Touchless Attendance Solution To Reduce Workplace Contamination

factoHR’s touchless attendance solution provides a secured and safe way for your workforce to mark attendance without risk of infection spread.

touch less attendance solution

Punch With Location + Selfie

Allow your workforce to mark attendance punch in a secured mechanism from their mobile applications that is authenticated using their selfie and location tags to reduce the surface contamination. Our mobile app solution works on both Android and iOS devices.

factoHR’s selfie and location punch:

  • Enables workers to punch in and out from their home or remote location
  • Ensures authenticated attendance marking of the employees with selfie and location
  • Allows you to verify the attendance using system-build accurate reports
workforce can mark attendance digitally with geo location
auto punch with face detection

Face Recognition (Without Hardware)

factoHR’s advanced AI-based facial recognition optimizes your attendance marking with liveliness detection. Employees can register their faces at the beginning and enter their attendance, but on detection of any false face, the system will prevent it.

factoHR’s face recognition will:

  • Use facial proportions and geometricity to match with a registered face
  • Enable attendance auto-punching as soon as the face is detected
  • Prohibit marking attendance using clicked images or passport photos with its anti-spoofing technique
  • Allow only admins to erase the existing registered face from the system

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Optimize your attendance management system with factoHR’s geofencing and place virtual boundaries around particular locations. This virtual boundary will only allow employees to punch within it.

The geofencing in factoHR provides:

  • Creation of customized fence at more than one location
  • Selective assignment of geofencing to employees
auto punch with face detection
setup touchless attendance rules

Attendance Rules

Setting up attendance rules can be time-consuming but not with factoHR as it lets you organize your rules in a simpler and customized format and selectively assign it to your workforce.

With factoHR, design your attendance rules by:

  • Defining total working hours
  • Late coming and early going deductions and adjustments
  • Overtime and comp-off calculation
  • Setting hierarchical approval workflow

Shift Management

Configure all your complex and dynamic shifts with factoHR and assign them effortlessly to all the employees. If your company includes a rotational shift policy, you can easily define it with 24*7 hours of coverage.

factoHR’s shift planning provides:

  • Complete integration with employees in/out punches
  • Dynamic and rotational shift allocation to employees
  • Accurate incentive calculation for working extra or in odd hours
dynamic shift planing features in touch less attendance app

factoHR’s Touchless Attendance To Build A Hygienic Environment

Mobile-driven touchless attendance solution which enables attendance marking, complex shift management, and policy designing.

Real-time Syncing

Allow employees to punch in real-time through their mobile devices controlling and authenticating it using punch with a selfie and facial recognition, and the data can be directly stored on the cloud.

Reduced Expenses

With complete contactless attendance, your employees can use their devices, thus allowing you to reduce the expenses of biometric and other hardware to mark attendance.

Seamless Integration

With factoHR’s connected ecosystems, leverage the benefits of seamless integration by controlling all your data flow related to attendance and shift details in the system centrally.

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Transform your attendance administration with factoHR’s touchless attendance solution from biometric devices to mobile devices.

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