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Geo Fence

Geo-Fence allows an employee to punch using mobile devices within a virtual perimeter. So the employee can punch only at specific locations.

Per Employee
Geo Tracking

With Geo-Tracking you can record employee entire day's journey as well as their travelled distance.

Per Employee
Punch with Selfie

This feature requires an employee to take a selfie of themselves while punching. This authenticates employee's presence at that location.

Per Employee
Self On-Boarding

Self OnBording empowers the employee to onboard themselves via self-service portal and reduce time and efforts of HR.

Per Employee
Ticketing System

The Ticketing system enables your HR to address issues proactively, efficiently and effectively.

Per Employee

With Timesheet you can track employee's task, working hours and productivity analysis.

Per Employee

Recruitment helps you streamline the recruitment process from candidate sourcing to their onboarding.

Per User

General Terms

  • Payable on Annual Subscription in advance.
  • One time setup fee which includes ( Data migration (employee master) + Policy configuration + Online training )
    is 3 months subscription cost of software or 6500 which ever is higher.
  • This is just subscription fees not complete proposal please contact sales team for complete proposal.
  • Taxes applicable extra.


Dr. Adit Gupta – Director of MIER

In this testimonial, Mr Adit Gupta of MIER College of Education is speaking about how factoHR team has understood thier requirement and provided seamless integration with existing systems. They have also highlighted how thier employee loves the mobile app, which simplifies their daily activities like attendance, payslip, compliance report and much more.

Fatema Merchant – HR of Mirraw Online Service

With factoHR, Fatema Merchant of Mirraw Online Services able to eliminate manual and time consuming payroll process. She says now they can process payroll by just clicking a few buttons. She also confirms factoHR is budget-friendly and enable the company to increase transparency with approval workflow.

Pooja Dadhaniya – HR Manager of Kelvin Plastics

Pooja Dadhaniya of Kelvin Plastics agrees they have reduced their payroll process from 5-6 days to 2-3 hours with factoHR. She likes factoHR’s ability to auto collects data of 270 employees from different sources and organized it at a single place. Her companies have always believed in the stronger foundation and factoHR helped them to do so.


1. Do you require any capital investment?

No. One of the biggest benefits of cloud software is that you don’t need infrastructure at your place you can start using the product whenever you want. You don’t require any kind of capital investments.

2. Is there any cancellation fee or a lock-in period?

There is no cancellation fee or lock-in period on any of our plans. However if you have availed an annual subscription plan the remaining credit will not be refunded if you discontinue factoHR service during the validity of the plan.

3. Who owns my data?

It is your data and it is all yours. You can access your data anytime at just a click of the button. You can also export all the information at anytime irrespective of your plan.

4. How safe is my data?

We have implemented strong security policies to protect your data. Physical access to the servers is secured through multiple levels of access control. Our multi-tenancy architecture ensures complete isolation of customer data from other customers to avoid data leakage. Strong user access and password policies are enforced to ensure that your data is safe. All communications between your browser and the server are encrypted with high grade 256-key SSL encryption.