Remote Employee Monitoring Software to improve employees’ productivity

Enhance employees’ productivity with the remote employee monitoring software to keep them focused on the target even when working from home.
remote employee monitoring software

Remote employee monitoring software for the new-normal worklife

FactoHR’s Remote employee monitoring software solution reduces the management hassles of working from home and helps employees stay engaged and productive for the new normal.

Tracking attendance

factoHR lets you monitor your workforce’s punch in and punch out by authenticating it with a selfie and facial recognition.

Increases productivity

factoHR’s timesheet lets your employees input their tasks to work productively while working remotely.

Enhanced Connectivity

The solution offered by factoHR helps managers stay connected with their workers to motivate them and track their progress.

Punch with selfie

Reduce the usage of touch-based biometric machines with the authenticated mobile app’s selfie punch feature along with the tagged location for attendance, at times like Covid-19, to eradicate health issues.

With attendance punch with selfie feature, you can:

  • Ask an employee to mark attendance from their home or any remote location.
  • Ensure the employee has himself marked attendance from a specific location.
  • Generate daily attendance report with a selfie to verify
  • A mobile app is available in both Android and iOS platform


Track employees’ working hours by allowing them to enter the time they have spent against an assigned task. Timesheet is a key to ensure the highest productivity and meticulous time management without the need for constant supervision.

With factoHR’s timesheet, you can:

  • Get Daily report Client/Project/Product/Activity and Employee-wise
  • Measure Project wise Profitability and Costing
  • Get bifurcation of Product/Non-productive hours against Daily Attendance
  • Access Detailed Employee Timesheet Report
  • Timesheet Entry option from Employee Self Service and Mobile app

Bring productivity and connectivity with factoHR today

Mobile app

factoHR's mobile app comes with the latest tech innovations like geo-fencing, punch with selfie and location, location tracking, etc. The mobile app also allows an employee to submit their timesheet from their device.

With factoHR’s mobile app, you can :

  • Punch In/out with location tag and selfie
  • Submit timesheet with project and activity selection
  • Punch within the geo-fenced area
  • Track employee route with geo-tracking
  • Download and check payslip
app based platform to manage your workforce


The geo-fencing feature allows you to set virtual boundaries at a particular location, and employees will be allowed to punch within the virtual boundaries set by you. Additionally, the employer can also set an automated punch-in or out for the fenced area.

With factoHR’s geo-fencing, you can:

  • Create a fence at the specific location
  • Assign geo-fence to the employees
  • Employees can punch in if they are in the geo-fenced area

Geo tracking

With geo-tracking, an employer can keep accurate track of employee activity on-field. An employer can track or pinpoint exact places your remote employee visited with precise history and route mapping. You can also approximate the distance traveled by an employee.

With factoHR’s geo-tracking, you can:

  • You can enable geo-tracking for on-field employees
  • Check how many employees are tracked on the world map
  • Track route of the employee movement
  • Approximate distance traveled by an employee

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Track employees’ work with factoHR

Stay connected with your employees with factoHR’s remote employee monitoring software and maintain their work productivity.
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