS Portal for Employees

factoHR also makes it easy for employees to check their salary history, YTD amount, download salary payslips, statutory forms, and submit proofs for investment declaration, all through a single Employee self-service platform and without asking HR.

Benefits of the Complete Solution

Not only just processing payroll, but with seamless integration, you can carry out all the other HR activities using factoHR’s complete HR software package. The system gives you all the features that an HR needs to manage the tasks to reduce the burden.

Streamline your payroll activities with factoHR today

With a complete suite of factoHR’s solutions and complete integration, you can ensure better productivity and faster processing.

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