Superannuation Fund

Manage superannuation trust easily and efficiently with benefits of pension plans after retirement. Following are the detailed functionalities of our PF Software.


Retirement Benefit Solution

All in one solution for Provident Fund, Superannuation & Gratuity trust that combines investment management, member management and accounting in one package.


Complete your audit before time in a hassle-free manner to pass all types of accounting entries based on which you will be able to generate reports for Ledger, Voucher, Trail balance, Revenue account, and balance sheet for accounts finalization.

Bank Receipt/Payment

You will be able to pass all types of bank receipts and payment transactions available for all payment and receipt modes with minimum manual working.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile your bank on day to day basis for effective fund management with the help of our bank reconciliation module.


Manage multiple inter bank transfer entries.


Auto posting of various journal entries like monthly contribution, member interest posting, accrued interest, reversal of accrued interest, amortization etc will helps in improvement of working efficiency.

Ledger Report

You will be able to extract as well as print ledger report with various options of report generation in PDF or Excel format.

Voucher report

Generate/print all types of voucher in bulk based on voucher date, voucher no and transaction type wise.

Trial balance

You can generate multi level trail balance as per your requirement ranging from 1st level to 4th level.

Revenue Account

Generate revenue account for finalization of accounts as well as for provisional financial statement any time having effect of all transactions with accuracy and precision in your format.

Balance sheet

Generate Balance sheet for accounts closing & Audit in your format.

Cash flow

Track your cash flows with projection of income & expenditure for each month for advance planning of investment considering pattern wise investment already done as per EPFO guidelines.

Investment Management

factoHR superannuation fund application will help you to Manage Investment effectively and increase yield of your fund if investment if managed in house:

Investment Evaluation/Purchase
Make suitable selection of the investment based on your investment criteria by using our Investment Evaluation module where you will be allowed to add as many securities as you want before purchase and can compare the same to get idea which security is to be purchased. Also pass investment purchase transaction once selection is done and investment made with having both accounting as well as security wise effect.

Interest Accrued

Get investment wise accrued interest details for all type of different investments just in one click where in you will also be able to pass year end accrued interest JV automatically.

Investment yield

You will get auto calculated interest yield for your investment corpus based on which you can take decision on distribution of interest among members.

Interest Summary

You can generate interest summary report that contains details like interest received date, amount, voucher no, coupon amount etc. Also you will get details if interest is not received or received more or less.

Mutual fund/equity purchase

You will be able to process Mutual fund and equity purchase related transactions separately as having different nature as compared to fixed return investment purchase.

Investment Amortization

No need to maintain Amortization calculation working manually. You can configure amortization method you are following and report can be generated accordingly. Also accounting JV will be created in single click.

Investment Amortization

No need to maintain Amortization calculation working manually. You can configure amortization method you are following and report can be generated accordingly. Also accounting JV will be created in single click.

Investment register

Script wise register will be available for your ready reference that will give you details of opening investment, current year purchase, Current year maturity, amortization done and finally the closing balance of investment pattern wise.

Investment Summary

Compact format of investment register i.e Investment summary report helps you to check your pattern wise total investment corpus as on date.

Mutual Fund/Equity Management

Get rid from tedious working in excel for mutual fund management. You will be able to manage mutual fund and equity investments by using our software efficiently and effectively. Create, purchase, sale and book profit on redemption of units with lesser manual working.

Mark to market facility

You can capture as on date NAV for available mutual fund scheme and based on that you will be able to compute mark to market gain or loss for your mutual fund investment.

LIC fund management

If funds are managed by LIC, Get rid from time consuming LIC fund management activities as system will help you to manage your LIC fund in effective manner.

LIC Annuity Tracking

You can track LIC annuity purchased for employees.

LIC interest upload facility

In case funds are managed by LIC, you will be able to upload member wise interest declared by LIC.

Annuity Purchase Report

You will get Annuity purchase report member wise just in one click.

Multiple LIC scheme

Employee wise Scheme selection and scheme wise fund allocation will be allowed if investment is done in multiple LIC scheme.

