Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Maintain employees’ work from home productivity with the remote employee monitoring system to overcome time and attendance theft

What is Remote Employee Monitoring Software?

A Remote Employee Monitoring Software is a platform that tracks their remote workers by monitoring how much time they spend on a specific job, site, or app. This solution increases the productivity of your employees by keeping track of their activities and avoiding time and attendance theft. It checks that the employees punch the attendance themselves with the selfie punch feature that allows them to take a new selfie every time they log into the system.This system lets the business get a better idea of what the employees’ working away from the office are up to during working hours. It becomes easier for the employer to bifurcate the employees’ productive and non-productive time during the regular office schedule..
Modules that will help you navigate in this COVID situation.

Attendance Punch with Selfie

Attendance Punch with Selfie





ESS Through Mobile App

ESS Through Mobile App


Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing


Geo Tracking

Geo Tracking


Attendance Punch With Selfie

This very useful feature in time of COVID-19 pandemic where you need to reduce the usage of fingerprint base bio-metric machines. With these features employees are allowed to mark attendance punches from their mobile devices with selfie-and location tag.
With Attendance Punch with Selfie feature you can :

  • Ask an employee to mark attendance from their home or any remote location
  • Ensure the employee has himself marked attendance from a specific location
  • Generate daily attendance report with a selfie to verify
  • App is available in both Android and iOS platform


In timesheet, the employee is required to enter the time they have spent against an assigned task. Timesheet is key to ensure the highest productivity and meticulous time management without the need for constant supervision.
With factoHR timesheet you can :

  • Get Daily report Client/Project/Product/ Activity and Employee wise
  • Measure Project wise Profitability and Costing
  • Get bifurcation of Product/Non-productive hours against Daily Attendance
  • Detail Employee Timesheet Report
  • Timesheet Entry option from Employee Self Service and Mobile app

Mobile App

factoHR mobile app comes with the latest tech innovations like geo-fencing, punch with selfie and location, location tracking, etc. The mobile app also allows an employee to submit their timesheet from their device.
With factoHR mobile app you can :

  • Punch In Out with location tag and selfie
  • Submit Timesheet with project and activity selection
  • Punch within Geo-Fence
  • Track employee route with Geo-Tracking
  • Download and check payslip


With the geofencing feature, you can set virtual boundaries at a particular location and employees will be allowed to punch within the virtual boundaries set by you. Additionally, the employer also set an automated punch-in or out for Geofenced area.
With factoHR Geo-Fencing :

  • You can create geo-fence at the specific location
  • Assign geo-fence to employee
  • Employee can punch in if they are in geo-fence
  • You can set auto in-out if employee moved-in geo-fence

Geo Tracking

With geo-tracking an employer can keep accurate track of employee activity on-field. An employer can track or pinpoint, exact places your remote employee visited with precise history and route mapping. You can also approximate distance traveled by an employee.
With factoHR Geo-Tracking :

  • You can enable geo-tracking for on-field employees
  • Check how many employees are tracked in world map
  • Track route of employee movement
  • Approximate distance traveled by an employee

FAQs About Remote Work

What is a remote worker monitoring system?

The Remote Worker Monitoring System tracks how the employees working away from the office are using their working hours each day. You can use this solution to monitor each employee’s computer use and their time on the tasks given to them.

Especially in the tomes like this, where almost all of your employees work from home, it becomes necessary to maintain their productivity. With the work from home management software, you can control their productivity by using various tools that the system provides you.

How does the remote employee monitoring software help in controlling the remote employees?

factoHR’s Remote Worker Tracking Solution provides you with several tools and modules that can help you control the remote employees’ activities.

  • Make sure that your employees are punching the attendance themselves with the attendance punch with a selfie feature that allows them to take a new selfie every time they punch in.
  • Keep track of the time your employees spend on every task with the help of the inbuilt timesheet feature and distinguish the productive and unproductive hours from the total working time.
  • Allow the employees to use their smartphones to submit their timesheets and attendance with location tags to avoid the need of huge computer systems.
  • Set virtual boundaries with the help of the geo-fencing feature to enable auto punch in and punch out when the employee enters or leaves these set boundaries.
  • Track the activities of field employees with the geo-tracking tool that allows you to track real-time location of the employees during the working hours and access their location history as and when you require.

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Can I increase employee productivity when the employees are working from home?

Surprisingly, an article published by The Times Of India in July 2020 claims that 69% of the Indian workforce feel more productive by working from home compared to working from office.

However, there are chances that the rest 31% of the employees might not feel as productive as the rest. Let’s be honest, you cannot remove the distractions at their home that lead them to be unproductive. You can, however, use the work from home software to do this task for you.

With the features like inbuilt timesheets, geo-fencing and geo-tracking, you can cross out any possibility of attendance theft and unproductive hours. These tools ensure that the employee is working during the office hours and not just logging in and wasting their time.

The attendance punch with selfie module helps the organization to avoid identity fraud as the selfies are proof that the employees themselves logged in to the system.

Keeping these possibilities in mind, the answer to your question is: Yes, you can increase the employee productivity when they are working from home.

How do I manage performance appraisal of remote employees?

Tracking the performance of the remote employees can be quite tricky. Here is a guide of how you can manage the performance appraisal for your remote employees:

  • Set clear, achievable goals
  • Open communication lines
  • Plan and organize
  • Check frequently
  • Encourage self-evaluation

The remote employee monitoring software allows you to do these tasks with ease. You can use the timesheet feature to assign goals and track the productive hours and tasks completion. You can bifurcate the working hours into productive hours and unproductive hours with the help of the tools offered by the system and calculate their productivity.

Is employee monitoring ethical?

We get this question a lot.

The important factor that matters here is the knowledge and consent of your employees. If your employees are unaware about you tracking their productivity and activities, you’re not using the software in an ethical way.

Your company’s values determine the ethicality of this activity. To ensure that the workers’ monitoring is ethical, you must be transparent with your workers regarding the same. When allowing the worker to work remotely or from home, you must inform them about your intention to monitor their activities. They must be well-informed about what will be monitored, how and for what you will use that data and how it will be stored. Yet another way to ensure ethicality of monitoring is to limit accessibility to the data you are collecting.

To make matters more clear and transparent, you can formulate a remote workers’ monitoring policy that addresses this topic and share the same with all your employees.

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