Scheme wise contribution uploading

You can upload LIC scheme wise contribution if there are multiple LIC scheme.

Membership Management

With help of our FactoHR Retirement benefit software, manage trust members easily and perform transactions quickly.

Monthly Contribution

Facility to upload monthly contribution through file having accounting effect as well. You will also get contribution checklist report for contribution uploaded.

Settlement Application / Payment / Covering letter

Process settlement application and payment in bulk through file uploading as well as manually with various payment options and having taxation effect. Also generate post payment documents for employee communication.

1/3, 2/3 commutation

Our retirement benefit software will allows you to process settlement transactions with all types of options like full refund, full pension including 1/3,2/3 commutation.

Member interest Calculation

Automated system to calculate and post member wise interest with differential interest rate in quick manner. Also allows you to generate provisional interest run to get to know interest liability.

Transfer in application/Receipt/Covering letter

Helps you to track status of transfer in application created, to generate documents require to initiate transfer in and to process the receipt entry once amount received.

Transfer out application/Payment/Ann-K/Covering letter

Process transfer out application and payment with effective tracking mechanism. Also generate post payment documents too like covering letter, payment voucher etc.

Member’s SA statement

Generate member’s SA statement for individual employees, for all employees or for selected employees as per your requirement. You can also share the same among employees through mail.

Employee Self Service

Empower employee with direct access to information.

SA Balance

Employee can check their as on date balance anytime.

SA Statement

Employee will be able to generate PF statement for current year as well as for past financial year.

Settlement Application

Employee can create settlement application once left the organization himself and can also check updated status of his application.

Nomination Updation

Nominee details will be available on dashboard. And in case of any change, employee can update the same.

Mobile Application

Provides flexibility to access information from any where, any time through single touch.

Superannuation balance 

Access Superannuation balance anytime anywhere.

SA statement

Generate SA statement for current F.Y as well as past F.Y

Nominee details

Update and check nominee details through mobile application.

Other Unique Features

RTGS/NEFT letter

RTGS/NEFT letter is the request document required to be submitted to bank for making online payments. You will be able to generate such letters for all types of online payment.

e-TDS return

e-TDS return is a TDS return prepared in form No. 24, 26 or 27 in electronic media as per prescribed data structure and is required to be filed every quarter.Submitting TDS Return is mandatory if you are a deductor. It has details of TDS deducted and deposited by deductor. With the help of e-TDS return feature, user can generate uploading file that can be directly use for FVU validation and submission.

Month/Year Locking facility

This is one of the data security feature available in the system where in you can lock particular month or year once Audit is completed so that no changes can be done in the transactions already passed and checked. However, you will be able to generate required reports for various purpose.

Annual slip sending through Email

As per instruction received from EPFO, it is mandatory to distribute PF statement every year among members once interest rate is finalized and financial year is closed. This feature is useful for such distribution in time saving manner

Interest Liability Report

Interest liability report is useful for determining interest amount that is to be distributed without passing accounting entry at any time.

Audit Trail

Audit trail is one of important security feature available in the system that will record the changes that have been made to a database. Audit trail is useful for verification for unauthorized changes, reconciliation and historical data checking.

User Define Letter generation

With the help of this functionality, user can generate covering letters for various transactions like settlement, transfer in, transfer out, Loan disbursement and pension claim as per his requirement.

SMS/Email Functionality

User trigger as well as auto trigger SMS/Email functionality available for each and every member related transaction.

Role /Rights

You can manage multiple users by defining different roles and what rights to be given to them for day to day activities based on their work profile.


You will get different reminders for the information that are critical and important in nature like reminders for Interest due, maturity due, Pending applications, Bank reconciliation, Uninvested Balance etc.

Import bulk transactions

Import bulk transactions will allows you to process various transactions through file upload which will reduce your time in transaction processing.

Maker/Cheker and approver facility

You can set authorization level for all types of transactions and master creation and assign maker, checker and approver rights to respective user to control user activities.

Mutual Fund Purchase

You can make investment in various mutual fund directly from the factoHR application which will help you to have real time NAV and scheme data , hassle free portfolio tracking & evaluation and accounting integration.